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41. high rolla
how to get something for nothing
general - lifestyle
4.1.09 : feature column!

"All right Mr. Procopio, I've reserved a suite for you with our compliments. Is there anything else I can do?" "No thanks - well - hold on a second. I think it was... two years ago, my brothers and I stayed in the King Suite for the NCAA tournament, we decided to put everyone in one room rather than two or three like we usually do. Anyhow, this is my first trip with my wife and I'm trying to make it special. Is there any way you can upgrade me to that suite?" "Well let me check, sir. Normally ...
42. we're gonna need a bigger hole
spending our way to fiscal responsibility
news - criticism
3.2.09 : feature column!

Tell me you're not under it what with the stock market tanking and the homes foreclosing and jobs evaporating. Go ahead, dare me to wipe that smirk off your face while you roll through this rough patch with a song in your heart and a silvery Care Bear cloud under your rainbow feet. As a fun little interweb experiment, I will now list selected words from the top five headlines on the Google News business section as of... right now. Shambles. Rescue. Doom. Cut. Woes. Worsening. Hot Water. Emer...
43. serial killer
lost, bsg, heroes, and living in the *here* and *now*
writing - process
2.2.09 : feature column!

J.J. Abrams, Ron Moore, Tim Kring, you're killing me. Or rather, you're killing everyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to rant about our favorite prime-time dramas killing and re-birthing their A-list players, especially since one of our writers already lamented this better than I ever could. This is less about killing Starbuck than it is about believing in her demise, even though at last count she has died twice already, each time in an aggressively final manner, and is still not dead...
44. great job! you're fired!
how lonelygirl15 got jets coach eric mangini canned
pop culture - career
1.2.09 : feature column!

I'll kick off 2009 with a confession. At this point in my career, I don't have a whole lot of fans. Those fans I do have, I've probably eaten lunch with at some point in 2008. This is not due to a populist streak in my genetic celebrity makeup, but more likely the fact that I'm still at the point where fan = aunt, or somewhere in that relative intimacy of previously established relationship. The ones who don't fall into that category are probably more like "appreciators." They don't dictate my m...
45. get rich quick
invest in you, inc.
news - business
12.1.08 : feature column!

HOLY CRAP! I MEAN SWEET MOTHER OF BETTY AND HER MORE FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE SISTER WHO LORDS OVER ALL THAT FURNISHES MY HOME AND IS PART OF A WELL-BALANCED BREAKFAST AND HOLY CRIPPITY CRAP! There. I did it. I opened all my 401K statements. People come to me all the time for advisement in one discipline or another. I find this ironic, what with my attitude, my track record, and my haircut, but nonetheless I'm here for you. Call it losing a philosophical life-bet. Plus I'm pretty good at a lot of...
46. mccain v. obama: the final word
please let it be the final word
pop culture - general
11.3.08 : feature column!

Michael Jordan once said "Republicans buy shoes too." Allow me to add "Democrats don't want to eat babies either." Election day is upon us. Tomorrow, we'll all go out and cast one or more votes one way or the other. As a public service to you, I am proud to offer a comprehensive and inside look at how the other side sees your side by making public the transcript of my sit-down interview with a representative from each. On the right, Chazz Q. Inheritance XIII, leader of the Conservative Republic...
47. the force unleashed
filling the gap between star wars iii and iv
film - appreciation
10.1.08 : feature column!

I know. This couldn't be more geekier if I was writing it in Klingon or Hobbit. But hear me out. This was originally intended to be a review of the new Star Wars console game, The Force Unleashed, and in some respects it still is. The topic is deserving, as this is the most anticipated video game release since... whatever the last big video game release was, either Grand Theft Auto 4 or Bubble Bobble 2, whichever. But most people see the words "video game review" and read it as "my trip to the...
48. ix: state of the site
nine years in, the state of the site is solid
pop culture - general
9.1.08 : feature column!

I'm not going to lie to you. I wrote this column last night, the night before publication. But first, I spent an entire month dreading the prospect, then I just plain put it off, then I watched something like 12 episodes in a row of How It's Made. Now I'm noticeably smarter and also somehow more Canadian. So I ask you to trust me, I will make a point, and a good one, that is tangentially related to the topic of why it's IMPORTANT TO YOU (those three words being the hallmark of Intrepid Media ...
49. way metal
i get it now
music - appreciation
8.1.08 : feature column!

Oh. Really? Wait... OH! OK. You know, this kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to me. I pride myself on being at the forefront of pop-culture. Now, I'll be the first to tell you that there are better things to pride oneself on -- curing diseases, pulling people out of burning buildings, and the categorization and cross-breeding of varieties of lettuce, to name just a few. However, as I like to say, I'm the lifeguard at the shallow end of the pool - and not the pathetic E!/Lohan/B...
50. the king is dead
the disgustification of an american icon
pop culture - business
7.2.08 : feature column!

Sure, fast food is no longer fast and no longer cheap, but shouldn't it be food? In the hierarchy of American fast food there is McDonalds and there is everything else. It's not like Coke v. Pepsi or Nike v. Reebok. McDonalds has set itself apart from the pack, due to the fact that you can walk into any McDonalds anywhere in the world and, despite some minor inconsistencies in the greeting, the decor, and the menu, the experience is almost creepily similar. Number two, no cheese. Numero dos,...
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re: wait! don't next me girl

Thank you for your courage in testing this. I never thought if trying it, and now I know not to, thanks to this awesomely written, hilarious piece.

re: burn this office to the ground

Awe-some. Again, Awe-some. Great writing, spot-on observations, and fuck Nellie.

re: why i broke up with netflix

Well stated and entertaining.

re: risk

Read this on a right moment where I needed to remind myself about risk. Absolutely enjoyed it.

re: end it

A piece that echoes truth and class.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

When there is a discussion about films,I can't remain silent or indifferent,this is my favorite field of study.As for the oscar winning films,I agree,they are not always attracting my attention,but this time if I was among the jury members,I would vote definitely for 'Black Swan'.This film has impressed me so strongly that I'm about writing an article about the 'Perfection Syndrome',inspired essencially by this movie.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

Funny and timely. Takes a lot of the pomp out of a normally pompous process and winks at the fact that the real Oscar voting process itself is highly subjective. Who can really say that one film or performance is better than another?

re: fake vegas

Real Vegas doesn't have Lucy the Elephant.
Very nice column, nonetheless. Keeping in mind that AC caters basically to those who can't afford to travel to Vegas, but still want to lose what money they do have.
And Vegas doesn't have the Monopoly board designed around it.

re: intrepid media turns 11

nice one. Like the "11" logo

re: wanted: chick

yes yes, this is great.

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