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Originally from Boston, Michelle is a writer, editor, instructor, obsessive sports fan, loud talker, quick laugher, new mom, and chances are, she watches more television than you do.

Follow her on Twitter at michellevoneuw

senior sports analyst
member since 10.1.99
red sox nation, ma
dob: 1.29.74


william wants a doll
how does a feminist mom raise her son to be the same?
12.10.10 : feature!

As I turned the corner in the upscale independent toy store full of handcrafted puzzles and games well beyond my price range, an item caught my attention. It was an adorable baby doll sitting high up on the shelf, nestled in a box that touted lifelike toes and a removable diaper. The doll, dressed in a blue striped onesie with only a patch of light brown hair on a pale pink head, reminded me immediately of my son. Certainly, the pacifier attached to the baby doll’s mouth by a magnet mirrored the device we’d learned to never leave the house without.

I stood on my tiptoes to slide the box off the shelf. As has happened several times in the past year, my frugal, logical side was overcome by a strong desire to spend too much money on something my baby would never remember, much less care about, from the $21 Red Sox jumper to the $700 Uppa Baby stroller, for reasons that probably had much more to do with me than Joey himself. In some cases, I resisted (the stroller); in oth... 
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the worst show you can't stop watching
10.11.10 : feature!
baby without the maybe
awake in the present moment of pregnancy
7.12.10 : feature!
whose concept of conception?
a mother-to-be questions the church's position
3.8.10 : feature!
open mind, closed marriage
a case against polyamory
1.15.10 : feature!
what a difference a decade makes
12.11.09 : feature!
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1. yankees suck... or do they?
a boston fan questions her city's anthem
: feature!
2. c is for cancelled
that's good enough for abc
5.8.02 : feature!
3. love, american (tv) style
relationships, reality, and reality tv relationships
5.7.03 : feature!
4. nine is the loneliest number
football, field hockey, and fair play
2.7.03 : feature!
5. kiss and television
why watch when you can read about watching?
8.6.01 : feature!
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re: william wants a doll

Great question, and great response -- still figuring it out as you go along, as we all do, but I appreciate how thoughtful and honest you are about it.

re: baby without the maybe

Wow. Just lovely.

re: baby without the maybe


re: baby without the maybe


re: whose concept of conception?

There are lots of other things you should question about the RC Church.

re: open mind, closed marriage

Thoughtful and challenging--walking towards oncoming traffic and I'm walking with you!

re: winning isn't everything

The nice thing about a bad season is there's always next year. The bad thing about a winning season is there's always next year.

re: welcome to hollywoodn't

Good work.

re: my mother's daughter

A beautiful tribute.

re: my mother's daughter

Simply gorgeous, and lovely, and warm, and wonderful.

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