9.24.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Photographer. Writer. World traveler. Gamer. Avid reader. Computer enthusiast. Connecticut yankee-turned-Chicagoan. Hockey fan. Drives American. Eats organically and locally. Supports no-kill animal shelters and children's charities. Likes intelligent debate.

member since 8.20.08
personal site: meryddian's journeys


here comes the sun
solar energy, and us
general - lifestyle

let's talk about change
and i mean real change, not just mouthing the words
general - discussion

happy 42nd birthday, star trek!
how the wagon train to the stars became the best-beloved sci-fi cash cow of all time
pop culture - appreciation

how gamers influence america
or, why republicans just don't understand today's youth
pop culture - discussion
8.29.08 : feature column!

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