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21. harry potter and the state of anticipation
hyping the craft and crafting the hype
pop culture - appreciation
6.25.03 : feature column!

It took my thirteen-year-old daughter Kate less than 48 hours to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Considering that this book weighs almost as much as she does, I was pretty impressed. But not a bit surprised. It's not news that children all over the world have been eagerly anticipating J.K. Rowling's latest installment in the Harry Potter saga. The hype surrounding the publication of this book has been almost overwhelming, and has been no less carefully crafted than the books t...
22. there goes the neighborhood
remembering a good man
pop culture - appreciation
2.28.03 : feature column!

Mr. Rogers is gone. On February 27, 2003, the sweater and sneakers were forever retired when Fred Rogers passed away after a brief struggle with stomach cancer. He left this world with the same quiet dignity that he brought to it with his long-running children's show -- no fuss, no drama, no hoopla. He was an island of calm in a sea of fast-paced children's entertainment. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood debuted when I was a toddler, and I grew up watching him change his sneakers, feed the fish an...
23. one woman's plight
or, we're here for you. please take a number.
general - criticism

We hear a lot of talk these days about "putting kids first." This is a currently popular nugget for politicians. We also hear it from school administrators, child protection service agencies, church leaders - people to whom the welfare of the children SHOULD be a priority. I received this letter from my younger sister over the weekend. I am reprinting it in its entirety with her permission. Her plight is not a singular one. ---------------- "On September 27, 2002, after a painstaking two year ...
24. oh, baby!
what you don't expect when you're expecting
general - lifestyle

For Russ & Kathy, and anyone else embarking on this new adventure. Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Whether you were planning to or not, there it is. You’ve done it. You have begun a journey that will take you places you’ve never been before. Some of those places you wouldn’t even consider visiting. I’m in the been-there-done-that group. Like everyone else who has had a baby, I consider it my duty to help prepare you for this life-altering event. Welcome to parenthood. Welcome to the...
25. lost and found
toads, popsicles and the boy next door
writing - sample

I was completely bored online yesterday afternoon, and on a whim, I started punching names into an Internet search engine. I was delighted when one of the names, that of a long-lost childhood friend, yielded results. This long-lost friend is one I haven't talked to in nearly twenty years. As soon as the search engine came up with a valid e-mail address for his name, I dropped him a line and then sat in front of my computer monitor, completely immersed in old memories. Now, mind you, this boy an...
26. food for thought
general - lifestyle

When I was a child, I used to fantasize that I would grow up and marry the man of my dreams, and we would eat gourmet meals by candlelight every evening, as we discussed politics and museum openings. Soft music would play in the background. I imagined that I would cook glorious meals with unpronounceable names, and use exotic ingredients like capers, artichoke hearts and kumquats. We would live in a world of epicurean bliss together. I had nothing to base most of this fantasy on. My childhood h...
27. hollow woman
a suburban mom develops an unexpected superpower
humor - lifestyle

When I woke up, it didn't seem like today was going to be extraordinary in any way. I drank a cup of coffee, read the paper, fed the cats. The cats ignored me in favor of a bowl of Purina Cat Chow, but there's nothing abnormal about that. I showered and dressed, then listened as my daughter stumbled into the kitchen, where she ignored me in favor of a bowl of Froot Loops. Nothing unusual there, either. I left my preteen in the tender loving care of the Animal Planet channel and ran out to d...
28. when i was 15, moby was a dick
does getting older mean turning the volume down?
music - appreciation
8.14.00 : feature column!

Getting old sucks. I can accept getting older. My years don’t bother me. Once you hit double digits, you pretty much figure that the number is only going to get bigger anyway. Nor am I terribly concerned about aging physically. As a fairly small adult person, I looked forward to the grey hair and wrinkles that would offset my size and lend me a more mature appearance. Thirty-five years of living has given me experience and polish, and I can be taken out in public without fear of embarr...
29. mother nature
summer end in suburbia
humor - lifestyle

It’s August in the sleepy little town of Suburbia Grande, and the sounds of late summer abound. Cicadas chirp flirtatiously in the shrubbery, hoping to secure mates for their seven-year sojourn underground. Bees buzz over the fading flowers, stockpiling nectar for their autumn honey deadline. Birds and bullfrogs argue over delicious mosquito tidbits. And if you listen very closely, you can hear the soft yahoo of the Mommus suburbanus, quietly rejoicing that her young will soon be returning t...


re: jewelry-making with jiminy cricket

Very enlightening.

re: vegging out

i liked the approach. not preachy or overly pretty.

re: life goes on

Juli, That is the best tribute you could give to your mother. Very touching and really moved me. Makes me want to call my mother..Thx

re: vegging out

It's always good to get reinforcement from (more or less) "normal" people!

re: let go

I find the last stanza just a touch confusing in the construction in the 2nd and 4th stanza you maintain a ABACAD format while in the last you goto an ABACAE...of course there is no set rule in poetry that says you cannot do this and the format is a bit reminicent of Shakespere. Overall well done love.

re: empty boy

I really like this one. You've captured a moment and yet something that goes beyond a moment as well. The only critisim I can give you is I think you could have physically structured the poem to give it a greater depth.

re: shuffling through time and space

This is beautiful. Insightful. Moving.

re: men are losers

We still only earn seventy-five cents for every dollar they earn.

re: men are losers

Huzzah for Juli, you are most certainly a "virtuoso of life"

re: men are losers

GREAT job, and not just because I was sympathetic to the content.

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