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11. the internet is always right
the internet is never right
tech - criticism
9.28.09 : feature column!

Once upon a time, before a large percentage of you dutiful readers were born, there was no Internet; there was only packet switching across a relative handful of data lines. There were no Netflix pop-unders, no LOLcats, no viral videos. Instead, this fledgling information network was only for the use of academic researchers and government agencies, providing them a secure, reliable means by which they could exchange ASCII porn. But then the "World Wide Web" project went public, thanks to a bunc...
12. stumbling in the footsteps of giants
the way it is...is not the way it was
general - criticism
7.24.09 : feature column!

It's been an astounding week. Last Friday brought news of the death of Walter Cronkite, aka "Uncle Walter," aka "the most trusted man in America"; the iconic journalist broadcast his last breath at age 92. Though others had succeeded him behind the desk at the CBS Evening News since his retirement in 1981, Cronkite remained inseparably linked to the anchorman's role. He was, for several generations of Americans, the warm, solemn voice that guided the nation through some of its greatest tumults ...
13. remembering
sacrifices in the name of freedom
news - discussion
5.25.09 : feature column!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and our thoughts rightly turn to those men and women of our armed forces who gave their lives in service to our country, and in the defense of freedom worldwide. No matter what your opinion may be on the rightness of our military's leadership, or the justice of one cause over another, I urge you to respect and honor their memory; our country, and our ability to hold opinions in conflict with our government, is paid for with their sacrifice. In many co...
14. holy crap we're all gonna die!!!!
something ain't kosher about swine flu
news - criticism
4.29.09 : feature column!

Drop the bacon! Don't you know that's salty, meaty death?! Swine flu is here to stay and it'll kill us all by next week! A fast check of CNN.com, where hour by hour, the number of cases in the U.S. is just SKYROCKETING, people! As of 1 p.m. CDT this past Tuesday, a terrifying 64 PEOPLE have been confirmed to be carriers of the disease! ZOMG! That's... one in 4,786,097! At the rate it's spreading, it's probably already infected YOU. For the sake of the planet, please use your waning strength to ...
15. beggin' and aig
greed begets true march madness
news - discussion
3.18.09 : feature column!

There's no better way to introduce this, so I'll let the news account speak for itself: Sunday, March 15 WASHINGTON (AP) -- American International Group is giving its executives tens of millions of dollars in new bonuses even though it received a taxpayer bailout of more than $170 billion dollars.And you thought Jon Stewart got vicious on Jim Cramer? Pfft. That was ineptitude; this is unmitigated -- but duly litigated -- gall. If you're not up on the details here &...
16. read 'em and weep
corporate newspapers, time to suck it up
news - criticism
2.18.09 : feature column!

I used to have it in my head to be a newspaperman. Even back as far as junior high, I filled my head with the words of hard-drinking, hard-writing journalistic roustabouts like Mike Royko and knew, in that misguided romantic way, that my path pointed toward the staccato of typewriters and the liberation of civic truths. Well, I could spend the next several paragraphs expounding on my prior (and rocky) relationships with the Fourth Estate, but I was taught in journalism school to keep my copy su...
17. we are all melodious
intrepid karaoke party 2008!
humor - general
12.19.08 : feature column!

So, 2008 may not have been the best of years. Here at the Intrepid Media Home Office (IMHO), we can relate. When polled about the last 12 months, our oldest staffers labeled it "miserable"; our junior writers called it "most heinous"; and our intern dubbed it "teh suck." Whatcha gonna do? Bawl in your nog? Pfft. It's KARAOKE TIME! Nothing shakes those wistful year-end doldrums like doing shots of cranberry vodka and belting out carols into a live microphone. And since Christmas is all about s...
18. the ubiquitous sandwich
satisfaction between two slices of bread
general - appreciation
11.19.08 : feature column!

Belated birthday cheer, John Montagu; you may not have been sharp at cards, but you were hungry, and that's all that mattered. The fourth earl of Sandwich would have been 290 a couple of weeks ago, November 3. In less politically strident years, we here at Intrepid Media would have trumpeted his birthday as National Sandwich Day, but we were paralyzed with anticipation for free ice cream (Ben & Jerry's), free coffee (Starbucks) and free donuts (Krispy Kreme) on Election Day. Our president-elec...
19. i'm voting for that one
the party isn't my political conscience
news - discussion
10.22.08 : feature column!

Mom, Dad... I'm sorry. I'm voting for a Democrat. The election is now less than two weeks away. I've had months to examine all sides. I've swayed like a reed in the wind, encouraged by one side and then the other, only to be disheartened again. Many people, including my grandmother, have told me, "I don't like either of 'em!" I can't say that, really. I don't dislike either candidate. In fact, I've always held John McCain in pretty high esteem, at least up until the past year, when he stopped ...
20. back, hero killer!
o, death! where is thy sting?
pop culture - general
9.22.08 : feature column!

The new season of Heroes starts tonight on NBC. Can I spoil one thing for you? Everyone's back. Seriously, did you really expect otherwise? It's a fair bet that we'd have heard by now if Adrian Pasdar hadn't gotten a contract renewal, for instance. So all you Nathan Petrelli fans can unclench. But that's the way it works with superheroes -- the popular ones, at least -- whether they're on the TV screen or in comic books. They fight. They die. They get better. There's always...
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re: without control, there's only chaos

Great because I agree with the perspective and like how you wrote about it.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

The pigger the better. Well-written, just right.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

Funniest serious article I've ever read. Thanks Russ.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

Pretty moving... and funny.

re: the last beat of the pig-hearted man

A great example of dark-ish humor!

re: this one goes up to '11

One of the funniest I've read. Really great.

re: hawaii five, viewer zero

I don't know if the show is any good, but the review sure is. Reading Russ is better than watching TV anyway: smarter, sharper, and just plain awesomer. Mahalo!

re: hawaii five, viewer zero

Yup. Excellent critique.

re: state of what union?

Well-written and well-stated. Not quite sure what the answer is, but, at the very least, voting keeps getting us off the couch cushions.

re: state of what union?

Excellent column. Passes over the easy targets and hones in on the problem.

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