9.18.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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I have spent the better part of my life trying to figure out just who I am. Im a Seattlelite, with just a touch of New Yorker and North Carolinian. Im a soft-talking, fast-driving, rain-loving son of a bitch that refuses to believe that he is getting older. However, each day I awake to the sound of my child's laughter, and slowely realize that getting older might just be a good thing.

member since 4.26.01


video game revived the radio star
music - general

a brother's view
life is short
general - appreciation
10.24.08 : feature column!

give me three steps, once more
choosing a new way to be me
general - lifestyle
7.15.05 : feature column!

i am what i am
sometimes a man just wants a bud light, dammit
pop culture - lifestyle
10.15.04 : feature column!

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