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21. what if
imagine that you told the truth...
news - sample
5.23.01 : feature column!

What if you could go back to your senior year of high school and shake things up? How would you do it? Who would you involve? That question doesn’t have to be asked to one young woman graduating from a Georgia high school this year. My niece, Stephanie Barnes, a senior at Stockbridge high school, not only shook up the school with her underground newspaper, she was expelled for it. By letting high schoolers do what they do best—gossip—in a semi-controlled environment, she was asked to leave h...
22. re-ligion
because they haven’t got ligion right yet
pop culture - discussion
4.19.01 : feature column!

Ever wonder if it’s called re-ligion because someone failed to get it right the first time? Sort of like the movie Groundhog Day, but with communion. I was prepared to relinquish my latest article “167 hours in Europe” to Intrepid Media until I had a conversation about religion with a friend. This friend (no, it’s not me, Dr. Freud) is submersed in the goings-on of an evangelical church. Based on our conversation, I want to highlight some of the key points we discussed for mass consumption ...
23. happy revelations day
you can love your locust, but not love your locust
humor - lifestyle
2.14.01 : feature column!

Valentine's Day creates too many unanswered questions for me to participate effectively. As a single person I asked myself things like, “Do I get the person I’ve been dating for two weeks a rose, or is that too soon? If I’ve seen them naked, does this automatically entitle them to a box of chocolate covered cavities or a coupon book for free backrubs? Which rose color means what again? And if they’re allergic to flowers, are silk arrangements better than nothing? What if they’re allergi...
24. i hear dead people
why dying doesn’t mean you can’t win a grammy
music - criticism
1.22.01 : feature column!

As if dead people weren’t busy enough these days, now they’re getting nominated for Grammy Awards. Check the nomination list and you’ll find Celine Dion has resurrected Frank Sinatra for a singalong, while Lauryn Hill unearthed Bob Marley years after his mysterious death for a duet as well. At their most basic level, these recordings should be nominated for what they truly represent: best karaoke performance by an artist, group, or duo. I’m not impressed that anyone can be dubbed over ...
25. oh, i know you aren't talking to me!
conversation phasers locked on stun
humor - criticism
12.18.00 : feature column!

When I went inside the bank to deposit a check, I didn’t expect to withdraw God. Banks are an all-too-familiar scene when someone opts to go inside rather than use the drive-through. You don’t just step inside of a bank; you are transported into a pseudomicrouniverse of greed and confusion accompanied by royal dictators (tellers), misunderstood subjects (those waiting), and long lines for "bread." For me, modern day banks are yesterday’s medieval courts, and I’m strangely attracted to this...
26. dodge intrepid vs. intrepid media
which is getting the better mileage?
humor - general
9.21.00 : feature column!

In September 1999, Intrepid burst onto the scene as the one to beat. With its simplistic approach, graceful styling, and hot design, it began to dominate the competition. At least that is what the makers of the Dodge Intrepid would have us believe about their car. About the same time the Dodge manufacturers were kicking tires and hoping for a decent car buying season, Joe and his many personalities known simply as "staff" were launching Intrepid Media. Why name a writer's site after a ca...
27. i walked through an endless forest
writing - sample

I walked through an endless forest and there I found you. Sitting on a stone configuration of peace and silence, I watched as the sun pierced the canopy of the trees and made its way to your figure. Illuminated in a mesh of reverberated light and blurred majesty I watched as you threw stones into the water below. How could I get close to you, I thought? How could I selfishly pierce this beautiful painting of you amidst all things natural? I fought with myself and discovered a truth. Thi...
28. one nation, underground, invisible
party kids rave against the dying of the light
pop culture - criticism
8.21.00 : feature column!

Not every trip to a rave is in a Volkswagen Bug. Not every party kid wears bright Gap colors, and they certainly don't dance like Jennifer Lopez waiting for tonight. Get real. Raves are typically held in well-known venues, and I have yet to go to one where you need to know the secret knock or handshake. It's all in whom you know, and getting closer to the ones you don't. proof is not always in the celluloid Few raves are worth filming. Hollywood has taken care of that by seizing the mark...
29. a day in the life of a duck on a bike (.com)
enter the world of online radio production
music - process
7.21.00 : feature column!

The following is a journal of the successful Trancyberian Express Internet Radio Show at DuckOnBike.com. Started in May 1999, the show is an online vehicle for local bands to record and archive their performance for worldwide consumption. Engineered by Rob Stark, hosted by Matt Fisher, and listened to by angry Hungarians named Biknac, the Trancyberian Express departs its station on the occasional Sunday night around 9pm. Sunday, July 09, 2000 3:00am We stumbled in from a rather unfulfi...
30. spam doesn't play well with others
the worstest writing on the web explained here
writing - general
5.8.00 : feature column!

A few weeks ago I sat at my computer for one hour deleting unsolicited email. I can’t even cancel my subscriptions to these services for one very important reason—I never subscribed. And that hurts. Spam Is Raping My Inbox I feel dirty. I’m tired. I want it all to be over. And just because I blatantly show off my silky address in public doesn’t mean I deserve to be treated this way. I like to feel sexy, but it’s no excuse for being forced into reading something against my will. My in...
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re: the status is not quo

I would have liked to see it a little longer, a little more detail or examples in your status types, but the tone was good and you struck just the right amount of topicalamity.

re: the status is not quo

Michael, thank you for this clever reminder that we have the choice over hitting "Publish," "Send," and/or "Delete." I really like the term "micro-publishings", the personal examples you give, and, of course, the various types of Statee. At some point, someone is going to catch on to this phenom and research it. Until then, we have your words. Keep writing, Michael. Your audience is eagerly waiting.

re: the status is not quo

It had to be said sooner or later. Thanks.

re: the impossible task of answering a wrong question

The unexamined life etc and so forth.

re: decoding destiny: part two


re: decoding destiny

Good for you!

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Hilarious, and a great read that anyone with their head screwed on the way yours and mine are would agree with and relate to.

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Incredibly thought-provoking format and ideas, as usual. I haven't been able to be around IM much, but this is why I love it. --Gonz (anonymity is over-rated!)

re: 10 things i don’t understand

At some level and at some time we're all confused.

re: tell me something


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