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31. the late shaft
talk shows battle like it's 1993
television - business
2.1.10 : feature column!

When people approach me in the local supermarket or at the Jazz Dance studio and ask me how I got to be so damn funny, I usually have three answers: 1. Screwball Teen Comedies 2. Gatorade 3. David Letterman Then I chastise my entourage for letting the general public wander into the Joe Zone. Beyond the obvious implications of the rule-of-threes and non-sequiturs in that list, my answer has a lot to do with upbringing. I was exposed to funny at an impressionable age. I was a little kid during...
32. health reasons
we're all calling in stressed
pop culture - lifestyle
1.1.10 : feature column!

On the day after Christmas, Urban Meyer took the most coveted job in college football, or for that matter, academia, and one at which he had done better than any other coach at any other school in the top echelon of the top tier in college sports, and, remarkably, shoved it. For health reasons. Within minutes, symptoms began flying around the sports media universe like alternative uses for a golf club. "Chest pains" remains right there at the top, and any man who has reached a certain age will...
33. less is the new more
your guide to getting rich in the 2010
pop culture - lifestyle
12.2.09 : feature column!

A year ago to the day I sat down amidst the rubble of the new economy and penned a little piece on getting rich. If you followed my advice, and are now swimming in unconverted rubles and aluminum futures, kudos to you. In hindsight, I'll admit it probably wasn't as easy as I had laid out, what with the market panic in ball-bearings and having to placate the Yakuza at every turn. Plus the astronomical unemployment. So in an attempt to make sure everyone can ride the gravy train to candyland, I...
34. parent of the year
on further review, the lack of personal space on the planet is somewhat shocking
pop culture - criticism
11.2.09 : feature column!

Disney does it right. If you're at a certain age and have produced a certain number of offspring, this is a phrase you'll hear over and over again from friends, and acquaintances. What's more is you will eventually utter it yourself. Trust me on this one. No one has fought the idiosyncratic sport-shirt, beer-gut, lawn-care, SUV-point-and-drive, Baby-Bjorn, organic-cruelty-free-strained-peas model of parenting harder than me. I'm like Don Quixote in a Van Halen (Roth) T-shirt, still berating wh...
35. the in(tellectual) crowd
intrepid media's latest book is a group effort
writing - business
10.2.09 : feature column!

Great Things Will Happen Today! It's out. It's done. Stick a fork in it. Now I can take a day off and start working on IM2009, which I SWEAR will be out in February. WHOO-DOG! Anyway, I'll get to the book in a minute. I hate jumping in front of the shark. Call it trendsetting, call it prescient, call it jamming your finger in the earhole that is the cultural pulse, and here's where I shoot my stupid mouth off, but I'm constantly ahead of the curve with Intrepid Media. Even though this sounds l...
36. intrepid x
state of the site
writing - general
9.2.09 : feature column!

If you had told me 10-and-a-half years ago that I'd be kicking off the Intrepid Media 10-year anniversary column by talking about the book we're releasing this month, I would have asked; "What the hell is Intrepid Media? Do you mean JoesBigWorldWideHappyFunPage.com?" Indeed, we are releasing a book. And it'll be on Amazon. And it's the second release in two years. And we've got four or five more in the hopper. And freaking Julianelle is doing one. And all of this is taking place under an exclu...
37. spies like us
remembering a great magazine
writing - appreciation
8.3.09 : feature column!

I had completely forgotten about the existence of Spy magazine until I saw the coffee table retrospective Spy: The Funny Years for sale at Borders. And to add insult to injury, I hadn't even seen the book until it was in the bargain bin. This was awesome, because I picked it up for $2.99, but it was also immediately sad because it was like accidentally seeing one of your rock star heroes headline the lounge at the Hilton.Might as well get drunk, stand up front, and sing along. Who knows you in ...
38. riaa 2 you 0
it's all vanilla ice's fault
music - business
7.1.09 : feature column!

Yes, I am going to rail on this again. Yes, there are more important, globally-impacting events going on in our world. Yes, Iran is the new Iraq, the economy is in the tank, and even so, Michael Jackson probably should have been the topic of this column. Or Billy Mays. But dammit, we still find ourselves mired in a bizarro universe in which record companies are hell bent on suing their customers as a primary marketing strategy (the secondary strategy being placing hit singles in Burger King c...
39. lulu partners with intrepid media
this is what intrepid media is built for
news - general
6.9.09 : feature column!

World Domination! Maybe that's a little too much. Massive outright dominance of the secondary publishing market? You bet! Celebrate with me. Today marks the official launch of the partnership between Intrepid Media and Lulu. Help us welcome them by going to lulu.intrepidmedia.com and registering with them. Then, if you have it in you, write a blockbuster novel or a hands-on guide to getting rich or your memoirs and then publish it and sell a million copies. It won't cost you a thing. This is...
40. bang! you're a dork
the slippery slope of social gaming
pop culture - lifestyle
5.1.09 : feature column!

Let me start out by making it very clear that this is not a column about video games, or computer games, or strategy games, or games which require graph paper and a pointy hat. You do not have to be a geek to participate, in fact, it’s not even going to help. I’m talking to you, Joe Six Pack and Susie Snuggie, the normal everyday people who maybe have a Facebook account and an iPhone. At some point in the next two weeks to six months, you’re going to find out something dark and ugly about one ...
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re: wait! don't next me girl

Thank you for your courage in testing this. I never thought if trying it, and now I know not to, thanks to this awesomely written, hilarious piece.

re: burn this office to the ground

Awe-some. Again, Awe-some. Great writing, spot-on observations, and fuck Nellie.

re: why i broke up with netflix

Well stated and entertaining.

re: risk

Read this on a right moment where I needed to remind myself about risk. Absolutely enjoyed it.

re: end it

A piece that echoes truth and class.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

When there is a discussion about films,I can't remain silent or indifferent,this is my favorite field of study.As for the oscar winning films,I agree,they are not always attracting my attention,but this time if I was among the jury members,I would vote definitely for 'Black Swan'.This film has impressed me so strongly that I'm about writing an article about the 'Perfection Syndrome',inspired essencially by this movie.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

Funny and timely. Takes a lot of the pomp out of a normally pompous process and winks at the fact that the real Oscar voting process itself is highly subjective. Who can really say that one film or performance is better than another?

re: fake vegas

Real Vegas doesn't have Lucy the Elephant.
Very nice column, nonetheless. Keeping in mind that AC caters basically to those who can't afford to travel to Vegas, but still want to lose what money they do have.
And Vegas doesn't have the Monopoly board designed around it.

re: intrepid media turns 11

nice one. Like the "11" logo

re: wanted: chick

yes yes, this is great.

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