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donation fever!
by jeff wilder

Dear President Bush:

I saw your speech last week and I must say you did a good job. You, despite any reservations I might have had, have done a good job of leading us in this crisis.

Not to say that I’m switching party affiliations anytime in the near future.

Anyway the main reason I am writing this letter to you is in reference to something you said at the end of the press conference on October 9. At the end of it you asked all the children in America to donate one dollar each to help children in Afghanistan.

Now that is a good idea Mr. President. Having all the children donate some money to help the people in a country we are currently bombing. With that we’ll show that our quarrel is really not with the people. But with the Taliban.

The idea is a good one. However it seems kinda convenient that it would come up just now.

Donating money to help the people in Afghanistan is a good idea, yes. However, they are not the only ones.

Once this is over (and yes I know. It’s going to be a while before it is) we’ll get back in there and help give Afghanistan a good type of government and before long Kabul will be a busy bustling metropolis.

All of this will be accomplished with the help of money donated by Americans. Fair enough. Pulling together and contributing is a good thing to do. (Besides some of the money donated probably would have otherwise been blown at the racetrack.)

But the pulling together should not end here. Instead this should hopefully be the beginning.

How about, after all of this is over, if you ask the children to donate a dollar to a different kind of fund. This fund would be used to help people. But it would not be people in Afghanistan.

It would be to help the people in the housing projects of Miami or on Chicago’s west side or in the Bronx or in the LA inner city get food. It would help get them some decent housing other than the rat-infested slums many of them live in now. It would help them to maybe get a decent well-balanced meal three times per day.

It would be used to build some decent schools to send their kids to. To hire some decent teachers for those schools. To provide child care for the children of parents who wished to attend school. And it would be used to help them along until they could find some decent jobs that would help lift them above the poverty line.

Now what do you think of that idea Mr. President? I myself think it’s a good idea. In fact I bet that you could get a lot of people to go along with it, not just schoolchildren. I bet that if you asked each American to donate a dollar to the “Help impoverished Americans” fund you would soon build up quite a sizeable amount. (Then maybe since you are actually getting some money that will go towards a worthy cause such as this you can maybe give them a break on their taxes since we know that most of them will go towards questionable funds such as “A paint job for Senator Lott’s houseboat” and “New curtains for the Roosevelt room”).

I bet that if you went ahead with this idea that it would work. It wouldn’t stamp out poverty overnight (Same as eradicating Bin Laden won’t totally wipe out terrorism). But it will be a step in the right direction.

You have the right spirit with this war on terrorism. To go along with the war on terrorism on the foreign front, how about a war on poverty on the domestic front? You have my support on it and I’m sure that most other Americans would support it.

One last thing Mr. President. What exactly is your definition of a suspicious person with a crop duster?


An American Citizen


Jeff Wilder is a writer-filmmaker-philosopher who lives south of the south.

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