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21. you and your heart
lessons to learn in love
pop culture - lifestyle
10.22.10 : feature column!

“This is how it works. You’re young until you’re not. You love until you don’t. You try until you can’t. You laugh until you cry. You cry until you laugh. And everyone must breathe until their dying breath.” --Regina Spektor “Women love Jack Johnson’s music.” I didn’t say it, but a guy I know did, and when I took a moment to reflect that it shouldn’t hurt my feelings to be lumped in with other women (there are SOME cool women out there I don’t mind being lumped in with, but we all k...
22. pascal's wager
a geek chick takes on cynicism
general - lifestyle
9.27.10 : feature column!

There is a phenomenon known as the Gambler's Fallacy, and it occurs when a person who is gambling in one form or another - and losing - chooses to believe that he is "due a win", based on the idea that luck would develop a bias the other way, to compensate. The Gambler's Fallacy is often relied upon in accordance with a variation of the Law of Small Numbers – mistakenly assuming that a small sample of actions or examples is indicative of or accurately reflects the proportion with which any give...
23. eating, praying and loving
when you're not made of money
general - lifestyle
8.25.10 : feature column!

It’s almost as if the recession ended and no one told me (or gave me a raise). For some, spending a fortune on taking a vacation is the point rather than a means to an end (the experience). It’s just another form of elitism. Even in these economic times, I read in a Gallup poll done in May of this year, Americans report that they are expecting to vacation less this year, but intend to spend more on transportation and other holiday and leisure costs. I read an article retweeted from both Trace...
24. how would you live
if you knew you were dying?
pop culture - discussion
7.26.10 : feature column!

Recently, a bit of gossip found its way to my ear: I overheard on a flight that Michael C. Hall (of Dexter and Six Feet Under fame) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’ve been a huge fan of both shows from the moment I started watching and I think he’s a brilliant actor, so I was shocked and saddened to hear that he was afflicted with what – to my understanding – is rarely a survivable form of cancer. I have since learned that he actually had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and has already undergone t...
25. giving good...habit
and other reasons to smile
general - lifestyle
6.23.10 : feature column!

A habit is any action that we have performed so often that it becomes an almost involuntary response. For years, I was a smoker. From the time I thought it was cool at 14 until the time I started dating a guy who refused to date smokers – about ten years – I fluctuated between five and twenty cigarettes a day. It wasn’t that I loved smoking; it was an instinctive response to light up when I finished a meal or when I got in the car. It was merely a habit, and one I wasn’t planning to change (u...
26. i don't know what's wrong with me
but i bet it's hard to pronounce
general - lifestyle
5.24.10 : feature column!

I took off from the airport on an evening not long ago knowing something was wrong. Oh, nothing was wrong with the plane, it was a beautiful lift off and gentle bank over the baseball game currently in progress below. I had just felt something deep in my heart hurt, and I didn't know what it was. After the first tear dropped down my cheek, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the deluge started. All through boarding I cried, without shame or caring that my fellow passengers were all passin...
27. call of the wild
a true tale of miss adventure
humor - lifestyle
4.19.10 : feature column!

My birthday fell on a Thursday in 2006, which meant I was still a nanny for the girls, Zae and Ava. I woke up around ten in the morning, which is pretty normal and arrived at their house at my usual hour, just a few minutes late (which is essentially on time, for me). Because I was running late, their mum and my friend Marnie was running late and had to run out the door without our normal morning chat, just quick instructions for dinner and a request: “Don’t move or turn over that bowl!” Turning...
28. how to be happy
a simple quest with humble results
pop culture - lifestyle
3.22.10 : feature column!

I took six months off from work to figure out why I was so unhappy, even though life appeared to be going well. I was making money, I was finished with a relationship that was unhealthy for me, I was busy and had many friends…why would I be unhappy? So I, after some great advice came from many different quarters, I took some time for me and I went to India. During my tour of India I had many amazing experiences, but I have to say the moments that stick with me the most are four conversation...
29. bad romance
does relationship imbalance actually exist?
pop culture - lifestyle
2.22.10 : feature column!

It seems that in any relationship, one person always feels more strongly than the other does. “I love you.” “I love you more.” “No, I love YOU more!” etcetera, ad nauseum. I’ve heard it from many friends regarding their romantic connections, I’ve seen it in marriages observed since childhood and I’ve experienced it firsthand. However, even as we suggest that this is how it *seems*, we have to admit that such a claim is purely a subjective perspective. How does one measure love? How do ...
30. it's never too early to get started
the rest of my life starts today
general - lifestyle
1.13.10 : feature column!

I made a Life List. I'm still not entirely certain what sparked the desire to list all of the things I'd like to do before I die. I saw The Bucket List. I read GQ's "75 Things Every Man Should Do" (I know I'm a girl, but why should guys get all the fun!?). Online, I randomly wandered across awesome lists of things that awesome people do and thought to myself "I'd like to do those one day". The thought that immediately followed was: why wait? Why wait until I think I'm going to die? Why ...
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re: it may be petty

Just excellent.

re: trust your own judgment

I really liked that. Good luck on the next 4 years.

re: dating is different these days

Good luck!

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

Writing about the economy is hard. You nailed it.

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.


re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

You hit this out of the park. It's timely and accessible. Most of all, sharply spot-on.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

That was really good. Probably the best thing you've written (at least that I've read).

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

Flipping brilliant. I don't think anyone else could have written this.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

You really nailed it...that is why we all do..IT !!!we all need the fantasy...so don't blame those married guys too much..their wives are doing it ...too !!(smile)

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

I don't like Real Life on its own either. Nicely done!

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