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beautiful day
rob stark takes you on a rocky journey - free mp3
by rob stark

Have you ever listened to ballads where the artist expects you to understand their colossal disappointment of not getting into a Hollywood party or their melodic screams for sympathy about sudden onset of fame and fortune? Whatever happened to relating to the other 97% of the population? Well, shut off your Net-radio and download an MP3 of Rob Stark's song "Beautiful Day."  Not only will you be lured by the real life scenario of post-break up anguish, but you'll say to yourself "Yeah man, I can relate to that cat."

While Jennifer Love Hewitt sings about not getting in at the Viper Room, you can be fixated on a tune dedicated to life after a relationship. Beautiful Day, written in early 1998, exists as a snapshot of the dirty part of a relationship when you have to reclaim our belongings from the other person. What do you do when you used to live with someone, but now you haveto return to that common residence? For Stark, he simply sets the moment to music.

Originally composed and accompanied by a piece of musical electronic equipment called a Space Echo,  Stark's original rendition of "Beautiful Day" never made the final recording.  Instead, we are left with a haunting second cut of what may be one of Rob Stark's most well-known ballads. In the words of the great literary genius and rap artist Coolio, Rob Stark is just "keeping it real."  Word.

Stark has a collection of other songs available at his duckonbike.com site



Often mistaken for a successful airline pilot, Rob Stark can usually be found exactly one step ahead of fashion. He runs his own recording studio, produces and engineers many a fine record, holds dominion over duckonbike.com, and also plays various musical instruments, none of which begin with the letter "P". During down time, he can be found toiling away on the edge of technology for Interpath. One more thing, if Rob is holding a coke, rest assured it's a Crown and coke.

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published: 12.30.99


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