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11. all in the merrie month of may
sex, alcohol, and a hallmark moment
humor - lifestyle

There’s something inherently cheerful about the month of May. The weather, instead of going from snowy-icy-cold to cold-wet-muddy (April) starts at cold-wet-muddy and achieves sunshine, flowers and warmth (and the occasional hail storm.) Last year, the mood on May first in my office was more buoyant than your average workday. “I knew I was in a good mood when I saw the Morris dancers in Harvard Square and wanted to beat them,” chirped one of my coworkers. Morris dancers? May, as well as bei...
12. news that's fit to print?
msn and the age of information
tech - criticism

Welcome to the Internet; the newest news medium. The information we used to get from the paper in the morning and the TV at night we can now get every time we check e-mail. Ads, headlines, helpful hints: we are bombarded by all of these things as soon as we touch the web. For instance, people like me who use Hotmail or Yahoo mail, spend a lot of time looking at the front pages of MSN and Yahoo. Taking advantage of their captive audience, these pages run news, ads, and reference links relating ...
13. student rampages through airport!
push for stronger security measures expected
writing - sample

The death toll reached 50 last night as a student rampaged through gates B1-B3 of the Manchester, NH airport. Higher security measures are still in place after what some are calling an inexcusable security slip, which allowed a 23-year-old student with a deadly weapon into the boarding area. According to airport security, the suspect had passed through the security checkpoint where they relieved her of a small penknife stamped "Corn Palace" that was attached to her key chain. Unfortunately,...
14. liberty and justice for all
but only on our terms
news - discussion

America has an image problem. This shouldn't be news to anyone. We've all seen the news footage of Palestinians chanting anti-USA slogans. We all know that our belligerent attitude towards Iraq is raising eyebrows around Europe and Asia. We all know that McDonalds is known worldwide as an evil empire, guilty of assaults on innocent grease-loving citizens everywhere. America isn't doing much to mend the problem. In fact, we seem to be doing everything we can to alienate any and all of o...
15. marvin
requiem for a computer
general - lifestyle
7.19.02 : feature column!

It is official: this month, Marvin and I are celebrating our five-year anniversary. It has been a tough five years, full of sleepless nights, long journeys, coffee, fights, apologies, and moments of triumph. In five years, he has never failed me Marvin is my computer. Marvin the Martian, to be exact, christened by a sticker I placed on his case in the second year of our relationship. In technical terms, he is a Toshiba laptop, complete with swappable disk/CD drives and a sticker boasting of i...
16. begone satan!
florida, terrorism, and the source of all evil
news - discussion
4.10.02 : feature column!

The mayor of Inglis, a small town in Florida, banned Satan from the town in January. The proclamation, posted up around the town, read: "Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis." In a spirited defense of Satanists everywhere, the ACLU threatened a lawsuit, as they said the proclamation violated the separation of church and state. The situation was resolved when it was pointed out that, altho...
17. peanut butter and pigeons
lunch, city style.
humor - lifestyle
3.11.02 : feature column!

February is over and spring, in all of its wet, muddy glory, is right around the corner. The wind has replaced its winter edge with something less chilling, and daffodils are making their optimistic way up into the light, just in time for that early March frost. With the advent of warmer weather, it is only to be expected that many more people will be inclined to spend their lunch breaks outside, soaking up the fresh air, the sunshine, and the occasional sparrow warbling from the branch of a ne...
18. a job like mine
finding more to life than coffee
general - lifestyle

Here I am in the Real World, and it's kicking my ass. This doesn't really surprise me. After all, I just spent four years in an extremely liberal Liberal Arts College. Despite the administration's attempts to keep the matter quiet, I suspected all along that the process of gaining a BA was actually a ploy to line their pockets while convincing us that someone cares what the narrative structure of Vanity Fair is. No wonder the voices in my head kept telling me to chuck it all up and become a ...


re: loving

Really excellent piece; well written and a great mirror to today's problems.

re: loving

I love the format of this. As I went down the page, I felt like each section was "Boom! Boom! Pow!" It read like poetry to me.

re: they can do it! and so can you.

Oneathesedays I'll start to blog.

re: from blog to book

I truly hate romance novels.

re: the way we read now

This is so, so well written. Great work.

re: the way we read now

Book lovers of the world, unite!

re: the way we read now

Incredible. Reminded me of my very first column for intrepid, only much better. Great work.

re: the way we read now

Everything about this column is superb.

re: the way we read now

This is beautiful and powerful, and I never thought I'd say that about the review of a tech device! Thanks so much for writing it.

re: a masterpiece in pink

Can't agree with you on this one.

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