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11. farewell, my friend
the fatality of fear
general - discussion
11.26.01 : feature column!

I listened to the message on the answering machine and immediately started dialing. Tim's voice was distant; controlled. Something was wrong. Tim answered and we talked briefly before the sad news came out. "Steve Carleton died today.", he said. "I know you were friends and I thought you'd want to know". I was so shocked I made him repeat it, and as we talked the story unfolded. Steve had been feeling sick and friends talked him into going to the hospital, where he was diagnosed wit...
12. short, and semi-sweet
last week's little lessons
pop culture - general
10.22.01 : feature column!

If you had stopped me at any point this week and said, "Hey, how's your week going?", I would have said something like, "Ok", or, "Not bad". In all fairness, both answers are accurate, but I think I tend to give those kind of answers off the cuff without putting a whole lot of thought into it. Unless something really major has happened (and frankly, that's rare), I'm likely to kind of gloss over the daily routine of my life. Now though, as I sit here and look back at the week, it occurs...
13. bronski's beat
a dog day afternoon
humor - general
9.26.01 : feature column!

Word had already hit the street by the time Susan called. You couldn't buy a pretzel on the corner without hearing the buzz. Still, I was anxious to hear her take on things. Crushing the receiver between my ear and shoulder I lit a cigarette, took a deep draw, and braced myself. "What've you got, darling?" "Well", Susan's voice rattled at the other end of the line, "It's better than you might fear, but worse than you might hope." "No time for games baby, give it to me straight". There was...
14. virtually amazing
i doubt this is the *final* fantasy
film - criticism
8.24.01 : feature column!

Although I've never really come right out and said it, I've always had sort of an unspoken agreement with myself that I wouldn't write movie reviews. I mean, let's face it - could there be a more arrogant and simultaneously slothful occupation? The idea that someone who knows absolutely nothing about me, is going to get paid to sit in a movie theater washing down a gallon of popcorn with a $4.00 coke, watch a movie, then presume to tell me whether or not I should see it, is just plain ridi...
15. after a fashion
you can take him out, but you can't dress him up
pop culture - criticism
7.20.01 : feature column!

After finishing my last column (i'm ok. you're ok. we're a mess), in which I waxed philosophic on some of the things I've learned over the years about relationships, I began to wonder if there were other little gems of wisdom I could impart to you, the reader. To continue decanting the obvious, I decided on an unlikely topic: fashion. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I simply didn't get the fashion gene. I have no gift for putting together a fabulous outfit, for choosing clothes th...
16. bittersweet
a poem of present memory
writing - sample
6.25.01 : feature column!

It remains. Standing firmly. Quietly. Amid the beach grass and bramble. Boards cling tightly to frames once filled by lovers gazing out over golden evening waters. The wind which lifted bright curtains and light summer dresses now tugs at scales and ribbons of paint, peeling away the skin of the sleeping giant. The path is long neglected, overgrown with briars and branches, its wooden steps swallowed by the hillside, Yet a way may still be found by those who are not blind to the ...
17. i'm ok. you're ok. we're a mess
the breakdown on breakups
pop culture - lifestyle
5.27.01 : feature column!

It's rare that my columns contain a disclaimer, but this one does; and it's a pretty obvious one. I am not claiming to understand relationships or have the secret to making them work. I mean, let's face it. If I knew that, this would be a book, not a column, and I'd be off on the road right now on a very successful (and lucrative!) tour. No, this is merely a little list of things I've learned over the years from being in or witnessing relationships that were something short of successful....
18. mirror, mirror
do you know what your face is doing when you're not looking?
humor - lifestyle
4.27.01 : feature column!

I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at my reflection in the mirror. And car windows, glass store fronts, elevator doors, and puddles of water. OK, maybe not a lot of time, but probably too much time, and definitely more than I used to. It's not that I've become vain, or developed some kind of raccoon-like fascination with shiny things. I'm not obsessed with my body (though I wish someone were) and I'm not making sure my remaining hair is in place, just so. I'm trying to catc...
19. there's no place like home
look a little further than your own backyard
general - lifestyle
3.26.01 : feature column!

Standing on my porch, I hear the owl call. Deep and low, his voice rumbles through the dark, still trees. He’s quite close tonight, and I consider calling to him, but a second call echoes from deep within the woods, and I realize that he has someone else altogether on his mind tonight. He calls again from his lofty perch, and my eyes comb the branches for his shadowy silhouette, or the glint of a dark eye, but I find only the flicker of bright little stars shining in the crystal clear night s...
20. wcrp
all crap, all the time.
pop culture - criticism
2.23.01 : feature column!

Radio in Raleigh, in a word, sucks. Unless, of course, you like 24 hours of twangin’ country, metal-head, post-grunge, Metallica-meets-Pearl Jam hard rock, or total 90’s alternawannapop. And as for variety, forget it. In Raleigh, variety means three different songs by Britney Spears. As a result, I swore off the radio in favor of CDs. At home, in the car, wherever I go, I usually have at least a half dozen with me, and since I own several hundred, I get plenty of variety. When it’s not C...
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re: time and a song

Terrific work. Makes me want to write something like this myself.

re: a shadowy business

Seems a little short somehow. I'm not sure where, though.

re: the space between

It's when you share your inner self and your thoughts that I love your work the most.

re: the space between

great topic and structure.

re: the space between

Very nice piece. My only complaint would be that I think the piece would be just as good without dissing air travel. The wonders of the in-between is a great concept without the need to be contrarian.

re: i, spy

Clever, Mr. Striffler, very clever.

re: i, spy

I really enjoyed the light hearted, playful, fun writing ... I laughed and I don't even know these people.

re: i, spy

Hard to relate "spy" to what he's doing on Intrepid Media. Maybe you have to be an insider.

re: i, spy

Why haven't I critiqued this before? Especially when the critique is this easy: It's awesome.

re: bitter, party of two

A well written piece on a timely subject. If only the polticians saw things as you do.

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