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them snookered youngsters
can rock age gracefully?
by joe procopio (@jproco)
topic: music
8.2.10 • CLASSIC

Last Saturday night, in a moment of what can only be called discount enlightenment, I happened to watch the DVD version of The Runaways and then turn the DVD player off just in time to see a rerun of Ashton Kutcher introducing Them Crooked Vultures on SNL. Who promptly rocked all you kids off of their lawn. For the record, The Runaways was awful, save for a scarily spot-on performance by Kristen Stewart. But beyond that it just piled one rock cliche on top of another overdramatized moment from

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a guy and a girl and a peach pie
an interview with author therese walsh
by jael mchenry (@JaelMcHenry)
topic: writing
10.5.09 • CLASSIC

Writer Unboxed is the name of the writers' site Therese Walsh co-founded in 2006, but it's also a good description of the writer herself these days. Walsh's first novel, The Last Will of Moira Leahy, will be coming out of boxes and onto shelves next week. She's also a generous, open-minded writer sharing her journey and inspiration across the internet writing community, through Writer Unboxed, Twitter, blogging on her own site, and much more. Writing is a solitary act and being a writer can be

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when my nanna calls me, i hear ozzy osbourne
i hear singing and there's no one there
by adam kraemer (@DryWryBred)
topic: tech
8.8.08 • CLASSIC

It's happened to all of us, at one point or another. You're sitting on a bus, or in a restaurant, or a movie theater, or in the office -- somewhere in public, really, is what I'm getting at -- and all of a sudden someone's cell phone starts ringing. But it's not a ringing noise, no sir. It's a full-on CD-quality recording suddenly playing, like a phantom radio, for everyone in the vicinity. Maybe Jim's phone is blaring Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" so he knows it's his dad

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whose concept of conception?
a mother-to-be questions the church's position
by michelle von euw
topic: general
3.8.10 • CLASSIC

Dear United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, It’s not a secret that we haven’t been very close lately. We haven’t exactly seen eye to eye on a variety of issues, dating all the way back to the middle ages (for you) and the second grade (for me), when I asked why a woman priest couldn’t give me my first communion. For the first three decades of my life, I struggled to find some sort of middle ground between what you often said, and what I considered to be a purer interpretation of the te

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the unbearable lightness of seeing
silver screen shrinkage
by mike julianelle
topic: film
6.3.09 • CLASSIC

Over the weekend, Pixar's latest flick opened to rave reviews and close to $70 million at the box office. Up's triumph is nothing new; Pixar has yet to have a flop. But it's not the only movie making money this year. Despite the recession we're mired in, overall box office is up 15% from last year. It seems that, in these tough times, everyone is getting some "cheap" entertainment by going to the movies even more often than usual. Everyone, that is, except me. I used to be the guy that saw eve

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portrait of an artist: ann wilson
heart’s voice cries out about war and hope
by tracey l. kelley (@TraceyLKelley)
topic: music
11.26.07 • CLASSIC

Ann Wilson, a self-described peacenik, is also a firebrand. After more than 30 years establishing a foundation for women in rock music, Wilson turned an artistic corner by releasing Hope and Glory in September 2007. This is Wilson’s first solo effort: a creative platform from which to rally for what she believes in, a brave step for an artist in today’s quagmire of false reality and pop star idol worship. Hope and Glory may be Wilson’s initial flight from the band Heart, but it’s a collage of

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morning sickness
from the unpublished short story archives, circa 2002
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)
topic: writing
7.18.11 • CLASSIC

Note: We never, ever run fiction or short stories, but 1) Jason has been a staff member forever and deserves the nod and 2) The story below is just that good. Raymond Harris awoke one morning at the hollow sound of Momma’s face being smacked so hard that she staggered across the kitchen and hit her forehead on the sink. He sat up in his piss-stained bed, then ran to the door and cracked it open just enough to see without being seen. Bobby, Momma’s boyfriend, was manhandling her dutifully -

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the price of safety
are we headed toward bowling bumpers and airbags everywhere?
by jeffrey d. walker
topic: general
7.20.09 • CLASSIC

This fall, I'm thinking about heading to an amusement park. Just because I'm in my mid-thirties doesn't mean I stopped liking roller coasters. But as I started researching the park that I'd most like to visit, I ran across ads for theme parks I'll never get to go to. The one that stands out was Vernon, New Jersey's Action Park. It's hard to get a full picture of the fantasticness of this place today, because many of its features are gone and buried. Action Park closed in 1996, mainly due

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basic human rights
where do you draw the line?
by maigen thomas (@Maigen)
topic: news
3.25.09 • CLASSIC

We've all read about the "Octomom", an extreme example of the baby-manufacturing industry gone wrong. This woman, a single mother on welfare living in California who already had six children, just gave birth to eight more. All fourteen of them were conceived with the assistance of in-vitro fertilization. I know I'm not the only person who's quite shocked and not just a bit outraged by this situation -- the country-wide backlash was matched only by the positive outpouring of support

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excuse me, can you please stop surfing for porn?
what's the appropriate measure for xxx?
by alex b (@Lexistential)
topic: general
11.14.11 • CLASSIC

A memory haunts me, one from eight years back. I'm 27, and sitting in the dark with a 45-year-old guy. Much as I'd like to recall it as a lovely instance, it's the last civil date we have with one another. Knowing our end is imminent, we behave pretty well.

We're at the movies, watching Auto Focus with Greg Kinnear. I had chosen it on the basis of looking seemingly light-hearted; as Bob Crane's sordid life is revealed onscreen, I figure out otherwise.

And, so does my date. The deeper the film delves into Crane's sex secrets, he sits ramrod straight, staring at the screen without noticing that I saw him do so. His evident "a-ha" moment led to my first grasp of the eventual truth: like Crane, my date was a porn addict.

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a part of our speech
by sarah ficke (@DameMystery)
topic: news
4.16.12 • CLASSIC

Loving: Noun
Loving begins as a noun, but not just any noun. Loving is a personal noun; it is something we experience only through the prism of ourselves. We can’t point to the source of love, diagram its location, or dissect it from our body, and yet it is there. Loving is also a noun in the stricter sense: Richard Loving, a white man born in Caroline County, Virginia, in 1933.

Loving: Verb
Loving may begin as a noun, but we know it best as a verb. We recognize love only because we see it in action: caring, sharing, laughing, kissing, touching, soothing, healing, helping, grieving. These actions can shape our lives, yet we can’t trace them to a source. Love – of nature, of creatures, of music – is a mystery in the abstract, but vibrant in reality. Something happens in your spirit, your physical heart might thump, your nerves might jitter, and suddenly that potential for love comes out into the open. That kind of spark caught Richard Loving (noun: white) and Mildred Jeter (noun: black) and whirled them into action. They were loving each other, and – as it always does – that love was shaping their lives.

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the greens party
exploring the hot lettuce of politics
by erik lars myers (@TopFermented)
topic: pop culture
9.15.08 • CLASSIC

The U.S. is often referred to as a melting pot -- a steamy fondue of colorful cultural mixes that, through their ubiquitous individuality, make our country strong. I disagree. I think we're more like a salad. Sort of your ordinary house salad at a roadside restaurant: mixed greens, maybe a couple of croutons, some shredded carrot, a couple of slices of red onion, one whole cherry tomato, dressing on the side in a little plastic cup with "SOLO" printed on the lid. I'm not alone. T

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love at first write
an intrepid love story
by heather m. millen
topic: writing
9.4.06 • CLASSIC

Intrepid Media has been a part of my life for a good five years now. In February of 2001, it saw me through my hardest breakup to date. It was along for the ride when I spent several years in LA swearing off all Mr. Rights and having a fabulous time with more than a few Mr. Right Nows. And when I swooped myself off to Vegas in a faux-wedding just for kicks, Intrepid was there to throw the proverbial rice. Overall, I've had an Intrepid lovelife. Not just because the Intrepid Media family has been

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here comes the judge
meet me at baggage claim
by jeff miller (@jmillerboston)
topic: general
12.11.06 • CLASSIC

For many years I've believed that, at their core, most people are stupid, and in many cases, unreliable and bad for me to be around. I know I'm not alone in this. All around me I hear one person or another complaining about someone else who is so obtusely, squarely, miserably useless that they should be employed only in the service of paperweight, doorstop, or, at best, an observer of their own navel. But maybe I've been wrong. Maybe at their core, people are good. Maybe the girl I work with

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