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my transition
reevaluating life in a cvs line
by julie abate (@juliekristine)

I've been having some difficulty transitioning into my new lifestyle in Indiana from New York. I had a busy, rushed, hectic and glorious social and work life and moved everything to Indiana to be with my boyfriend for 4 months. I have 3 friends here and none are in my age group. Not that I am complaining about my 3 friends it's just... like I said... it's a transition. Because I am searching for a job I don't have a lot of social interaction and I kind have been falling into a slump. I downgraded my iPhone to a flip phone to save money but that makes me feel more out of the loop as well. So It's been sort of a lonely new adventure since the boyfriend has been studying for a major exam until the end of the month.

Anyways, I worked out and cleaned and rode my bike to CVS and picked up what I thought were a few essentials. As I was standing in line to pick up my thyroid prescription I looked down at the items I was about to purchase and I felt so ridiculous. In my arms was 2 anti-aging creams (Hey! It was buy one get one half off!), 2 bottles of red wine (not so half off), and 3 chocolate bars (buy 2, get 1 free). I just looked and got the giggles a little bit thinking about how it must look to have those items all together at the same time. PMS? Lonely, old lady? Party for one please! It's the perfect combination of 3 chocolates and 2 bottles of red for one person. I felt the CVS lady judging me a little since she was about 5 years younger than me. I know when she checked my ID she was thinking, "Damn. I have 5 more years until this is me." The total of my bill came to $69. Then I remembered I'm still in my 20's and I have a hot boyfriend that I still get to wake up next to even if it is when he is leaving at 6am and I am rolling over and going back to sleep.

So here I am, blogging. Drinking red wine. Watching Family Guy. Trying to reclaim my youth. At least I wasn't buying prune juice and chocolate laxatives while picking up a prescription for something else. I've got at least 5 more years before that happens.


I am sanely crazy. I am quietly loud. I am a random planner. I am organized chaos. I am shyly outgoing. I am anonymously political. I am confidently insecure. I am a thinker. I am a feeler. I like to go out and I like to stay in. I like to dress up and I like to stay in pjs. I don't like to be alone. I don't like to be smothered. I get bored easily. I will watch scary movies but only if you hold my hand. I will try new foods but I can't promise I will like it.

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just when you think you had it all figured out...
a 4 month absence slaps you in the face.
by julie abate
topic: general
published: 12.30.99


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