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Curious about everything, Michael plans to do it all. A ruffian by day and a lover by night he's managed to go where no one else has gone. His slight forgetfulness means he is curious about everything and plans to do it all. A ruffian by day and a lover by night he's managed...

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atlanta, ga  usa
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the status is not quo
what's on our minds
12.21.09 : feature!

There is no better example of a perfect love/hate relationship than people and status updates.

We are undeniably addicted to knowing the goings-on of friends and family, and yet when we come across a status update we disagree with we complain that people are providing too much information too often. Love. Hate.

These micro-publishings of thoughts, feelings and actions are changing our conversations.

Recently a friend shortened our conversation by saying, "I'll stop talking. You should totally read my tweets from last week. I won't spoil it for you." Before then I thought Twitter is what we use when we can't have a conversation with someone.

That same week my father read on Facebook my nieces car had broken down on the highway so he telephoned me to ask if she was all right. This was a status update that prompted a phone call. I don't see this as either good or bad, but it's one case where a status update created a real conversati... 
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the impossible task of answering a wrong question
becoming more adult-y
10.14.09 : feature!
decoding destiny: part two
what happens when you know?
7.13.09 : feature!
decoding destiny
knowing does not change what is
6.12.09 : feature!
what if struggling newspapers went non-profit?
an idea worth printing
5.13.09 : feature!
10 things i don’t understand
in the asking we find the answer
2.19.07 : feature!
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re: the status is not quo

I would have liked to see it a little longer, a little more detail or examples in your status types, but the tone was good and you struck just the right amount of topicalamity.

re: the status is not quo

Michael, thank you for this clever reminder that we have the choice over hitting "Publish," "Send," and/or "Delete." I really like the term "micro-publishings", the personal examples you give, and, of course, the various types of Statee. At some point, someone is going to catch on to this phenom and research it. Until then, we have your words. Keep writing, Michael. Your audience is eagerly waiting.

re: the status is not quo

It had to be said sooner or later. Thanks.

re: the impossible task of answering a wrong question

The unexamined life etc and so forth.

re: decoding destiny: part two


re: decoding destiny

Good for you!

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Hilarious, and a great read that anyone with their head screwed on the way yours and mine are would agree with and relate to.

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Incredibly thought-provoking format and ideas, as usual. I haven't been able to be around IM much, but this is why I love it. --Gonz (anonymity is over-rated!)

re: 10 things i don’t understand

At some level and at some time we're all confused.

re: tell me something


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