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21. no need for more sex (in my city)
why i won't be going gaga over carrie & company
film - criticism
4.21.10 : feature column!

Seven years ago, I was a devoted fan of "Sex & the City." Having read Candace Bushnell's wholly unsentimental, harshly truthful depiction of sex in New York, I followed the HBO series with gusto. At the age of twenty-seven and completely green in New York, I bit into the myth. I oohed and ahhed over spiky heeled-stilettos I couldn't possibly afford while taking quizzes to figure which of the girls I was like (Miranda). I tried to create as much time as I could for girlfriends I really didn't l...
22. a dose of post-oscar shock from the jock
of howard stern, gabourey sidibe, and the ultimate fat crack
pop culture - general
3.15.10 : feature column!

To hear Gabourey Sidibe's name is to connect with a current Cinderella story. Anyone familiar with the critical success of the recent film Precious can't help but feel impressed at the formerly unknown Sidibe's first-ever movie performance resulting in a Best Actress Academy Award nomination. That is, anyone except Howard Stern. The shock jock lambasted Sidibe's physical size on his satellite show, saying: "There's the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone'...
23. make me beautiful
how to really put heidi montag together
pop culture - criticism
2.10.10 : feature column!

"Make me beautiful.... Make me........ Perfect soul Perfect mind Perfect face A perfect life..." -"A Perfect Lie," The Engine Room I blame "The Hills." MTV's long-running, LA-centric reality sitcom has always been a place where really bad art reflects fairly shallow life. With a cast full of the bored, young, and idly rich all determined to brand themselves on the basis of questionable "talent" (thereby extending their pop culture expiration dates), it is a natural vehicle for anyone who has ev...
24. memoirs of a sober addict
a cautionary cocaine tale
general - lifestyle
1.18.10 : feature column!

White lines. Colombian marching powder. Nose candy. Devil dust. Blow. You've heard all the names for it, the whole reason why Tony Montana was cranked enough to tell people to say hello to his little friend. Just about everywhere, there's a cocaine culture. In New York, you really got to know it. But you weren't originally introduced to it in the Big Apple; a few years ago overseas, you remember your first line. Even now, you can still picture it perfectly cut from the ID card with the currenc...
25. how to handle your tiger
words of wisdom for elin nordegren
news - lifestyle
12.16.09 : feature column!

Dear Mrs. Woods, I'm jealous of you. In this celebrity-fueled world where all one presumably needs are your blonde looks, Sports Illustrated bikini body, and an eternal college-girl-next-door vibe, you have it all. And, because I am prone to mocking thin women whose physiques reflect a better discipline towards goat cheese than mine does, I admit that I've written physically beautiful girls like you off as airheads with dumb luck. But, given what your husband has been up to lately, I take my...
26. will chris brown 'crawl' away?
advice for the troubled entertainer
music - discussion
11.18.09 : feature column!

"Everyone sees it's you. I'm the one who lost the view. Everybody says we're through. I hope you haven't said it too." -Chris Brown, "Crawl" Chris Brown is singing a new song. Specifically, that tune is "Crawl." Coming out with his new CD "Graffiti" in December, the woebegone single of love clearly lost showcases Brown stepping back into his Boy Next Door shoes with almost innocent wistfulness. In turn, my skin is crawling. Though the holiday season is approaching, I haven't forgotten how...
27. rock on, robin
the top chef: las vegas cheftestant shares a few of her own personal ingredients
television - discussion
10.19.09 : feature column!

Fans and viewers of Bravo's "Top Chef: Las Vegas", take note: Chef Robin Leventhal is a survivor. Currently competing in the hit show's sixth season, the feisty cheftestant has become one of the top eight contenders for the "Top Chef" title. In addition to impressing culinary star Michelle Bernstein and showing a younger generation of peers that she's no old lady to underestimate at 43, she has also squared off against two types of lymphoma— and won. As "Top Chef: Las Vegas" prepares to a...
28. full-frontal in the first row
a night with puppetry
humor - discussion
9.16.09 : feature column!

One of my favorite friends in New York is John. A congenial foodie that can drink anyone under the table while still retaining good manners, John is always great to be around. No topic is off-limits in his company. Fancy-schmancy four-course dinners are never safe, either. Pork dishes, vodka, and good humor aside, John is also one of my most cultured friends, especially when it comes to Broadway shows and productions. Through him, I've become a bigger fan of theater productions; over the last ...
29. you could be sookie, or lafayette
the astrological guide to true blood's season 2
humor - general
8.17.09 : feature column!

Face it. You're a "True Blood" junkie. You want a Fangtasia T-shirt. You've taken a dive into Charlaine Harris's writing, even though you don't actually read. What you really want to know is if the new Tru-Blood drink will be worth serving at your viewing parties. Especially with vodka. Plenty of vodka. But, what really makes you a "True Blood" devotee is how well you know the crazy little backwater that is Bon Temps. You've already picked which vampire you'd like relations and a bite mark fro...
30. searching for positivity
my struggle for a better, kinder, and less bitchy me
writing - lifestyle
7.15.09 : feature column!

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with my boss. She had just returned from receiving cancer treatment in Germany for several tumors and a Stage Four condition; her prognosis, as of now, is positive. She is optimistic about her chances for continued survival. Not surprisingly, my boss had changed from the presence of cancer. Gone was the slightly vulgar, suspicious personality who didn't look too favorably on gay marriage or Islam. In her place was someone grateful to be alive, who cherished her fri...
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re: does this make me a mistress?

Very well written. And insightful.

re: oh oh, here they come

This is so raw and genuine, it's fantastic.

re: as long as it isn't babysitting

A subject many of us thirty-something women can relate to, and it's a fantastic feeling to know that we're not alone or weird for having such thoughts and leanings. Great piece!

re: life sans an iphone

This is excellent. Paced well and makes some great points along the way.

re: life sans an iphone

Strong voice. Really captures all the emotions around being an iphone user, and the silly snobbery, too.

re: life sans an iphone

A genuinely different perspective, written from experience and individual opinion. I like that!

re: how do i mourn a villain?

Raw and real.

re: how do i mourn a villain?

There is no sin in ambivalence with people like your aunt. I had an aunt who was very nearly just like her.

re: the unsuperior chinese mother

Nice connection between your own experience and the book as an entry point to the larger story.

re: the passion of the mel

Nice way to criticize someone who has proven to be not so nice.

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