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the party
how to be an adult party animal.
by jeff wilder

Am I getting old or something?

I find myself wondering this because of recent events in my life.

Recently, I received an invitation to a graduation party. The party in question was not a college graduation party. But a high school one. The person doing the inviting was a friend of my father’s and the graduate was the song, who was graduating high school and would soon start attending college at the same college I attend.

I, being the party animal that I am, accepted the invitation. I heard that there would be swimming. However I unfortunately forgot to bring my swimsuit. But it was no big deal. I entered the location of the party and promptly started to make small talk with the people there. After talking a little while with some of the younger people there (“Younger” meaning people about 4 years younger than me), I headed out to the back porch where most of the adults were hanging out (“adults” meaning people 23 and older).

There on the back porch, people were all sitting down and talking, there were plenty of drinks (especially that excellent Mike’s Hard Lemonade) and steak and chicken cooking on the grill.

From that point you can say that the party went two ways. For the teenagers it went the way most parties do for teenagers. The teenagers danced some, drank some (regardless of whether or not they were legal drinking age) and talked about various things like rock and roll and inanities like strip clubs and bars. The adults danced some, drank some and talked about various things like rock and roll and various inanities like politics and college philosophy classes.

At one point a few of us opted to get up and boogie down some to the then current remake of “Lady Marmalade” (which does not go “Coochie, coochie, ya ya ya” by the way). It wasn’t long after that, that I found myself in a heated discussion with someone over who was better, The Who or some other band. I was arguing in favor of The Who, when another party guest realized that the radio we had on in the background was playing rap music.

Her question was “Come on, since the kids aren’t out here, do we have to listen to that? “ Each of us lunged for the change button at once. Well not exactly lunged. A more accurate description would be that one of us walked over to the radio to change the station. Now if I had been at this party 8 years ago I would have said, “leave it”. But anyway the stations were being changed when all of a sudden someone said, “Wait a minute! Leave it there, that’s The Who!”

Sure enough it was. The Who were on singing one of their classics. We promptly set it to that station while a small group of us formed a chorus to sing along with the Who despite the fact that not all of us have the best voices (“Whooooooo are yooooooouuu???”)

So we all sat around talking for a little while longer, then we all began to disperse. I stopped to congratulate the grad one more time, then walked on out to the car. I could say the party was a success overall. I may not be he party animal I was in my not so distant youth. But there was still a little of that streak within me. For proof of that, count my voice among the few other cracking voices on the back pooch (“Whooo are youuu?”).


Jeff Wilder is a writer-filmmaker-philosopher who lives south of the south.

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