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by celim huezo

well, paint me yellow and call me a banana, but i'm telling you that these days there definitely is not enough metal on the radio.. now, i'm not talkin about metallica or those slipknotters from iowa..i'm not talkin about the likes of helloween or gwar... i'm talkin about some real thrashers that know how to rock.. all i want to do is hear a little metal on the radio so that when i am driving down the street i can feel like a true thrasher... a true and clear rockin, mosh pittin, snake bitin, tongue twistin, thrasher of metal.. metal so loud that it cuts your ears with every rippin chord, dialates your brain with every smash on the drum, makes you want to thrash around your car until the cops pull you over and try to give you a thrash ticket... man, i have met some people in my day that really know how to rock, but it is the heavy metalers that really know how to get down and rain a barage of thrash on the street.. my utmost respect and favoritism goes out to metalers like eddie vedder and dave matthews.. i mean these guys thrash and they thrash hard and they thrash with the hearts of lions... now, for those who don't thrash, you are probably reading this and asking yourself why it is that i thrash so much.. well, the simple reason is that thrashin just kicks.. it kicks alot, it kicks often, and if you stand in its way, prepare to be kicked... so if you want somethin that kicks, it is going to have to come in the form of metal.. maximum metal madness... thanks eddie.. thanks dave.. you guys thrash and you thrash right..


From the jungles of central america there arose a phoenix.

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jack bradley
5.11.01 @ 3:46a


john doe
5.12.01 @ 2:10a

rock on, warrior!

alicia coleman
5.14.01 @ 11:23a

I miss those headbangers' ball days. Nice job! But are you going to take sitting down Mr. Iacovelli's "meathead" comments about dave admirers? Just here to stir the pot ... (just joking, jeremiah ;)

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