10.23.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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gaining your perspective
what is intrepid to the reader?
by jeffrey d. walker

Welcome again! You've been guided through links and posts across cyberspace to arrive at this very moment here at Intrepid Media. Thank you for making that journey! On behalf of the Intrepid Media ("IM") crew, I welcome you.

Pardon me for being presumptuous, but haven't I seen you here before? Surely I have. You're here because you're my friend/family who comes because I send you links to my stuff. And may your deity of choice love you and bless you for it.

If that's not you, perhaps you are another staff member's friend/family who reads more than just their own friend/family member's stuff. Or, you frequent IM because you posted a comment once here because something one of our staffers said touched you in a real sort of way that said to you: "hey, that's a real person over there trying to communicate something real, and I want to talk back." Or maybe you wrote a story here once, because you fancy that sort of thing, and let's face it, you were looking for a place where you could post a story of your own like a real writer, and just end up in the op-ed section of the paper, and without being a "blogger" who is just posting something on their own, and, in something a little more substantial than 140 characters.

In any of these cases, again, to your deity of choice. We love whatever brought you here. IM has always found its people thorough viral marketing. Only its taken place over years, less in a money-making slimy way, and more like, community building, one person at a time. It's designed to catch those who want to stay because they like it here.

We're hip, but not off-putting. We're smart, but not boringly so. We're not mainstream, but we're in the neighborhood and we're certainly employable. We're the kind of people you'd be pretty ok to be hanging out with, even if you aren't sure you want to be doing that sort of thing.

IM has always tried to foster a community atmosphere like that. It's a place to express yourself and become one of us. And not because "we're the greatest thing since sliced bread" sort of thing, we aim to make you feel free (and, it is in fact free) to interact and add your own comments and content at IM.

And you've come back, again. You've read IM out of loyalty. Or pity. Or bordom. Or mockery. Jump in any time if I'm off base. This whole piece is a plea for your input, ultimately. Because believe it or not, IM is facing a moment of truth. And if you don't offer your input now, you may not get another chance.

If you only come here to read my stuff (and, bless your children and theirs alike for it), then you probably are not aware that we lost one of our main staff members very unexpectedly this year. Also, hackers have shut down our once popular "Boards" feature. Which also rendered our whole NCAA pool inoperative, among other things (such a sad March for us...).

But, serious, things are getting weird over here. The powers that be here at IM are considering something similar to one of the "Death panels" that Sarah Palin fictionalized, in that, currently we are considering perhaps if letting IM fade away instead of saving it.

The other option is changing the site. And we've discussed amongst ourselves what that might mean. But it occurred to me that the person who should be making a suggestion is you! The one who comes back here for whatever makes you do so. What is it that you come here for? What would you like your experience to be like? How could it be improved? 140 characters or less?

Or, would you prefer if you never had an IM link to click from me ever again?

Let me know by discussing it, or emailing me privately. You can be honest, because this is a serious matter. A website's life is at stake.

Thank you again for coming.

- jeff


A practicing attorney and semi-professional musician, Walker writes for his own amusement, for the sake of opinion, to garner a couple of laughs, and to perhaps provoke a question or two, but otherwise, he doesn't think it'll amount to much.

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tracey kelley
3.19.12 @ 10:55a

"We're the kind of people you'd be pretty ok to be hanging out with, even if you aren't sure you want to be doing that sort of thing."

True, true.

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