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11. another friday night in hollywood
under the stars. way under.
pop culture - general
6.17.03 : feature column!

The usual mélange of bikers and men in suits mix in the lobby/parking lot of Jumbo's Clown Room, each still holding out hope that one of the strippers will finally agree to fuck him. Tough teens cruise little Armenia. Boys full of machismo try to impress girls who feign disinterest -- even as they pray for more attention. Little kids pile into the Weingart Youth Center, but you can tell none of them really wants to be there - their tiny faces cry, "Shit, man, this reeks of lameness." I move t...
12. unfolding
writing - sample

In the flat above me, I hear my old life unfolding. I hear the music turned loud -- he’s losing himself in the beat -- Trying to drown out the thoughts banging round his head and the wails from his heart as he cries, screams the lyrics. Purging. I hear his heart breaking in a million pieces over the hard wood floor like so much broken glass and broken dreams. Praying to god that the music might numb him to the pain. She’s gone. He’s set adrift. In reaching for something to ...
13. the headboard nodded yes
based on the imperfect 10 poetic form
writing - sample

Sweat dripped from his chin, nectar from the honeysuckle 'Liebchen," he breathed, snuzzling her hair as her sighs flowed in and out of his ear like tides tumbling from a seashell She licked the salty sweat from his neck, tasting the smell of the ocean Sunlight traced a lazy, lacy pattern through the curtains and onto their bare skin -- Warm and slick except for the occasional grains of sand that adorned their bodies like sugar on Christmas cookies The room smelled of Nivea lotion, lemongrass ...
14. love at first click?
trial, error and internet dating
pop culture - lifestyle

Online dating's pretty damn popular in our wired world. It's convenient and there's a large "draft pool" of available talent. But the virtuosity throws a kink in the scouting process. In the corporeal world, we encounter our prospect face to face, making a decision to pursue or not on appearance and biochemistry. If we like what we see and feel, we approach, make an offer and see what happens. It's a pretty simple evaluation process. In the VIRTUAL world, however, we meet backwards. And that's...
15. obscenity is your friend (at least sometimes)
who decides what's obscene?
news - lifestyle

Kansas state Sen. Wagle is attempting to withhold $3 million in funding to the University of Kansas because she found the content of a class on sexuality "obscene". The bill has passed the state senate. Let's hope the Kansas state house is a little less reactionary. I can never quite get over how afraid people are of sex. But then I realize that there are people like Sen. Wagle who think sex that's outside of the "in your bedroom missionary style"is bad. When you see views like hers, it's not s...
16. the case for education
hope for the future lies in people who make time to educate and inform
news - discussion

A couple weeks ago, columnist Gwynne Dyer wrote a great column called, "Is Saddam the Next Stalin?". It’s fascinating. And it speaks to something that has been eating at my craw for a while now. I've noticed an alarming lack of context among many people discussing the war. Hell, there's an alarming lack of context among many people RUNNING the war. It appears that decisions are being made, stances taken and actions executed with little or no regard for long-standing allegiances and alliances, ...


re: professional reform

Keep raising the bar. This can be so much more than a pop culture site if we just keep pushing the dialogue.

re: fixing education from the ground up

Exxcelent critical thinking!

re: the english assignment


re: another friday night in hollywood


I remember when "gang-bang" meant 7 or more people having sex together.

A nice snapshot for us tired, simple folk who have the highmindness (or is it cowardice) to stay away from the sequins and the silicone.

re: another friday night in hollywood

great snapshot of hollywood. it reminds me so much of home, it was worth spending two minutes away from internet porn...

re: another friday night in hollywood

Wonderfully written. Vivid. True.

re: unfolding

Quite a counterpoint to your last poem.

But now I've got The Beatles' "She's Leaving" stuck in my head.

re: unfolding

I read this at a time in my life where I connect with the person banging his fists. Right time, right reader. Thanks.

re: the headboard nodded yes

Awesome. Like I was there. Or at least, longed to be.

re: the headboard nodded yes

Oh, I so like this.

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