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41. six days of scandal
the great american tour
general - lifestyle
5.17.02 : feature column!

Saturday Here in the wee hours of the morning, I find myself with what must be an unhealthy amount of energy. The car is loaded, I've got keys in one hand, coffee in the other, and a groggy-but-so-be-it best friend Emily at my side. Hugs to the parents, and though I always pictured tears would flow here they fail to come. My eyes are already turned toward the open road and my heart is soaring thousands of miles away. California, here we come! We tear up the road with a great vengeance and make ...
42. so these are growing pains...
perspectives at pint night
general - lifestyle

We sit around the crowded patio of our favorite pub on a sunny Monday afternoon. It's early enough in the springtime that we cherish this long-awaited opportunity to feel the sun's warmth on our skin and indulge in the soothing sensation of pre-twilite beers. It's a scene we've shared so many times; relaxing, laughing, discussing the day. Just not lately, not anymore. Today we've deemed special. One of us is leaving the pack... really leaving. And in some almost obligatory way we find ours...


re: constant craving


re: constant craving

you are SO perfect, and I love this column. sweet, satisfying and with no lasting ill effects. other than the fact that I, too, want a fucking cookie.

re: who moved my chi?

Concepts I really hadn't thought to think about. Thanks.

re: a diamond in the rough

Beautiful and poignant.

re: a diamond in the rough

Thats a great column.

re: love at first write


re: the heathers

Appropriately dramatic, poetic and just an itsey bitsy bit cute!

re: stage beauty

A lovely homage to the theatre.

re: stage beauty

Good read.

re: the haunting hours

I don't watch them either.

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