9.24.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Often mistaken for a successful airline pilot, Rob Stark can usually be found exactly one step ahead of fashion. He runs his own recording studio, produces and engineers many a fine record, holds dominion over duckonbike.com, and also plays various musical instruments, none of which begin with the letter "P". During down time, he can be found toiling away on the edge of technology for Interpath. One more thing, if Rob is holding a coke, rest assured it's a Crown and coke.

member since 1.1.00
personal site: duck on bike


they'll let anyone in
secrets of the professional recording studio
music - process
1.1.00 : feature column!

beautiful day
rob stark takes you on a rocky journey - free mp3
music - sample
10.1.99 : feature column!

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