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31. it's a question of pride
weighing in on gay love, marriage, and california
news - criticism
6.15.09 : feature column!

The average New York City cop hanging out in Queens is a straight, simple man. He's all right with an action movie, doesn't drink anything more sophisticated than a domestic bottled beer, and is perfectly fine to just hang in with the wife, kids, or girlfriend with an easy pasta and chicken dinner. Catch him out with his buddies, and he'll probably put on a couple exaggerated airs over how he would never do anything totally gay, like karaoke sessions or salsa-dancing lessons. But, ask him whic...
32. all about my mother(s)
13 moms with meditations i've come to love and understand
humor - appreciation
5.15.09 : feature column!

May is, as we all know, the Month of Mom. Aside from her birthday, Mother's Day is that time of the month my mom expects us to celebrate her; to neglect her is The Wrath of Khan personified in tiny little Asian lady form. Trust me, it's more terrifying. However, Mother's Day isn't just a question of my mom. I am who I am courtesy of all my mothers. They remind me of what they've passed my way— and, in a few cases, what I learned about them from other family connections that I'm still not su...
33. it all comes down to a god of carnage
how broadway's comedy of manners soars... without any manners
pop culture - discussion
4.13.09 : feature column!

Inside every polite social gathering is a playground brawl capable of exploding. Especially if it involves James Gandolfini. French writer Yasmina Reza would never have known that the former "Sopranos" icon would be cast in the New York production of her play when it was first performed at Zurich in 2006. But, with her depiction of people able to disregard their self-perceptions of genteel civility at the drop of a dime, she certainly knew "God of Carnage" would push more than a few buttons. ...
34. burning questions with stefan richter
top chef's runner-up dishes about the show, eric ripert, and what's sexy to have for dinner
television - discussion
3.16.09 : feature column!

In Bravo's "Top Chef" universe, Stefan Richter stands out as a bad, bad man. During the show's recent fifth season, the Finnish native left a distinct love-him-or-hate-him impression with his focused, unapologetic demeanor. But, aside from inspiring fear amongst his competitors, Richter also provided lively comic relief with his European cohort Fabio Viviani. And, when it came down to the food, he consistently impressed "Top Chef" judges and won the most Quickfire and Elimination challenges...
35. who's your daddy, $ugar baddie?
exploring the finan¢ial lines in sugar dating
general - lifestyle
2.20.09 : feature column!

I hate Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County." In general, I shouldn't watch it because every time I do, I feel a stabbing sense of hatred towards perma-tanned, older women with obnoxious boob jobs. Jealousy is not a good thing to nurture in my television-watching habits. But, I can't seem to avoid watching rich reality-show train wrecks, especially of the May-December variety. This season's "Orange County" cast includes Gretchen and her fiancé Jeff. Gretchen is cute, 30, and blonde. J...
36. memoirs of an anti-geisha, part ii
recalling the latter half of latex times
writing - lifestyle
1.16.09 : feature column!

Time passes. The season changes from autumn to winter. You spend time both at the dungeon and your Daisy Duke gig, a schedule that leaves you with only one day off during the week. However, you write off your exhaustion; you disregard your body's pleas for more than three-hour intervals of sleep. You still remember that rush, the adrenaline that shot through your veins after your first successful session. Yvette books more appointments with you, and Aphrodite is pleased to see that he likes you...
37. dear santa, let's talk. again.
another visit to the north pole fatty with a whole new list
humor - lifestyle
12.15.08 : feature column!

HEY. Santa. Yeah, it's me again. The same demanding complainer from last year. I can tell you're looking around for an escape route, but too bad. You're stuck. C'mon. Don't look so frightened. I'm actually not here to be a complete pain in the ass. After all, you DID listen to me on the more important bits from last year's Christmas list. My friend Paul* is living with AIDS surprisingly well. My parents are holding up nicely. And, you even gave me a boy to date over the summer. (Granted, he ...
38. the good, the bling, and the ugly
gawking at the real housewives of atlanta
television - criticism
11.14.08 : feature column!

At this precise moment in time, I'm bitter. I'm annoyed that I'm not black, married to a celebrity athlete, divorcing a celebrity athlete, or just plain subsidized by some anonymous figure who calls himself Big Poppa. I'm likewise pissed off that I don't have a lifestyle that involves a 15,000-square foot house, a thousand pairs of designer shoes, or the ability to mooch a $68,000 gas-guzzling Cadillac Escalade that could hog a lane and a half. And, I would love to have a big fat box full of Chr...
39. do i have to have faith?
according to bill maher, it's religulous
film - discussion
10.13.08 : feature column!

Faith is a tricky thing. No rational thought is involved, and I'm obliged to suspend my logical abilities while unconditionally accepting anything without tangible proof. As a Catholic, that basically means anything. I'm expected to believe in virgin births, four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and that people fluent in gibberish are actually speaking in tongues. Hmm. O-kay. Thus, like any doubting Thomas or anyone inclined to question their religious origins, I checked out Religulous. The movie...
40. smack that, les grossman!
a love letter to tropic thunder's tom cruise
pop culture - criticism
9.8.08 : feature column!

Dear Mr. Cruise, Thank you. No, seriously. Thank you. Why? You took on that tiny role in that little movie called Tropic Thunder. Amidst Ben Stiller flexing, Jack Black farting, and Robert Downey Jr. simultaneously sending up black people and Russell Crowe, there you were. You were Les Grossman, studio exec extraordinaire. You told some fuckface guy on the phone to go fuck his face, and probably terrified the actor playing him. You'd like some apple-bottom jeans, boots with the fur, and shook ...
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re: does this make me a mistress?

Very well written. And insightful.

re: oh oh, here they come

This is so raw and genuine, it's fantastic.

re: as long as it isn't babysitting

A subject many of us thirty-something women can relate to, and it's a fantastic feeling to know that we're not alone or weird for having such thoughts and leanings. Great piece!

re: life sans an iphone

This is excellent. Paced well and makes some great points along the way.

re: life sans an iphone

Strong voice. Really captures all the emotions around being an iphone user, and the silly snobbery, too.

re: life sans an iphone

A genuinely different perspective, written from experience and individual opinion. I like that!

re: how do i mourn a villain?

Raw and real.

re: how do i mourn a villain?

There is no sin in ambivalence with people like your aunt. I had an aunt who was very nearly just like her.

re: the unsuperior chinese mother

Nice connection between your own experience and the book as an entry point to the larger story.

re: the passion of the mel

Nice way to criticize someone who has proven to be not so nice.

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