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41. christmas choices
seeing the season through children's eyes
pop culture - appreciation
12.8.06 : feature column!

Dear Virginia, (I know, you’re not Virginia, but if I used your real name in a public forum, you’d become embarrassed and, let’s face it, so enraged we would no longer be friends, which would defeat the whole purpose of this, so to protect your privacy, not to mention my own skin, I’m going to call you Virginia.) Last week you asked me what you should do for Christmas. OK, maybe you didn’t ask me –- maybe you were just voicing your problems and not actually looking for answers, but every once...
42. what a difference a day makes
considering elections, committments, and beyond
news - appreciation
11.8.06 : feature column!

The world, like it or not, is a different place than it was last night. I’m writing this column a week out, and I can’t predict the future, and I won’t bother to imitate a cable news show pundit or a odds-laying fantasy football geek, but I will guarantee that whomever you are, wherever you are, the world will be a changed place than it was before you went to bed last night. I may be discussing the political, of course. The big picture questions that have been shaken out depending on rainstor...
43. one city, one day, one continent
a local race that was still, in its way, amazing
sports - lifestyle
10.9.06 : feature column!

What do you get the girl who dreams of being a contestant on "The Amazing Race?" If you're my husband, the answer is a practice run. Call it an innocent mistake, call it a misguided good intention, call it pure insanity, but we spent an otherwise lovely September Saturday racing around Washington, D.C. as part of what can best be described as an urban scavenger hunt on speed. 10:30 a.m. The website for this grand adventure urges us to "wear comfortable clothes." It takes my husband roughly t...
44. as heard on tv
where the best new music comes from
music - appreciation
9.8.06 : feature column!

As if I needed another one, in the past year or so I’ve discovered a whole new reason to watch television. The songs. It’s not enough to merely see Alex sweep a weeping Izzy into his arms: one of the most poignant moments in the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale was played out to the swells of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars,” and the scene would have paled without Gary Lightbody’s stunning vocals. In a memorable moment from the first season of “Lost,” the sounds of Damien Rice’s “Delicate” careful...
45. i wanna be your super hero
boys get all the fun
film - criticism
8.9.06 : feature column!

“Sure I wanted to be a super hero when I was a kid. But only the guy super heroes got cool costumes: massive capes and scary masks and stuff. All Wonder Woman got were hooker boots and a bathing suit. What was that about?” -Georgia on "Dead Like Me" After years of faking enthusiasm for these things, I’ve finally decided to come clean: I don’t get super heroes. It’s not a general aversion to comic books –- I did spend several hours of my childhood curled up with the Archie series, and I did,...
46. fields of dreams
this season, it's anyone's game
sports - appreciation
7.10.06 : feature column!

It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. That, of course, is a cliché that’s been applied a hundred million times too many since Dickens first penned the opening sentences of A Tale of Two Cities, but, like most clichés, it can be trotted out to fit just about any circumstance the speaker wishes. And I, as the speaker, will be using it to describe baseball at the halfway mark in 2006. The best of times, in this case, applies mainly to the current surprising parity within all but...
47. be like me
directions for a life
general - lifestyle
6.7.06 : feature column!

First, do something incredibly awkward and just a tiny bit silly, something big and dramatic that will leave some sort of temporary physical blight that’s impossible to hide. Maybe kick your ankle into the door frame while practicing your tour jetes the first week you’re on toe, effectively ending your ballet career before it can begin. Or follow a recipe for pork loins so closely, assembling dozens of fresh herbs and spices and ingredients that have to be specially purchased, like shallots an...
48. the more tv changes, the more tv stays the same
the technology is there, so why aren't the results?
television - criticism
5.8.06 : feature column!

As we near the edge of the traditional television season, and cliff-hangers and big-bang finales are on every small-screen critic’s lips, the usual drama of May sweeps continues to shape and mold the business that is television. It’s pointless to believe that the daring creative humor and drama that manages to make it on the airwaves don’t have the same end-goal as the recycled crap and comfort-food TV provide: ratings. No matter how good or bad a show can be, its chances of survival all come...
49. 100 nos
rejection as enlightenment
writing - career
4.7.06 : feature column!

I have this image of a cramped, windowless office space somewhere in the Midwest. Say, Indiana. In this office are creaky old computers, large putty-colored filing cabinets that never quite shut completely, and several of those grayish post office cartons, piled high with manila envelopes. On particularly creative days, the room is populated with a handful of twenty-something grad school types, the painfully skinny type clad in stylishly worn jeans, the ones with constant nicotine breath and ...
50. let's dance
back off, cinderella!
sports - appreciation
3.8.06 : feature column!

Every college basketball fan’s a polygamist in March. Think about it. You can’t cheer for Connecticut without carefully –- obsessively –- paying attention to whomever is on the court against Villanova. Florida State fans will frantically cheer for NC State one night, then just as quickly mount a single-minded campaign against the Wolfpack the next, watching their bubble chances wobble precariously on every one of their ACC rival’s jump shots. And it’s not just the big boys who are feeling t...
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re: william wants a doll

Great question, and great response -- still figuring it out as you go along, as we all do, but I appreciate how thoughtful and honest you are about it.

re: baby without the maybe

Wow. Just lovely.

re: baby without the maybe


re: baby without the maybe


re: whose concept of conception?

There are lots of other things you should question about the RC Church.

re: open mind, closed marriage

Thoughtful and challenging--walking towards oncoming traffic and I'm walking with you!

re: winning isn't everything

The nice thing about a bad season is there's always next year. The bad thing about a winning season is there's always next year.

re: welcome to hollywoodn't

Good work.

re: my mother's daughter

A beautiful tribute.

re: my mother's daughter

Simply gorgeous, and lovely, and warm, and wonderful.

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