10.23.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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Lee Anne is a frustrated "contributing writer" to the Tufts Daily who has never gotten over getting dissed for a column. As a result, she feels the need to write long, somewhat amusing emails to friends and occassionally submit articles to small publications. During the day, she contributes to "what's wrong with this country" by producing television and radio commericals that make you think you are fat, skinny, hip, unhip, old, young, smart, stupid, grown-up, or just a kid again - depending on which products you buy. Her parents are real proud.

member since 7.7.00


cars and more money
i'm back there again.
general - lifestyle
6.17.02 : feature column!

do i want to be a princess bride?
writing - criticism
11.28.01 : feature column!

i wanna be a cowboy.
a case of the wants
general - lifestyle
8.15.01 : feature column!

cars and money
a few of my favorite things
general - lifestyle
5.7.01 : feature column!

today is just the first day
or so i've been told.
advertising - career
12.22.00 : feature column!

almost famous enough
news - sample

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