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kiss and television
why watch when you can read about watching?
by michelle von euw

As a child, I wasn't a big fan of television, possibly due to my parents' strident views on the quality of 1970s programming. In their opinion, “The Jetsons” was too sexist, “Three's Company” was too racy, and “The Brady Bunch” too much of a fantasy (even at age eight, I questioned Marcia immediately calling Mr. Brady "dad" the day after her mom married him). When I was old enough to pick my own shows, the ones I liked were either cancelled (“TV 101”), went downhill after the first season (like when Lisa Bonet and Marisa Tomei left the cast of “Different World”), or both (“Twin Peaks”, anyone?). When I went to college, I didn't have cable or even very good reception until my senior year, so I still didn't watch a lot of television.

But at some point between now and then, I've become addicted to television. When I had my first apartment, TV was background noise, and the only show I paid attention to was “SportsCenter”. The highlight clips and easy banter among Keith, Craig, and Dan held my quickly shrinking attention span, and I quickly picked up on the catch-phrases. [Editor’s note: you cannot stop Michelle, you can only hope to contain her!]

So when the style of the sports shows, snarky banter, and quick moving cameras began to transfer over to prime-time television, I became hooked. It started simply enough: “Friends”, “The X-Files”, “Seinfeld”. Then I found myself paying attention to truly awful shows, like the one that featured the redhead who was once on “NYPD Blue” and the actress who now plays the wife on “King of Queens.”

I knew all the punchlines before they were said. I quoted every tired pop culture reference and recognized every last case of mistaken identity. I could nail ensuing hijinks thirty seconds into the episode. I sang along with Britney Spears and did that arm-pumping motion as well as the bowling alley woman in the Pepsi commercial. I had a problem.

I also, somewhere along the way, realized I didn't really like most of the sitcoms I was watching. The intelligent ones --i.e., the ones that veered from the "single people in New York" format -- were never on at the same time from week to week and were cancelled before May sweeps. But the dramas still had me tightly in their ten o'clock time slot fists.

Once again, I'm at a point in my life where I don't have cable. I saw all the episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “West Wing” during the season, and have no need to watch Sam Waterston deliver yet another rousing courtroom speech. I refuse to voluntarily watch people put things in their mouths that I'd be afraid to step on. And my new house, new job, and new husband have kept me busy enough that most evenings, I don't even turn on the TV.

Instead, I've replaced my TV-watching addiction with another vice -- now I am addicted to reading about watching TV. As has been discussed many, many times on these pages, there are websites for every interest imaginable. And there are several that are devoted to analyzing the ins and outs of your favorite television programs, or, better yet, snarking on the ones you despise. My favorite of the moment is Mighty Big TV, a site that bills itself as "television without pity." Their staff writes full recaps of close to forty television shows. By "recap" I mean 7-14 page, detailed, scene-by-scene summaries of every episode happening, including the watcher's commentary. Sometimes obnoxious, mostly hilarious, the recaps are like watching TV with your most entertaining friend, minus the commercials.

At first, I went to the recaps to see if I was the only one who enjoyed watching Buffy kick Spike's ass, or if anyone else had wondered why President Bartlett's granddaughter hasn't been mentioned since the pilot. But then I realized the best recaps were the ones written about subpar shows, like “Making the Band”. The dangerous thing is, I'm now addicted to shows I'd never actually watch.

Take “Big Brother”, for example. I saw about five minutes of last season's run, which was widely slammed as the most boring television on television. It was quite a surprise, then, when CBS announced it was renewing the show this season, minus the cushy “Survivor” lead-in, no less. Despite a jazzier, IKEA-free house and houseguests who were voted "Most Likely to Succeed -- in Jail" by their high school classmates, viewership is still down.

I don't help the ratings, and I didn't fork over 10 bucks for the live feeds. But I'm becoming addicted to the show. In other words, I'm Les Moonves' worst nightmare.

By all rational accounts, what CBS shows is still boring. However, the nifty members of Mighty Big TV have been recapping what goes on inside the house during the live feeds with the usual snarky commentary and play-by-play action provided by the MBTV staff.

It's fascinating to see what people are reduced to when put in a fishbowl and told to live their lives while competing each week to stay in the house, and ultimately win the half-million dollar grand prize. The biggest complaints about “Survivor” and other similar reality shows are that they are edited in retrospect to tell a story arc, and cast each player according to the show's outcome. With “Big Brother”, it's all in real-time: no one knows the outcome. And on the live feeds, there is no editing either. “Survivor 2” contestant Jerri Manthey insisted that the shows editing gave all of America the impression that she was a bitch; viewers of “Big Brother 2” know that the recently-ousted Shannon can't make that same claim.

In addition to their court appearences, several “Big Brother” houseguests boast acting careers or inspirations. So perhaps we aren't watching real people living under a microscope; it's entirely possible that CBS hired some or all of them to play real people. No way could someone declare, "I'm a Robot," or hatch a scheme to win viewer's sympathy by faking cancer and not realize the cameras will expose you. And this is just one of the several aspects of the show debated on the MBTV forums.

Over on ESPN, Keith and Craig have moved onto to bigger things while Dan is paired with less worthy co-anchors. And while sitting at my computer, I've found the perfect replacement for their snarky banter, wry comments, and play-by-play accounts.

I just read it on the internet, instead of watching it on television.


Originally from Boston, Michelle is a writer, editor, instructor, obsessive sports fan, loud talker, quick laugher, new mom, and chances are, she watches more television than you do. Follow her on Twitter at michellevoneuw

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matt morin
8.6.01 @ 1:52a

The Internet was supposed to be the death of TV. Now it's used to mock it. If you can't beat'em, join'em I guess.

That said, MBTV ranks up there with The Onion, Adweak.com, and of course IM as my favorite reading on the Web. I can't say there's anything on TV that I'm equally as passionate about.

jael mchenry
8.6.01 @ 9:45a

Fired Up. Sharon Lawrence and Leah Remini. Why, why, WHY did I ever watch that show? Must've been a Thursday night test-pattern-slot piece.

What was that trashy vanished newspaper one with Tea Leoni that failed on two channels?

adam kraemer
8.6.01 @ 9:51a

I think it was called "The Naked Truth." And yet she never appeared naked. Actually, I liked her better in "Flying Blind."

matt morin
8.6.01 @ 1:35p

Does anyone remember the early 90's show that came on after Northern Exposure? It was about grad students who couldn't get into a real med school, so they were becoming doctors in Jamaica instead.

adam kraemer
8.6.01 @ 2:45p

That wasn't the one with Fisher Stevens, was it?

mike julianelle
8.6.01 @ 3:30p

Don't remember that one, but noone ever seems to remember the late 80's/early 90's precursor to The X-Files, Probe, with a genius tech sleuth played by Parker Stevenson, and his flighty secretary/assistant. It only ran for a few eps, but it was pretty cool, and it certainly must have influenced The X-Files.

joe procopio
8.6.01 @ 4:47p

Yes. Yes. Yes. They cancelled, "That's My Bush."

Please let this be the beginning of the crap TV backlash.

adam kraemer
8.6.01 @ 5:20p

Yeah. A friend of mine was complaining about that the other night, and I had a tough time trying to keep a straight face at her disappointment.

matt morin
8.6.01 @ 6:27p

From "South Park" to "BASEketball" to "That's My Bush." Talk about a career graph resembling last year's NASDAQ...

adam kraemer
8.7.01 @ 9:55a

a) You forgot "Cannibal! The Musical" and "Orgasmo." b) Have you seen "Baseketball"? It was written by one of the Zucker brothers ("Airplane," "Top Secret," "Naked Gun") and it's actually pretty damned funny. c) You're right. "That's My Bush" sucked.

matt morin
8.7.01 @ 12:33p

I keep meaning to see "Orgasmo" and never have. Is it worth a rental?

adam kraemer
8.7.01 @ 7:33p

Well, if you didn't like "Baseketball" then probably not. Otherwise, yeah, I thought it was pretty funny.

jeff wilder
8.7.01 @ 8:22p

The main problem with That's My Bush was, as Joe pointed out, the fact that it was a compendium of sitcom cliches masquerading as fresh political satire.

tracey kelley
8.8.01 @ 2:30a

"BASEketball" - cute. "Orgasmo" - uhm, interesting. Worth a rental at least. Unfortunately, P&S are growing up and losing a little edge.

I was very sad when "Due South" was canceled, then pulled from the TNT lineup, too. No really. But I don't feel any remorse for "That's My Bush." 15 minutes one time was all I could take, and decided plucking my eyebrows was more interesting.

Michelle - just love "snarky!" :)

tom scarpelli
8.8.01 @ 4:51p

...That's My Bush was, as Joe pointed out, the fact that it was a compendium of sitcom cliches masquerading as fresh political satire. Must........resist........urge......

louie b
8.13.01 @ 4:32p

That's My Bush may have been horrible but believe it or not it was an answer on my test as part of the audition process for The Weakest Link just thought i would contribute that useless info :) hi shelly! :)

jael mchenry
8.17.01 @ 9:40a

Checked Mighty Big TV for the first time yesterday to read about the finale of Sex and the City. Great, except that there was a large bare ass (stylized, not photorealistic, thank goodness) on my screen as I read. Not good for work.

jael mchenry
2.14.02 @ 2:36p

Oh, and let me point out these many months later, that a) MightyBigTV has changed its name to Television Without Pity, b) they refuse to explain why, and c) oh yeah, I'm completely addicted to the freaking site. Way to stave off the Buffy jones without actually suffering through an ep.

russ carr
2.14.02 @ 3:27p

mmmm....Téa Leoni....

The only TV I watch anymore is Buffy reruns on FX. But I agree, Jael...at this point, I know what's going to happen (on the new episodes) so why bother playing timeslot roulette (our local UPN affiliate is actually the same as the WB affiliate, which means the two UPN shows (Enterprise and Buffy) get shoved all over the place) when I can just read what happened in about 10 minutes.

michelle von euw
2.14.02 @ 3:28p

Someone remind me why I'm posting under Jael's name?

I haven't watched an ep of Buffy since Tabula Rasa. And I've never seen Temptation Island 2. But I am extremely entertained by both their presences on MBTV/TWP. (Practically Slowpoke?)

sarah ficke
2.14.02 @ 4:05p

I went from never watching Buffy to being hooked on it in a matter of days. Between Buffy and M*A*S*H, I think FX has become the most watched channel in my apartment.

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 4:06p

Sarah, you're in the right place. Aside from expatriot Jael and possibly Michelle, Buffy appreciation is pretty strong here.

michelle von euw
2.14.02 @ 4:09p

I worship at the altar of the Buffy F/X reruns. I only know five of the 800 channels on our satellite by heart, and the first was F/X.

adam kraemer
2.14.02 @ 4:09p

I'm still enjoying the series. Tuesday night's party was fairly amusing.

sarah ficke
2.14.02 @ 4:12p

Sadly, I haven't been able to indulge my addiction recently because my TV is being held hostage by a rabid Olympics fan. Lucky for me I enjoy watching skiing...

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 4:24p

Buffy has been struggling a bit this season, that fast food one was horrible, but it's still got legs. The last few weeks have been pretty good. I am with Sean and Russ in that I hate the Olympics. We are force-fed this crap. But I guess I can bear some of it. Skiing included.

michelle von euw
2.14.02 @ 4:28p

Sarah, the skiing is coooooool to watch. My question about the Olympics: when did our athletes stop wearing red, white, and blue? It is much harder for the jingoist I live with to cheer for the USA when their uniforms are black and yellow.

sarah ficke
2.14.02 @ 4:32p

I have to admit, I enjoy a lot of the Olympics, even the ice skating, although I couldn't care less about the judging or the controversy. It's the medal ceremonies and other crap that gets on my nerves.
As for the uniforms, have you noticed how every ski jumping competitor wears the same outfit? Talk about confusing...

jael mchenry
2.14.02 @ 5:15p

Don't get me wrong, I watch the FX Buffy whenever possible. Some early Riley last night... he was a dope, but boy was he cute. Oh, and a couple weeks ago there was lots of Faith, so I was there for that too. I doubt I was the only one. Julianelle, I'm looking at you.

I'm waiting for The Zeppo. Or actually I should stop waiting for it because I do have it somewhere on tape. Somewhere.

My fave line about the Olympics, even if it's not terribly original, was Jon Stewart: "The Winter Olympics are for you if you like skiing, downhill skiing, or... skiing and then stopping and shooting."

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 5:25p

I saw some Faith. I have other means of curbing my Eliza obsession, so don't worry about me. Riley was a dope, but Season 4 has some good eps. Something Blue is up there with the funniest eps ever, and Riley's banter with Buffy in front of the wedding dress store is priceless.

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 5:35p

Something Blue, by the way, is on tonite. For the title impaired, it's the one where Willow's wihs makes shit go wrong. Like making Spike and Buffy fall in love. Hey Jael, the spell lingered too long for your taste, eh?

jael mchenry
2.14.02 @ 5:59p

a) it's not love, b) it's not interesting, and c) I didn't like it even when it was a spell. Spuffy. Ew.

Oh, and the one with Oz and Veruca (Veruca!) the Female Werewolf was on last night, or the night before. It rocked.

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 6:01p

Oh my God I hate that one with Veruca. I hate that actress, LEAST CONVINCING LIP-SYNCHING OF ALL TIME. I was waiting for the "it's not love" comment, and it's hilarious in Something Blue. Yeah, it's a bit much now, but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt for its purpose within the overall theme. The constant sex is extreme, but whatever. The show has earned a little leeway.

adam kraemer
2.14.02 @ 6:37p

Actually, it's not the constant sex that bugs me, but the slowness with which those scenes take place. It's like, okay, I get that Buffy is with Spike, can we continue with the plot?

mike julianelle
2.14.02 @ 11:18p

I am in total agreement. But it's starting to pick up. And part of the theme is aimlessness, but that's no excuse.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 8:49a

Re: Buffy. Season 4 definitely has some good eps (Restless is great) but to me it's a painful foreshadow of the suckage that's to follow. I sometimes pretend that when the school blew up, the series ended.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 8:57a

Hell no. Season 4 also has Hush and the Faith two-parter and more...the Spike rape/impotence/chip scene with Willow is classic. Season 5 is also very good. The Body is one of the best hours of TV ever. If the show should have ended anywhere, it's at the end of 5. But I can't say I'm not glad to watch new episodes this year.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 9:11a

I respectfully disagree with half your post, Mike. What you mentioned from season 4 fits into my "some good eps," but season 5 was pure eh. The Body is Joss jumping up and down and yelling, "Hand me an Emmy!" And Glory...well, let's say one episode of Sunday was way more intense than a whole season of Glory.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 9:53a

I disliked Glory too, but whatever. And say what you want, that The Body is grandstanding, or Schindler's List is, or Crime and Punishment. That doesn't take away from the quality of work. And yes, I just compared Whedon to Dostoyevsky.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 9:56a

And now apparently I'm posting under Michelle's name. Sunday was a wasted opportunity, and Glory was just a waste.

Hush was art.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:01a

Hush is art. As is The Body. Sunday was a one episode joke. I know Season 4 was below average, but keeping the level of Seasons 2 and 3 ain't easy. Season 5 was quite good I thought. I don't truck with no sissies.

russ carr
2.15.02 @ 10:08a

I know this is a skewed tangent, but just seeing "Hush was art," suggested a wonderful stage show, the antithesis of "Stomp" and such. A bunch of performers sit on the stage and every few minutes, one goes "Sshhhh!" For two hours and $85/ticket.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 10:09a

At the risk of admitting that I could give a flying squirrel about the episode titles, which one was "The Body"?
Oh, and how does everyone feel about Dawn?

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:09a

I'd rather pay for 2 hours of silence than endure Stomp or Clomp or Rent or some piece of crap.

russ carr
2.15.02 @ 10:10a

The Body was when Buffy finds her mom dead, and the repercussions. It was a hella good episode...one of the few I know the name of. (I am right, yes?)
Dawnie is good, but she looks too much like Tara.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:11a

The Body was when Buffy's mother died. Dawn is getting written like a 10 year old, when at this age Buffy was already the Slayer. It's being addressed tho, but too slowly. I didn't have a problem with the way she was worked in last year tho, and that girl can act, when given the chance.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 10:20a

Yeah, they're not doing enough on Dawn -- I don't remember what boards this was on, or maybe it was a TWoP recap (oh WOW we're on topic!), but someone wasn't sure if Dawn is just a huge snot or if that's what kids are like at that age. Whether she's just your average adolescent or not, she's underused, or something. I don't find myself interested in her goings-on, particularly after seeing her hissy fit Tuesday.

Figures that the one ep I managed to see in the last couple months didn't have a single peep from the Legion of Dim. Sigh.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 10:26a

Oh, those guys are excellent.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:28a

I love Spike's earlier interaction with them. "Stop playing Holodeck." "Help me out Spock, I don't speak loser."

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 10:28a

The problem I have with the "that's what kids are like at that age," is that characterization of Dawn is so completely different than the way that Buffy, Xander, Willow, even Cordelia were presented at her age on the same show. Well, that and the whole manipulative memory thing. And the fact that Buffy has a deeper connection with Dawn her "fake" sister than the people who've been fighting beside her, and, if we are to believe Joss-verse, her true family, for five years. Whatever.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 10:29a

I love Jonathan. Ever since Xander kicked him out of the library in season two. "What do you think this is, Barnes & Noble?" Classic.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 10:31a

Well, I was lead to believe that Dawn, and therefore Dawn's history, became real when Buffy died last season. I mean, if everyone's got memories of her, and they've screwed around with alternate universes before, why couldn't she be as real as everyone else now?

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:32a

FX butchered a lot of Something Blue last nite, editing it to add commercial time. Took some of the funny. But Xander's reaction to Spike and Buffy in love: "How? What? How?" and "Can I be blind too?" is classic! And when debating the wedding invitations, Spike makes fun of Buffy's name. "My mother gave me that name!" "Your mother. Yeah, she's a genius." Rolling on the floor.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:34a

I agree about the inconsistencies between Dawn and the others at her age. But I agree with Adam, she has become real, and the fact that she is made from Buffy's genes and etc. is good enough for me when it comes to a connection. She's been in Buffy's life, retroactively, forever. The others only for 6 years. And blood is thicker than water. If you buy it at all, you've gotta buy every bit of it.

sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 10:44a

I'm willing to buy it, and I'm even willing to believe their characterization of her as a logical side effect of losing her mother and thinking Buffy was dead and all. Still, the whining does get on my nerves.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 10:49a

...which is probably why you all still watch Tuesdays at 8 and I don't.

Something Blue is all about the good, and I love, love, love BB&B, which followed it last night on F/X. Although Cordy's skirt defied all limits of gravitation during the scene in Buffy's house.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 10:50a

Why was that one on, out of order?

And Sarah, I totally agree, I am sick of Dawn this season. But I'm tentatively confident that something is in store that will set most things right.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 10:55a

It was a special, extra good Valentine's Day episode.


sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 11:15a

It was a special, extra good Valentine's Day episode.

Oh, and to think that I had to miss it! Thank goodness for TWoP.
And Mike, I hope they come up with some plot device that will set things right, but I'm afraid that it will involve killing off Spike, who is one of my favorite characters...at least, he was until he started sleeping with Buffy.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 11:18a

I want Spike to be bad again. I dunno, the evil in Seasons 2 and 3 seemed so much more EVIL. They need to get back to that a bit I think.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 11:46a

Extra-special Valentine's Day would've involved one of my all-time faves, which may have been called Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, and consists of all the women falling in love with and running after Xander. Drusilla included. I think it was the Valentine's ep Season... 3?

Sarah, I'd be relieved if they killed off Spike. He's not the Spike he once was, that's for sure. He's practically running around in the sun, he doesn't bite, and I think he's losing his accent. Can't they get that chip out?

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 11:50a

Jael, that is the episode that was on, BB and B, as Michelle put it.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 11:53a

Ah, I missed that that was the second one (7pm here.) I thought we were still talking about Something Blue.

Why, oh why did I have to waste my evening on a romantic dinner and cuddles when I could've... oh, yes, that's right, it's TV. I forget sometimes.

sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 12:18p

Ok, I agree that Spike is getting lamer by the day. I think the problem is that they are focusing too much on interpersonal drama and not enough on basic evil. Is the world in imminent danger? Is there a greater plot line on the horizon that I have been missing?

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 12:19p

I'll bring my tape to DC, Jael.

Sarah & Mike, if Spike became evil again and the Spuffy madness ceased, I'd definitely start watching again.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 12:27p

Well, Sarah, this season's theme is more about dealing with internal issues, and although the Nerds seem to be getting more evil, I don't think this year's payoff will be as big bad focused as normal.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 12:52p

Let's just hope there is a payoff. Hopefully this season's theme isn't about boring the crap out of me.

(Don't worry, Sarah, I just do this to bait Mike. Mike-baiting is a great sport.)

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 12:53p

I think the nerds reached a turning point last week.

matt morin
2.15.02 @ 12:55p

I think the nerds reached a turning point in this discussion.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 1:01p

I think a few people here are screaming for beat-downs. Adam, I agree. Jael, I will take the bait only to ask, don't you think the show has earned the benefit of the doubt?

russ carr
2.15.02 @ 1:17p

Joss is starting a new show, btw. Sort of an old-western-in-space thing. Called Firefly. Just informin'.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 2:16p

Because exactly what Joss needs is something else to divert his attention from Buffy.

I can only wait for season-ending payoffs one show at a time. And that spot is currently taken by 24. If Buffy turns a corner, I'll catch the eps I missed on F/X.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 2:27p

Buffy turns many corners. Otherwise, she'd just be walking in a straight line. Duh.

sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 2:29p

I don't know, Adam, she could be walking in a kind of curvy-wavy swoop.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 2:53p

Adam, you just got smoked by a rookie.

michelle von euw
2.15.02 @ 2:54p

Michelle high-fives Sarah

matt morin
2.15.02 @ 3:10p

Adam, now's your chance to act like a jerk and see if Sarah's attracted to you.

jael mchenry
2.15.02 @ 3:12p

There's the benefit of the doubt, which I give the show in the sense of "this is building towards something." But there's also a point where what they're building (cheap meaningless Spuffy) is stuff I'm just not interested in. So why watch?

Heh heh. Curvy-wavy swoop. I love it.

And Adam, you're right about the nerds, if what I read on TWoP is an accurate characterization. Warren is now officially evil. The others are kinda getting dragged along. Jonathan's such a sweetie though. And he has to stay on just because he's been on forever.

sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 3:15p

Dragging the discussion back to Buffy, an online comic I read did a fairly amusing parody of Buffy back in 1999. If you're interested, the site is http://www.sluggy.com. Look for it under Book 3, Chapter 12.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 3:24p

Does anyone mind Buffy spoilers from last week? Because I have a question, but it would give something away.

Oh, and, Sarah, you walk in a curvy-wavy swoop. So there. :-P

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 3:26p

I watched, so I don't mind. Matt, that is beautiful.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 3:35p

Okay, did anyone else seem to see the girl's ghost (what was her name) after she was killed? Or was that someone else in the woods and I read too much into it?

sarah ficke
2.15.02 @ 3:39p

Adam, curvy-wavy swoops are the way to go. Didn't you get that memo?

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 3:40p

What? I thought that was Jonathan cloaked as her to fool Buffy. He ran in as her to simulate her being alive, dropped the corpse, and ran off and watched. Then they showed him go back to the Nerd Lair and morph back into himself...is that what you mean?

matt morin
2.15.02 @ 3:40p

Man, she's good...

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 3:41p

Yeah, looks like Sarah has what it takes.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 3:53p

Is that what happened? I missed the morphing, I think. But it would explain it.

mike julianelle
2.15.02 @ 3:55p

Yeah, that's what happened, you must've just missed the quick shot of Jonathan reverting to his regular appearance.

adam kraemer
2.15.02 @ 3:59p

Guess so. Damn. I was hoping for a good ex-girlfriend haunting.

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