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If the media is the eye on the world, Russ Carr is the finger in that eye. Tune in each month to see him dispersing the smoke and smashing the mirrors of modern mass communication. The world lost Russ on 2/7/12, but he lives on.

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without control, there's only chaos
it's time to get smart and 86 the 99
11.23.11 : feature!

It's been more than a week now since first the police, followed quickly by sanitation workers, moved in on city parks across the United States, driving protestors assembled as part of the Occupy movement out from their makeshift tent cities and back to whatever homes they came from.

And while some of those who claimed to represent the "99 Percent" – a decidedly dubious number meant to include everyone who is not among the wealthiest one percent of the American population – have trickled back into these parks to resume their protesting, their numbers are down, their press coverage is down, and their message remains vague. While representatives from some of the Occupy cities have pledged to regroup, I think it's unlikely that they'll regain what momentum they had.

And it's their own fault.

While the Occupy movement in the United States may have hit the national psyche at just the right time - lousy economy, outrageous gas prices, terrible j... 
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the last beat of the pig-hearted man
better living through bacon
3.23.11 : feature!
this one goes up to '11
we need that extra push over the cliff
12.29.10 : feature!
juan talk over the line
wherein br'er williams gets tossed in the briar patch
10.25.10 : feature!
hawaii five, viewer zero
aloha means goodbye
9.22.10 : feature!
the media is the meth age
is that why it's called a 'user' name?
8.23.10 : feature!
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1. all kids love blog
don't you have something better to do than read this?
: feature!
2. like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain
put down the peyote, adult swim is on
6.25.04 : feature!
3. dylan's panties
could you play that song from that commercial?
3.19.03 : feature!
4. bite me
i'm all lost in the supermarket
8.14.02 : feature!
5. the fellowship of the rings
official diatribe of the xix olympic winter games
2.13.02 : feature!
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re: without control, there's only chaos

Great because I agree with the perspective and like how you wrote about it.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

The pigger the better. Well-written, just right.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

Funniest serious article I've ever read. Thanks Russ.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

Pretty moving... and funny.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

A great example of dark-ish humor!

re: this one goes up to '11

One of the funniest I've read. Really great.

re: hawaii five, viewer zero

I don't know if the show is any good, but the review sure is. Reading Russ is better than watching TV anyway: smarter, sharper, and just plain awesomer. Mahalo!

re: hawaii five, viewer zero

Yup. Excellent critique.

re: state of what union?

Well-written and well-stated. Not quite sure what the answer is, but, at the very least, voting keeps getting us off the couch cushions.

re: state of what union?

Excellent column. Passes over the easy targets and hones in on the problem.


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