9.23.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Having spent most of the eighties in and out of various colleges, Jonas Foster ducked the 9 to 5, wrote a book, and then made a mint selling the right information to the right people. He once dated a supermodel, although he refuses to offer which one, and now habitually combs Manhattan in search of the next.

member since 10.14.00


social fail
facebook at its absolute best
tech - criticism
8.30.10 : feature column!

mortgaging our future
why the best thing we can do about the housing crisis is nothing
general - business
3.10.08 : feature column!

no more talk!
now is the time for action
pop culture - criticism
3.28.07 : feature column!

bad boys
whatever you do, don't do this
pop culture - criticism
1.29.07 : feature column!

don't tell me what to do
pop culture - lifestyle
10.31.05 : feature column!

snub me? snub you!
your biggest business blunder might begin with a form letter
general - business
2.11.05 : feature column!

the world is not your oyster
it's mine
news - criticism
3.26.04 : feature column!

all your eggs
enron and the fifth deadly sin
general - business
1.23.02 : feature column!

the last american teen movie
the donger need food
film - criticism
3.9.01 : feature column!

i am what i say i am
deception and the brass ring
writing - lifestyle
10.18.00 : feature column!

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