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the little red obama
obama is working, while everyone else sits on their ass
by jeffrey d. walker

This article is part of Jeffrey’s Quadrennial series leading up to the election of our next President of the United States. While prior years have attempted discussion and diplomacy, this year he’s just being snarky because, even though Jeff is a Republican, he has absolutely no love for Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign. You're invited to add your two-cents in the discussion column.

I recently again read The Little Red Hen to my toddler. As those familiar with the tale may recall, The Little Red Hen finds seeds, and then asks the other farm animals for help planting them. No one volunteers to help her. As her work progresses through harvest, threshing, milling the wheat into flour, and finally baking the flour into bread, the hen continues to ask for help from the other animals, but still gets no assistance at any stage. After the bread is done, she asks who will help eat the bread, and this time all the animals volunteer. But the hen doesn't share, and instead eats it with her chicks, leaving none for anyone else.

It’s not a perfect analogy for the current state of our nation’s jobs problem, but I kept thinking about the story, and likening Obama to the Little Red Hen, doing all the work to try to help boost our nation’s jobs, while the other animals (specifically in this case, Congress) do nothing to help.

Following a Labor Department report earlier this month that showed that 69,000 jobs were created in this country in May, President Obama stated during a press conference that the “Private sector is doing fine”.

Then, as Jon Stewart fairly reported below, everybody flipped out:

Responding to the madness, Obama’s later statement included that: "The truth of the matter is that, as I said, we created 4.3 million jobs over the last two, 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone.” Incidentally, that includes the 69,000 jobs created in May.

Listen, I’m no dummy. I understand that this is an insufficient number of new jobs given our current level of unemployment and population growth. That said, it’s still progress. We're not stuck, or losing jobs on the whole, and no one seems to be noticing that. Least of all congressional Republicans.

And worse, no one other than Obama seems to be trying to do anything. All those jobs were fairly arguably created due to programs first presented by Obama to Congress.

Using the analogy of the Red Hen, Obama asks, “who will help me create these jobs?”

Obama, for example, unveiled five strategies to congress last month alone, each in some respect aimed at boosting the nation’s weak economic recovery. One of those items being legislation to create a Veterans Jobs Corps to help military men and women find jobs after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But like in the Hen story, Congress cries, “Not I!”, refusing to act on these (or any other) economic proposals, using Republican numbers to stall any help. A recent story in The Philadelphia Inquirer confirms the broader GOP strategy of sabotaging job bill after job bill offered by Obama, simply so they could blame him for the problem during the election.

And they aren't busy cooking up something else in the meantime! The last counterproposal to an Obama strategy that was actually passed was last September.

It’s all a strategy to make Obama seem like a failure. Which, I suppose might have worked during a Presidential campaign in the 1800s, where news couldn't be followed minute by minute, when people couldn't see what the Congress was doing in real time. But it's only June; does this Congress actually think they can sit on their hands until November, not passing a single bill for assistance for 14 months, and not suffer for it?

And the truth is, even if that stategy were to work, the voters will be pretty damn surprised if Romney gets elected, because Mr. Romney still has no f***ing idea how he could solve our nation’s job problems!.

Review the gaffe cited about fewer police and firemen noted in the Stewart piece above. And then hold on to your seats because, it wasn't a gaffe, it was "... a statement of policy. Romney's campaign Chairman quickly stated that
'Taxpayers Really Do Want To Hear There Will Be Fewer Teachers'. Salon.com points out Romney's previous assault on Firefighters, by attacking their collective bargaining units.

Hmmmm. Where have we seen that recently?

Wisconsin, and Gov. Scott Walker, who has claimed to have reduced unemployment in the last three years. Romney's plan is apparently to gut the public sector, like police fire and teachers, and thereby having less jobs available, he will claim a major drop in the unemployment rate. Only, when you sort though the Wisconsin numbers, those don't work out for other reasons, too, including that Wisconsin has dropped to 45th in the country in job growth.

Scott Walker is using "fuzzy math", not creating jobs.

And neither has Romney in any way said how his policies will create one single job. I noted last month that Romney has no jobs plan. The Governor of Maryland knows Mitt Romney has no plan. And, Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast points out the lies in Romney’s false attacks on Obama in regards to his "failure" to help with jobs.

Put simply, but for Obama’s efforts, no other politician in this country has offered one alternative strategy for creating any jobs since last September, whatsoever. And, it's worse than the Little Red Hen in that not only is no one helping create jobs, but that they are actively doing nothing to help.

You can help these lazy asses out of their positions this fall. Vote out any Congressperson who has voted against a jobs bill. That's your best way to job creation.


A practicing attorney and semi-professional musician, Walker writes for his own amusement, for the sake of opinion, to garner a couple of laughs, and to perhaps provoke a question or two, but otherwise, he doesn't think it'll amount to much.

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