9.20.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Born in Brooklyn NY, escaped to Long Island. Military service in the USAF (they thought I'd be a great air traffic controller. they were wrong). Became a New York City cop in the 80s when it was still fun. Interested in science fiction and country music, go figure. Interested in almost everything and knowledgeable about almost nothing, but I keep trying.

member since 11.6.00


olympic dreams
there's hope for me yet.
sports - appreciation

report from ground zero
when it's not just news, when it's personal - doing whatever it takes
general - discussion
10.12.01 : feature column!

a perfect week
well, almost perfect
general - lifestyle
7.11.01 : feature column!

excitement in a very small place
they just didn't pay me enough for this.
general - career

precision and loafing in san antonio
sometimes it's not just the devil in the details
general - lifestyle
11.27.00 : feature column!

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