What We Do

Intrepid Media is a team of entrepreneurs and technologists specializing in integrating new technologies into unique business models to bring new products to market. We build our own products, services, and frameworks, and we can help you build your product and grow your company.

We act in four areas

Product, Technology, Operations, Marketing & Sales

We perform three functions

Strategy, Management, and Execution

We specialize in new tech

Blockchain, AI, Data Science, Mobile, On-Demand, etc.

Who We've Helped

Automated Insights


 • Product, Technology, Operations, Marketing & Sales
 • Strategy, Management, and Execution
 • AI, Data Science, NLG


 • Product, Technology
 • Strategy
 • Data Science, NLG


 • Technology
 • Management, Execution
 • Mobile


 • Technology
 • Execution
 • Data Science

Dozens of Clients and Counting

We also have experience with large organizations, where we act as a semi-independent team working with the company on large-scale product and technology initiatives.

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