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31. one degree from the pope and liza minelli
proof anyone can be a muse for an intrepid article
writing - general
4.10.00 : feature column!

The important thing here to remember is that trying to articulate stories about the Pope and Liza Minelli within the same article is not easy. But, you're in luck. I have uncovered the elusive link between these two—and it's not through the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Over the years, these two well-known celebrity hams have become the subjects of my favorite conversations. I will refrain from very applicable "you had to be there," but you'll wish you were, and that's good enough for me. ...
32. the miswebification of michael driscoll
enough of the webspeak! can't we all just handshake and stream?
writing - process
3.7.00 : feature column!

While high tech stocks begin to flatten, and Earl the poo farmer puts the finishing touches on his e-commerce site at eFertilizer.com (yes, someone has secured that domain name), I find that everyone is talking the talk that leaves me speechless. High tech speak, techno talk, cyber language, no matter what you call it, as a society we’re not in Kansas anymore, and even Toto has a flash animated homepage. And if you once thought the overriding challenge of the Internet was to locate somethin...
33. www (web writing woes)
the web writer is an entirely different animal
writing - improvement
1.1.00 : feature column!

At what point does a print writer become a writer for the Web? I suppose it's when the writer publishes words on a Web site, but if we agree to use that definition most of us are Web writers. Is it really that easy? Follow this white rabbit, Alice, and let me untangle a part of the Web for you. There are just as many resources about writing for the Web hidden on the Internet as there are writing "experts" circling the globe with slide show presentations trying to convince you their online ...
34. silent night, holy crap!
merry birthday to me
humor - general
12.1.99 : feature column!

Am I jaded? Christmas is on my birthday (not the other way around) and every year I get at least a few gifts marked "Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas," or the eye bleeding "Merry Birthday." Merry Birthday? Who thought up that jewel of a greeting? The second worst birthday on my record was the year all of my presents were wrapped in Christmas paper, a passive attempt by friends and family to not acknowledge my special day. Yes, I think I've won the ‘Who Want's to be a Jaded SOB?" jackpot...
35. you are diseased
maybe it should be bananna
writing - improvement
11.1.99 : feature column!

We’ve all experienced it. We know exactly what it is when someone talks about it, but we still don’t know how to cure it. It sneaks up on a writer, and can even make us question how little we know and how soon we forget. So what is this terrible disease that has reached the pandemic stage? It’s a glitch in the neural processing unit of the brain called “spellus incorrectus mystification.” You didn’t know you had that process now did you? You are diseased. Welcome! More clearly, spel...


re: the status is not quo

I would have liked to see it a little longer, a little more detail or examples in your status types, but the tone was good and you struck just the right amount of topicalamity.

re: the status is not quo

Michael, thank you for this clever reminder that we have the choice over hitting "Publish," "Send," and/or "Delete." I really like the term "micro-publishings", the personal examples you give, and, of course, the various types of Statee. At some point, someone is going to catch on to this phenom and research it. Until then, we have your words. Keep writing, Michael. Your audience is eagerly waiting.

re: the status is not quo

It had to be said sooner or later. Thanks.

re: the impossible task of answering a wrong question

The unexamined life etc and so forth.

re: decoding destiny: part two


re: decoding destiny

Good for you!

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Hilarious, and a great read that anyone with their head screwed on the way yours and mine are would agree with and relate to.

re: 10 things i don’t understand

Incredibly thought-provoking format and ideas, as usual. I haven't been able to be around IM much, but this is why I love it. --Gonz (anonymity is over-rated!)

re: 10 things i don’t understand

At some level and at some time we're all confused.

re: tell me something


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