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31. me almighty
today, i play god.
humor - lifestyle
6.19.03 : feature column!

Last weekend, I hauled myself out to the cinemas for the latest Jim Carrey romp. I waited in line to pay $9.50 to get in, blew another $20 on concession stand food, settled into a sticky theatre chair that's best kept in the dark and turned my attention to Bruce Almighty. I expected little to nothing from the experience. But you know what? It didn't suck. I even laughed a number of times. Of course, this small detail will not stop me from writing here what I could do better if I got a swin...
32. i wanna be barbie!
if you don't look fantastic, go plastic
pop culture - criticism
5.26.03 : feature column!

As I browse the racks of bikinis in front of me, I take in each teenier-than-the-last selection. Damn, I think to myself, I really shouldn't have had that second piece of pizza for lunch. It is officially bathing suit season. Blegh. And I live in southern California, home to many perfect bodies. Tanned, toned and fantastic. And, quite possibly, plastic. But fake or no fake, I've got to sit next to them on the beach. My stomach feels sick at the very thought. I think that second piece o...
33. sand in seedy places
the beauty of spring break
pop culture - general
4.11.03 : feature column!

Ahh, yes, spring is finally upon us. And with the sunshine, chirping birds, and blooming flowers comes the half-naked, drunken, screaming college kid. Every March and April brings the revered tradition that many a college student partakes in; the college Spring Break. They pack up their teeniest swimsuit, grab a handful of cash and their overly-abused credit card and jet set to one of the occasion’s hotspots. Whether it be Cancun, Key West, South Padre Island or Mazatlan, the outcome is the s...
34. call me mary sunshine
lookin' for a little good news
news - discussion
3.28.03 : feature column!

If I weren’t such a damn optimist, I’d be one depressed lady these days. I tell ya, I might be sitting here right now with a pink lady Bic in one hand, while composing a suicide letter with the other: “To whom it may concern, I know your lives will be desperately void without me, but do try to go on…” No, luckily for you, I have a very sunny disposition, not to mention enough spite to never make it that easy on those who don’t love and adore having me around. But just take a glance at the worl...
35. let's hear it for the girls
sex and the female mind revealed!
general - discussion
2.19.03 : feature column!

Today, I’m going to let the feminist in me run wild. Yep, just let her out there, screaming like a madwoman and burning her bra if she likes. Today, I’m going to reiterate for you how really damn cool women are. And if you don’t like it, you can just take that “Y” chromosome and shove it where the sun don't shine! Because we’re talking about the mothers of our children, the women behind the men, the sisters to your brothers. And perhaps most importantly, sisters to each other. And haven't we co...
36. kiss my karma!
your not-so-celestial guide to 2003
general - lifestyle
1.17.03 : feature column!

A New Year is upon us. And with each passing year comes a spirit of anew. This gleaming hope, this air of anticipation for what lies ahead, and the promise to yourself that this year… “This year’s gonna be different.” So after the New Year’s Eve hangover faded away (approximately January 6th), I took stock and began to plan the year ahead. No, I didn’t write some silly list of resolutions I have no intention of upholding. As any logical person would do at this pivotal time, I reached for ...
37. i do.
wait. what was the question?
general - lifestyle
11.25.02 : feature column!

Before I tell you my tale, I will answer for you now the question you will inevitably hold by the time you reach it's conclusion. Yes, I am out of my mind, off my rocker, a bit nutso. But personally, I prefer the term "eccentric." And with that... "You are cordially invited to one fantasmabulous Vegas wedding…" A few months ago while having poolside cocktails, my best friend (we’ll call him “Trey”… everyone else does) and I lightly joked of getting married in Vegas. And somehow, as time an...
38. the road not taken
man, did i luck out
general - career
10.11.02 : feature column!

It's no big secret. I don't particularly love my job. Now I don't particularly hate it either. It's best described with a complete and utter lack of emotion. Which, of course, is an inhibiting factor of me whisking away anyone at the office with my captivating work ethic and infectious dedication to the tasks at hand. No, most days I'm too busy daydreaming about all of the good and true things I'll do one day and what steps I can take now to ensure I get there. And if you're like me, not to m...
39. welcome to la la land
check reality at the door
general - lifestyle

There is a reason they call it “La La Land.” My first five months living in Los Angeles declares it so. This is a place where too much is never enough. Where beautiful people live apparently beautiful lives. Fine, maybe “those aren’t real” (if I were a bettin’ man, I’d go with “no”), and maybe under it all she's clinically depressed and borderline psychotic. But she wears it well and that Prada bag is just to die for. It’s the home of high-dollar, high-fashion, and high people. The sun-dr...
40. a writer's plight
keep on, keepin' on
writing - general

It began in grade school. Once I learned how to form words with those magical letters all the way down to "Hellamenopee," I began writing it down. There were short ditties, my stint with haiku, and a play or two, which I so graciously bestowed upon the neighborhood children. “Listen here, Jason, you are the good luck fairy and you’re gonna wear this tutu for MY show or I’m gonna shove my foot up your…” Ahh, the venerable passion of a struggling young artist. Yes, I vividly remember my firs...
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re: constant craving


re: constant craving

you are SO perfect, and I love this column. sweet, satisfying and with no lasting ill effects. other than the fact that I, too, want a fucking cookie.

re: who moved my chi?

Concepts I really hadn't thought to think about. Thanks.

re: a diamond in the rough

Beautiful and poignant.

re: a diamond in the rough

Thats a great column.

re: love at first write


re: the heathers

Appropriately dramatic, poetic and just an itsey bitsy bit cute!

re: stage beauty

A lovely homage to the theatre.

re: stage beauty

Good read.

re: the haunting hours

I don't watch them either.

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