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breaking of the new year under the democrats
democrats take down the economy
by dr. michael john williams

Well readers the New Year is upon us, and Obama, and the Liberals have brought all of us more debt than this nation can carry or ever pay for! The Republican Job creating Bills are piling up at Senator Reids (D) door like a winter snow storm. Reid and the rest of the Democrats don't want this Job creating Bills to come to Senate Floor and pass because real free market jobs would be created and would put a stop to their communist, liberal, progressive agenda.

But what Obama, Ried and the rest of the Democrats are finding out, or about to find out, is the American People are finally waking up to there Job killing, Constitutional crushing ways. I told a poll and spoke with 3015 people on whether or not they would 1. Did they vote for Obama in the last election? 2 Would they vote for Obama in the next election? and 3. Do you support the Tea Party Movement? Poll results:

1. 1522 said they voted for Obama in the 2008 election out 3015 polled.
2. 3012 said they would not vote for Obama in the 2012 election.
3. 2995 said they support the Tea Party movement.

Now the Liberal Media keeps putting out Polls that state that Obama has around 42% to 48% approval rating. The Poll I took said the complete opposite to the lame Stream Media Polls. If this Poll is correct, and I believe it is, Obama approval rating .003%, and this is far less than 1%. I think this just goes to show that the Polling numbers by the Liberal Media are either made-up or they have a list of the few democratic votes left and that’s who they call.

In conclusion, Obama is out, the American People are finally waking up to the destruction of America by the Democratic Party, the Liberal Lame Stream Media lies about there Polling Data, and the Tea Party is stronger than ever.

Now I am sure that a Poll will appear here shortly stating the very opposite to my Polling Number because the Democrats always need to pull something out of there ass, but unfortunately it’s not jobs and a strong economy they are pulling out. We all know they will fake Poll in Obama favor and in support of the Liberal, Communist, Democrats Job KILLING Agenda….

May God Bless and Keep America Strong, and Return this Great Nation back to the Constitution for which our founding Father built this Great Nation on…!!!


Dr. Michael Williams, PhD, J.D. is a leading researcher on the Law of Attraction and how to apply this Law to obtaining wealth, health, and any desire you may want. A major break-through that Dr. Williams made in this field pertains to the subconscious mind and has developed techniques to combine LOA and the subconscious minds ability to shift LOA into hyper drive.

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