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21. a tale of two sidneys
poitier's quiet, classy revolution
film - discussion
10.13.10 : feature column!

Being the first black anything is a lonely job. I saw Sidney Poitier’s freewheeling, all-star, all-black comedy Uptown Saturday Night often as a child. So I was a little confused a few years later, when Poitier was presented to me, catering to a bunch of dizzy white nuns in the film adaptation of Lilies of the Field in my eighth grade English class. He was the only black person in the movie and I was the only black male in my English class, and I actually felt embarrassed for him, and then fo...
22. five easy pieces: 40 years later
a masterpiece about mid-life crisis has, ironically, aged well
film - discussion
9.13.10 : feature column!

Men learn differently than women. We already know that. And they accept responsibility differently as well. It has been said that for every old man, there is a younger man inside him wondering what in the hell happened. The plan is never to grow uncool or old. And even for people like me, who never were cool, or were never even young for that matter (I was shaving in 10th grade, for God's sake), there is always a sense that something was missed, that we better revert to (or unleash) our most sel...
23. pacino, attica & dog day afternoon
one of the greatest scenes in movie history, 35 years later
film - appreciation
8.11.10 : feature column!

This month marks the 35th anniversary of the release of Sidney Lumet’s classic film, Dog Day Afternoon. In 1975, we were nearing the end of a renaissance unrivaled in American film. Hollywood studios – hopelessly out of touch with the American public throughout much of the 1960s – finally collapsed at the end of that decade. This opened the door for a young but talented band of directors, producers and actors to make iconoclastic movies that would change the landscape of cinema throughout the wo...
24. a letter to amina pearl gilmore
talking to my daughter while she can't talk back
general - process
7.14.10 : feature column!

Hello Beautiful, I don't know when you'll read this or be able to, but I wanted to write it because you're on my mind. At the time of this letter, you are a four-pound baby in your mother's stomach and we're so excited to meet you. You've changed my life even before arriving and I hope that never changes, even when I'm tired of your attitude or you think I'm the absolute worst because I won't let you talk to some goofy boy that you like. (More on stupid boys later.) We're praying daily that y...
25. l.a. law
down and out with the boys in blue
general - discussion
6.14.10 : feature column!

1. Being a police officer is not easy. More often than on most jobs, the worst of humanity rears its ugly head and a slight lapse in judgment could be the difference between life and death. I have always believed that the police should be like the military -- shorter terms of service, more frequent re-assignments to different regions of the city, more emphasis on maintaining physical fitness -- as the stress of such a job can easily drive someone insane. And that's not a good...
26. just wright
not just another romantic comedy
film - discussion
5.19.10 : feature column!

Hollywood has been getting the romantic comedy wrong lately. From It Happened One Night all the way to Hitch, it can be, when executed properly, a genuinely entertaining genre. Now, like everything, they just seem to be a means to an end, spelled out in a simple formula: (script that's been floating around Hollywood for years + TV star trying to break into features + hunky action star trying to be a romantic lead) ÷ (original scenarios + witty dialogue ...
27. fearless nba playoff predictions
bold basketball boding, in three sentences each
sports - discussion
4.16.10 : feature column!

Granted, my middle of the pack finishes in both my own NBA Fantasy League -- as well as a friend's March Madness Pick 'Em tournament -- would suggest that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to predicting basketball outcomes. (We won't even mention that my team, the Detroit Pistons, was an abomination unto itself.) Still, to paraphrase Kanye West, I'mma let y'all finish, but my premonitions are the greatest of all time. EASTERN CONFERENCE 1) Cleveland .vs 8) Ch...
28. so many tears
15 years to the week, looking back at tupac's masterpiece, me against the world
music - discussion
3.17.10 : feature column!

If we really are saying rap is an art form, then we got to be true to it and be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you saying, it don't matter that you didn't make them die, it just matters that you didn't save them. TUPAC SHAKUR was in trouble. His childhood and adolescence had been one extreme to another: he was the child of a Black Panther and had their sense of uplifting the black community and distrust of the government. He was also the only son of...
29. soldiers of love
prodigal songstresses corinne bailey rae & sade offer different takes on post-relationship struggles
music - criticism
2.17.10 : feature column!

Corinne Bailey Rae’s accomplished second studio album, The Sea, is not just an album about loss. Although all sad songs don’t have to be sad (see Allen, Lily), the album’s unwillingness to do the expected is remarkable. Since her album was recorded within a two year radius of the sudden death of her husband, saxophonist Jason Rae, and given her previously melancholy leanings, it was easy to imagine this album might be in the vein of Beck’s magnificent, somber (and similarly titled) Sea Change...
30. you ain't no god expert
reflections on an early lesson in glitter and gold
general - lifestyle
1.11.10 : feature column!

Summertime in Los Angeles to the just transplanted 22-year-old: sparkling, translucent, savory. The paradise left me dazed, by random, but magical, run-ins with celebrities; eclectic, yet elegant mansions on famous, winding avenues; the infinite array of exotic, effortlessly attractive women. The difference between visiting Los Angeles and living there, however, amounted to a contrast in empathy: the former allowed you to admire the wealthy, while the latter reminded you of your distance from t...
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re: on meeting adam yauch, who had nothing to lose

Awesome is all I can say about the writing, as well as what is being written about.

re: where do broken hearts go

good supporting details. strong voice.

re: where do broken hearts go

Thoughtful and well-written.

re: where do broken hearts go

Beautiful and all about being nothing but human.

re: requiem for a heavyweight

Though my exposure to rap back in those days was minimal, I at least knew Heavy D by name. Your column makes me want to learn about what I was missing. Love how you added your own personal reminiscences as well, bringing it back down to a level we can all relate to, even if we weren't fans.

re: the year of parenting dangerously

Please keep up the Jasonphilia. Loved reading this.

re: the girl who had everything

A beautiful tribute. To the point.

re: 10 things most don't know about martin luther king

Excellent. To the point, well researched (I assume), not preachy, not dishy. Very well done.

re: a tale of two sidneys

Well written, researched, opinioned. And the added visual aids were excellent.
There are also a bunch of movies I now want to see.

re: pacino, attica & dog day afternoon

a great "close reading" of this pivotal scene

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