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spear huntin is nice
by celim huezo

my name is carlos caban and i am a professional spear hunter... now you may ask yourself why it is that i chose such a non-traditional career path and i can give you only one simple reason: i like wood... i really like wood... i like wood more than i like water on a hot day or smelling fresh flowers... i truly enjoy the texture, smell, and strength of wood... this country was built on wood and will always owe its greatness to the foundation that wood has given it... if you don't like wood, i think it is time that you reassess why it is that you use it everyday in some form or another... whether it be to keep your dogs warm in the winter or to write a letter to the person you love, wood is always there... it never fails and it is nice.... i am a professional spear hunter and i have hunted with spears from the sahara to the black forrest... i have hit everything with my spear from tigers, mangoosies, and panthers to flying creatures like crows, owls, and sparrows... i was also recently inducted into the spear hunter hall of fame in virginee for my recent feat of throwing my spear through a flaming hoop.... aside from landing on the moon and decoding the human genome, my throwing of a spear through a flaming hoop is the most difficult achievement to date.. i know that alot of people are completely jealous and envious of my recent accomplishment and i can hardly blame them, but at the same time, i thank all those that believed in me.. sometimes, i can hardly believe it myself.. to think, a young boy playing with sticks and dirt in a vancant brick-yard could have come so far... sometimes it brings a tear to my eye when i think about the first time that i made a spear and threw it at a small bail of dry hay.. the spear stuck in the hay and it made me feel absolved of all care and worries- as if god himself had opened up the heavens and said, "carlos, eveything will be okay now, you have been chosen..." it is truly a good feeling to think how far the spear has carried me and the great laughs and tears we have endured...


From the jungles of central america there arose a phoenix.

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james pearce
5.1.01 @ 1:20p

il est capital! capital! capitallano!

adam kraemer
5.1.01 @ 1:30p

Why is this listed as "music-improvement"?

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