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beginner body sculpting tips.
for those who are new to weight lifting.
by justin david weeks

As far as I know every straight guy and hell even alot of guys straight as a circle want a solid muscular body. But do you look at yourself and think that you could never be in great shape? Well slap yourself for that. Body sculpting is a game anyone can play. It just takes a bit of know how to get started. Below is a list of various body parts and how to get ripped like a testoserone drinking bull. These are all done with free weights (barbells and dumbells). Because lets face it, if men were meant to use exercise machines the leg press machine would go past 300lbs.

Ok as we all know one of the manliest exercises on earth is the bench press. If you don't know then their are other options for you such as Zumba or Flirty Girl Fitness. The workout for this is to lay on a flat bench and put your hands to 16 inches and perform three reps (Not half way, gently tap chest and fully extend) then immeditely move to 20 inches and perform three more, and again at 24 inches. That's one set. After that you move to the incline bench and perform the same. Then to decline. This workout is ideally performed at your 60% max, however, people who are a bit like me with high aerobic capacity may find it a better challenge at 70%.

Now as alot of people say military press is the best way to build your shoulders is wth the military press, but that's not my style. I prefer more compound exercises so what I will have you do is a dumbell clean and press. But wait, why a dumbell? Well if your lopsided like me then you don't want one arm putting more strength into the bar than the other. This workout is ideal in a simple 8-12 reps for 3 sets.

Ah yes the biceps or as known by other names, such as, guns, pythons, thunder(plus lightning), and progressively more asinine (Just kidding mine are named terminator and Doctor Badass) These muscles which fill out your tanktop so well are one of the most desired parts to develop. So the key exercise for this? Is the barbell preachercurl. If you haven't noticed by now I'm not providing images or videos because you have a search engine if you're on this site.

Glutes and Hamstrings
Why glutes and hamstrings? well because if you have a ripped ass upper body you don't want chicken legs, and because you (or at least me) wants to fill out my jeans perfectly and get that "nice ass" women always comment on. The exercise for this one is yet another compound exercise and is the squat. Simple enough, go down to 90 degrees, where a weight belt, and don't hold me liable for whatever you fubar in the process.

Six pack, enough said, you want it. I use a very high rep workout which consists of crunches, side crunches, supermans, leg levers, pulse ups and more. The key here is not to over develop one part and not the other do jus as mans hip flexor workouts as abs, extensors, obliques and all that good stuff.

Obviously workouts like this can build muscle but if you want to eat like a teenage shut in who plays WoW all day then apparently you don't want a solid set of abs. So for one eat right, but I will have another article on nutrition out soon.

Stay Strong, Get Stonger, Don't Be Stupid.



An exercise addict, outdoorsman, and MMA enthusiast. Mr. Weeks currently works as a fitness instructor and has a wide variety of hobbies, such as SCUBA, hunting, fishing (mostly gigging) , Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and fitness.

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