9.18.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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still intrepid after all these years
by michael d. driscoll

Your friends: they say nice things about you, they listen to your endless rants without comment, and they hold your hand through the dark times. At Intrepid Media, we may hold your hair while you puke, but we’ll also take pictures of it to post on the Web site.

As we continue to celebrate our three years of running amok on the Web, I thought a fitting close to this month would be a few words from the staff about the two people who have kept this “little engine that could” moving along. When those two people couldn't be located, we settled for comments about Joe and Jael, also known as "Joel".

What people had to write about Jael:

“I've known Jael for a very long time. She's both one of the best writers I know and one of the coolest people I know. We banter back and forth, but she was cool enough to bring me into Intrepid Media early on, and has been cool enough not to ask me to leave. I thank her very deeply for both.”

“Her breasts are bigger, and my legs are longer. Only on Intrepid Media could there be so much Iowa goodness.”

“Smart, and has a very clever sense of humor. Definitely the movie buff, and very much into the arts without being snotty or pretentious.”

“Jael reminds me of the beauty pageant contestant who walks out on stage and you think, 'God, she's HOT!' Then in the talent portion of the evening you find out she's a classically trained pianist, has written two books, and works with underprivileged kids. And in the Q&A part, she reveals she's a Rhodes scholar. You end up just staring at the TV thinking, she should be three people because she's got too much going on for just one person.”

“Jael McHenry is God's Leyden jar -- lightning in a bottle. Her columns spark and crackle from the screen; her fiction heretofore is electrifying. As any who have met her in person will attest, her luminous character and infectious energy leaves the hairs on the back of your neck a-tingle and your brain abuzz. That said, she is grounded with the humility of the heartland, Ivy League meets corn-fed.”

“She's one of the most focused individuals I've met. Culturally she's so far ahead of her time that she's yesterday. Again.”

“I am consistently drawn to her smile. It’s a smile like no other. Just when you figure out there is more to it than lips and teeth, you find yourself wondering if she’ll ever invite you into her secret little society where all smiles are explained.”

A few things people had to write about Joe:

“Joe's great. Joe had an idea, Joe took his idea and made it real, and Joe has followed through with that idea. He's created a great Web site run by and for a great group of people. When it would have been easy for him to fold it in and move on to something else, he never once considered letting it go. I'm still working for I.M. because I believe that Joe will stand behind the idea until everyone knows Intrepid Media. I have faith in his faith in his vision.”

“Scamp. You know, the dog in Lady and the Tramp? That's Joe.”

“Joe is like Michael J. Fox: smart, humorous, hot wife, fame, and ongoing success. He's only missing the serious physical illness. I make no claims about his mental stability.”

“Brilliant isn't just a band name. Joe's well of ideas will never run dry. And for as long as he lives, he will create opportunities for others. That's the kind of man he is.”

“Passion and persistence. Like the little guy who doesn't know that he's the underdog, and as a result ends up coming out on top. He's got an enthusiasm that's contagious.”

"So it's Saturday afternoon the IMCH weekend around 3:00. Joe cannot sit still. He's up messing with the grill. He brings the food out, then back in because it's too early to start cooking. He sits on his steps for about 30 seconds before going to get beers to everyone. He goes outside and smokes. He rearranges food in the fridge. He brings the food outside and back in again because it's still too early to start cooking. He checks the grill again. He sits for another 30 seconds before repeating the scene all over again. Joe was this huge ball of nervous energy - constantly checking and double-checking that things were right because he really wanted everyone to have a great time. That was all he cared about - that all of us had fun."

“Joe ‘Quid’ Procopio has more brass than John Philip Souza's orchestra. Quietly and simply, he has manufactured a writers' community that has managed to avoid the slings and arrows of Web misfortune – the dysfunction, the disenfranchisement that have already proven to be the death knell for larger, fancier Web sites. That he can keep this ragtag fugitive fleet on course, while simultaneously working his day job, creating award-winning films, and pursuing his own writing dreams speaks volumes of Joe's dedication, persistence and mule-headedness. That and how he spends every weekend drinking with lesbians.”

“Multitasking. He's like a meerkat on crack when it comes to doing multiple things, and doing them well. His relatively cool exterior belies a seething internal cauldron of creativity and drive. And he has a cool dog.”

“Joe. Hell. Sometimes I think that if Joe could have a party in his head that the Intrepid Media staff would be his invited guests. Except for Adam, I think Joe would replace Adam with Heather Locklear.”

So? Why do people write for Intrepid Media?

“Because they keep promising me eventual money.”

“’Cause the doctors thought finding a creative outlet would be good for my condition.”

“Because it's a challenging creative outlet I've yet to find elsewhere.”

“I wrote my first piece for Intrepid Media on a dare. The rush of having it accepted as feature run got me to contribute again, but it's been the atmosphere that has kept me here. At Intrepid, I receive good, honest feedback - not only encouraging, but critical, and with an eye on helping me to improve my writing. The people who write, discuss, and critique have widely varying styles and interests, so I get an incredibly broad range of feedback and insight. It's also a friendly, supportive environment, so I've been able to learn and improve, without feeling like I'm putting myself on the line when I publish something.”

“The responsibility of being a staff writer and having deadlines has also helped me to work on my discipline, which has always been lacking.”

“Intrepid is my outlet. Sure, I write for a living. But more often than not, the client gets involved and tells me all sorts of things I can't say. Or makes me write lame stuff. Or asks for ridiculous edits. And because they're paying me, I have to do what they ask. But on IM, I can do whatever I want. I get to be me. And I get to do what I love to do more than anything - write.”

“Why do I write for Intrepid Media? Because they laugh at my jokes. Because I can get away with it. Because I can expect fair comment and critique. Because I need to taste the whip. Because it's not the least bit pretentious but it's every bit precocious. Because the women here are funkalicious.”

“Because I support the idea that we make this work because we love what we do, the written word, and each other. I want to be part of something we believe, rather than something we just ‘do’."

“My mom made me.”

Happy anniversary (x3), Intrepid Media.


Curious about everything, Michael plans to do it all. A ruffian by day and a lover by night he's managed to go where no one else has gone. His slight forgetfulness means he is curious about everything and plans to do it all. A ruffian by day and a lover by night he's managed...

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tracey kelley
9.30.02 @ 8:14a

Michael, you forgot my other quote on Jael = you know, the one where I didn't talk about body parts and focused more on talent and stuff.

jael mchenry
9.30.02 @ 9:14a

"Meerkat on crack" is the funniest thing I've heard this month.

I love you guys. All you guys. Now, I'm going to go off and cry. Thanks.

sarah ficke
9.30.02 @ 9:32a

It's funny the way you say that and suddenly I really do see Joe as a meerkat. Scary.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 9:49a

Tracey: I didn't forget. Sometimes word count overrules content. ;)

jael mchenry
9.30.02 @ 10:14a

Do I get to guess who's who? Because Russ always gives himself away. And of course Tracey already did (as if I wouldn't've figured that one out.) At first I thought the first quote was Michelle but now I'm pretty sure it's Adam. The beauty pageant and smile things are sheer poetry, and I want to know who to thank. Roger? I'm looking at you, kid.

russ carr
9.30.02 @ 10:20a

Note to self: Be more surreptitious.

adam kraemer
9.30.02 @ 10:25a

Note to self: get my column in on time.

tracey kelley
9.30.02 @ 10:38a

Jael - not so much with the guessing. Otherwise you'll sound like Adam trying to argue with whoever critiqued him. Just bask in the glow, dear.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 10:43a

I am loving the critique I just got..."I felt the writing style tended to be all over the place. Very inconsistent." Please don't tell this person I collected comments from everyone and did not write them. Bless their little heart...

joe procopio
9.30.02 @ 10:50a

What the hell is a meerkat?

I would just like to say that I am flattered and mostly surprised.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 10:52a


jael mchenry
9.30.02 @ 10:59a

Just bask in the glow, dear.

Good point.




sarah ficke
9.30.02 @ 11:02a

Joe, did you ever see The Lion King? Timon, the little furry sidekick, was a meerkat.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 11:34a

Another meerkat picture that describes how Joe and these creatures share (almost) the same anatomy characteristics.


tracey kelley
9.30.02 @ 11:34a

You know, the one that was voiced by Nathan Lane.

I used to have a poster in my college bedroom of a group of meerkats "on lookout" - funniest damn thing.

tracey kelley
9.30.02 @ 11:36a

Long tail, sometimes used as a third leg.

Oh. So that's what it's called.

We saw Joe's belly. It has more hair on it than that.


jeffrey walker
9.30.02 @ 11:38a

meerkats must been seen on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. They can only be loved fully by seeing them in action. Just read this review:
"Meerkats: ***** - highly entertaining" - wildLife Magazine.

tracey kelley
9.30.02 @ 12:02p

Joe: He Can Only Be Loved Fully by Seeing Him in Action.

adam kraemer
9.30.02 @ 12:28p

Don't tell Mike that I already know he collected comments from everyone; I was there.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 12:30p

I won't say a word.

adam kraemer
9.30.02 @ 12:50p

Phew. That was a close one.

heather millen
9.30.02 @ 1:04p

Awww! What a sweet tribute. In light of your efforts, I feel the need to take a moment to appreciate you, Mike.

Oh, wait... I think I already proclaimed that in high-decibel force at IMCH. Ahh, well. Still true.

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 1:09p

What a sweetie you are, Heather. Sheesh, if only you were in town how I would love to...and...in a parked...screaming...

sarah ficke
9.30.02 @ 1:15p

One interpretation:
Michael wants to lock you in a parked car full of small rodents that will make you scream.

jeffrey walker
9.30.02 @ 1:16p

when did intrepid go from a writers forum to a bunch of guys drooling over Millen? Not to say that Heather isn't attractive, but show some dignity, intrepid men!

michael driscoll
9.30.02 @ 1:25p

I think Jeffrey-weffrey is a wittle jealous. You're hot, too.

jeffrey walker
9.30.02 @ 1:35p

please - I'm one of the few not bitching about dates, sex, etc. - need I cite to the board for how often this happens? I haven't been want for sexual partners for some time.

Frankly, I'm ashamed at the way you guys in need of some action conduct yourselves. Need I give a class on wooing, or do pathetic attempts usually work for you guys?

heather millen
9.30.02 @ 1:45p

Hey, hey... take the "wooing lessons" to the boards!

And actually in this instance, I don't believe Michael is in "want" either. This is just warm, fuzzy Intrepid lovin' at work.


adam kraemer
9.30.02 @ 1:59p

And, besides, my pathetic attempts occasionally work, yes.

joe procopio
9.30.02 @ 6:15p

Wait. I'm an underdog?

I always pictured myself as a nice version of the bad guy from the Karate Kid movies.

russ carr
9.30.02 @ 6:43p

It's you and Polly Pureheart, chum.

juli mccarthy
9.30.02 @ 10:00p

I think it's Polly Purebred. But it's been a long time.

russ carr
9.30.02 @ 10:28p

I think you're right, Juli. And it's been a very long time. I think I got flummoxed because someone else mentioned Dick Tracy around here recently and I'm mixing Polly Purebred with Tess Trueheart. It's a common error.

To add: Mighty Mouse's girlfriend was Pearl Pureheart. Those writers didn't get too original back then, did they?


jael mchenry
10.1.02 @ 9:08a

joe: "a nice version of the bad guy."

Yep, that sounds about right.

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