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island beauty
by elizabeth zale

A crisp breeze wraps around me as I step off the steel boat from overseas. I calmly sigh as my eyes rest upon the day's adventure: a tour of an island named Nantucket. Although Nantucket is an island like my home, I find myself faced with a new character. Instead of industrialized buildings and houses next to each other, Nantucket holds a serene beauty with unsettled land. The main streets on Nantucket have a different appearance, filled with cobblestones and shops with grey shingles.
The temperature of the island is unlike most summer days; it is a degree that is chilling to the soul. Today on the island is unlike the humid days of August. Instead, a warm bowl of clam chowder could be extremely comforting.
Stepping off the dock, I find myself oblivious to the surrounding noises. My attention is directed to the main street on the island. Each building is displayed in consecutive rows, offering entrance to a nearby tourist. Unlike my home, unfavorable chain stores are not familiar to natives on Nantucket. Instead, nautical stores, like the general store and clam bar, stand besides each other.
My eyes slowly focus on the nautical beauty around me. On a street corner, a musician plays a soothing piece on his guitar. People are gathered around, enjoying the entertainment provided by the guitarist. Beyond the corner are several stationary wooden wagons with two white horses as their guide. People peacefully walk the street corners with straw hats and wooden baskets.
Directly to my left, a sign moves slightly in the path of a vigorous wind. It advertises a bus tour of the island. Following my family, I step onto the yellow school bus with an excitement for the approaching tour. Unsure of the remainder of Nantucket increases my excitement.
As the engine starts, the other tourists and I are transported to an area different from the main streets. Tall grasses emerge from the trees as the bus turns the corner. A family is seated on picnic blankets by the ocean sharing a Sunday afternoon together. Several minutes later, houses appear along the coast. The enchanting grey shingles once again show the culture of the island.
The bus stops for several minutes to allow the tourists to take a few photographs. Instead of using my camera, I peer at the scene in front of me: homes by the sea. Each is complete with a porch allowing the owner to have a view of the surrounding ocean. Nearby, an older man is engaged in a hardcover novel as waves crash amongst the small gray cliffs by the shore, only to be forced to retreat.
The atmosphere brings a feeling of relaxation to my mind. From what I have seen so far, I know Nantucket is the island I dream to live on. Although the island may seem simple and casual, its beauty is what develops my feeling of ease.
Later on as I board the ship to leave Nantucket, the beautiful scenes I envisioned are reflected in my mind. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially not a place as breathtaking as Nantucket. But there will be times in the future where I will return to the island of beauty, especially in my dreams. I know I will always hold a part of Nantucket in my heart specifically for times where I can look forward to my dream of returning.


Yes, so I am a teenager, yet I am different from your "average" teenager. I live on one of the most enchanting islands I have ever visited. My home revolves around the ocean and the beach, two of nature's gifts that I have grown quite fond of. I love many aspects of Life, and from keeping a journal, as well as writing stories and poems, my views on Life have improved. I truly believe writing can create a person and produce a unique style -- one unlike any other.

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by elizabeth zale
topic: writing
published: 12.30.99


elizabeth zale
12.31.01 @ 6:09p

I beg to differ with Microsoft Word. Yes, gray is the common spelling in the United States. However, the color grey is spelled grey in England. Therefore, grey is not a misspelled word. It is a bit less patriotic, according to Webster.

adam kraemer
1.2.02 @ 11:32a

I actually prefer "grey." And "theatre."

jael mchenry
1.2.02 @ 2:40p

Oh, no. I agree with Adam on both counts. I fear it might start a trend.

mike julianelle
1.2.02 @ 2:44p

I prefer "grey."

russ carr
1.2.02 @ 3:22p

Are we all just Tories at heart? I prefer "grey" as well, but I draw the line at "aluminium."

adam kraemer
1.2.02 @ 3:37p

While we're at it, I don't feel as though my fellow countrymen use the word "brilliant" enough (except Joe, but only because that's the name of his sometimes band). I think it's a terribly brilliant word.

jael mchenry
1.2.02 @ 3:39p

Oh, bollocks.

tracey kelley
1.2.02 @ 5:15p

Bloody hell. Love that phrase.

Ooops - on a minor's thread. Sorry Elizabeth - don't mean to be a corruptive influence.

That's Michael's job.

jael mchenry
1.2.02 @ 6:32p

I did remember there was a minor present when I decided to express consternation with an Oh no instead of an Oh anything else.

russ carr
1.2.02 @ 10:11p

Yes, because "bollocks" wasn't emphatic enough, then, luv?

adam kraemer
1.3.02 @ 9:47a

I just like that American TV censors will allow the word "shite," as if it's not just an expletive with an accent.

jael mchenry
1.3.02 @ 10:44a

Oh, shag off, you great git.

(Am I fooling anyone here? I didn't think so.)

mike julianelle
1.3.02 @ 12:02p

Cup a tea, cup a tea, almost got shagged, cup a tea.

jael mchenry
1.3.02 @ 12:03p


mike julianelle
1.3.02 @ 12:29p

That's the vibe I was getting from your attempts at Britspeak. Love the slang, but "Five by five" is my personal fave, stepping outside the Brit-lines.

lila snow
1.3.02 @ 12:41p

I thought it was spelled bollox. Or bollux. I love to use words from other languages but I hate when I can't spell them, like acoutrements. I should just say "stuff" shouldn't I?

mike julianelle
1.3.02 @ 12:52p

I prefer saying "shit" to "stuff." But I am Intrepid's resident George Carlin. And I think it's "bollocks."

adam kraemer
1.3.02 @ 1:27p

I can't believe we took a very nice 14-year-old's description of Nantucket and turned it into an examination of British obscenities.

jael mchenry
1.3.02 @ 1:40p

Oh, I can.

(Sorry, Elizabeth!)

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