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11. contact and conflict
xenophobia, will we survive this round?
general - discussion
11.24.00 : feature column!

The void Humans fear the dark. We fear it because it is something our senses are unable to penetrate - something we are unable to interpret. We fear the unknown. This fear is present instinctively in all humans, and it is also taught to us while we are growing up. It is a tool of self-preservation. I would define that the inherent fear of the unknown is a tool of self-preservation. However, I cannot say that this is an absolute definition. I must also admit that as a tool of self-preservat...
12. friend
what makes you one?
writing - sample

You, Friend, may see me, and you may cringe. You can hear me, and shake in terror. You, Friend, you may touch me, and shudder. You can smell me, and disgust. But if you, Friend, do not respect me, in my alienity, then you are not a Friend....


re: the first circle

This is the Intrepid Planet. We enjoy your stay and miss you when you are away. Visit often.

re: building bridges

Thank you for bringing such a fresh and unique perspective to this medium. Your talent still scares me.

re: building bridges

An excellent viewpoint, very well stated. I think this ranks as one of your best.

re: building bridges

A little poli-babble, but not too much. Interesting theory, and definitely well-founded arguments.

re: building bridges

I'm giving you a 4 instead of 5 because it read too much like a dissertation for my taste. Granted, it was peppered well with Sigbjørn-isms, but still a bit on the dry side.

re: press button - insert coin

Very well written. I'm often jealous that I cannot write in this vein. Good imagery, dialogue, use of the language.

re: press button - insert coin

see below

re: press button - insert coin

Is it fact or fiction? To ponder that is the best thing about the piece.

re: press button - insert coin

You have a talent for science fiction. Reading this automatically brings to mind Huxley for some reason. I would suggest you develop this into a short story, as it seems to be headed that way.

re: mcwhale

I feel so, so, educated now after reading this. Thanks for adding another dimension to Intrepid!

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