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41. my eyes are bigger than my stomach
taking on more than you can handle
general - lifestyle
2.23.09 : feature column!

What happens when you have so much on your proverbial plate that you literally don't know where to start or what to do? Or you're scared of taking that first 'bite' because you might not like it? Or it turns out to not be what you wanted? Or you're so locked into analyzing what might be or could be or should be you completely fail to take action at all? I am staring at this plate of mine, and it looks huge. Daunting. I am not so much holding onto my fork as I am grasping for a handhold in ...
42. you gotta have faith
but where's mine?
pop culture - lifestyle
1.26.09 : feature column!

The year of 2009 is a big year for me. It's a year of change. A year of renewal. A year of growth. The Year of Maigen 2.0, a friend dubbed it. A few months ago, I posted a column about agnosticism and apathy. I was showing that column to a friend as an example of my writing style, and in doing so opened a can of worms. What followed was a discussion about creation, destiny, fate, faith, the creator, everything - a discussion that meandered its way through a four day visit. In those four...
43. real world comedy
people watching for sport and entertainment
humor - lifestyle
12.17.08 : feature column!

If I had to make a short list of my favourite pastimes, I think my top five would include Reading, Writing, Everquesting, People Watching and Watching Mindless TV While I Do Other Things. And with all the traveling I do, People Watching is the one I get to partake of the most. In airport after airport, city after city and plane after plane, I see some of the most colourful, interesting characters. “Interesting” is a subjective term, of course. If I had to be in an enclosed space with any of ...
44. flying by numbers
the digits that make up my life
pop culture - lifestyle
11.24.08 : feature column!

Most of the time I really love my job. It's interesting, frustrating, exhilarating, irritating, awe-inspiring and downright tiring. But I think I made the right career move becoming a flight attendant. I'm a people person who doesn't want to spend time with the same people every day. I have endless patience, but I need to recharge it. I'm a fabulous hostess who likes when her guests leave. I'm cheerful, but I have no problem telling you where to stuff it if you step out of line. In short,...
45. stepping out of my professional comfort zone
a day in the life of a camera assistant
pop culture - lifestyle
10.15.08 : feature column!

I tried a new job on for size this weekend. It’s the first time in a while that I took a step out of my day-to-day schedule, and I think I liked it. My husband’s production company needed a camera assist for a day of re-shooting, and they didn’t have the number for the person they normally hire. So I volunteered. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I take direction well. Also, I had nothing better to do. So this month’s column is a minute-by-minute account of a day in the life of a ...
46. i am totally special and unique.
just like you.
general - lifestyle
9.24.08 : feature column!

I think I might have hit my head. I haven't noticed any unexplainable bruises or swelling. There's no memory loss. I didn't recently wake up in a tub full of ice missing a kidney or two. But something has changed. I'm missing something that used to be a huge part of my life: My dream world. It's been a really long time since I spent some alone time in my own head, just sorting through my own thoughts. I should do it fairly often, since knowing oneself is a good way to stay grounded. ...
47. the good (and bad) girls guide to...
getting out of the country
general - lifestyle
8.25.08 : feature column!

You need a vacation. A mini-break. A holiday. Maybe you need to step away from a high-pressure job, or take some time to think about a lovelife situation. Maybe your family is driving you crazy. Maybe you just need to get away for some "You" time. Now is the best time for you to get away from it all. I'm not being facetious, actually, this truly is the best time of year to travel -- the kids are headed back to school, the tourist season is just about over, but the weather is sti...
48. i'm just apathetic, not an atheist
general - lifestyle
7.9.08 : feature column!

I don't consider myself a student of any religion. I can't even say I'm well read enough to be called a student of all religions. I'm more of a casual observer in the library of religion. I browse the bookshelves, pulling down titles at random. I read a little, I absorb a little. I put them back. I am appreciative of the beliefs of others, without feeling the need to subscribe wholly to one set. I'm a pretty laid back person. I try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Some...
49. changes
reevaluating, globetrotting, and starting over
general - lifestyle
5.23.08 : feature column!

In January, I got kicked out of Canada. It didn't happen quite as dramatically as that sounds, but I like saying it. After visiting my family for Christmas with my husband, Adrian, I wasn't allowed back into Canada based on a completely arbitrary decision by a random border guard. It sucked. I was a two hour drive from my cozy, lovely life -- being a part-time nanny, a full time wife, a writer -- and I had to turn around and drive away. The very next day I was on a plane...
50. relationship resuscitation
resolutions for renewed romance
general - lifestyle
2.15.08 : feature column!

Well, it's exactly one month and fifteen days into 2008. Have your New Year's Resolutions already fallen by the wayside? Exactly how many times have you gone running? That many, eh. But, you say, there was that flu epidemic... And then little Jimmy had to... And of course work has been... And post-holiday blues have got me... The New Year has come and gone and almost everyone has neglected their once-a-year resolution to do something that, to be perfectly honest, is the opposite of what t...
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re: it may be petty

Just excellent.

re: trust your own judgment

I really liked that. Good luck on the next 4 years.

re: dating is different these days

Good luck!

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

Writing about the economy is hard. You nailed it.

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.


re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

You hit this out of the park. It's timely and accessible. Most of all, sharply spot-on.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

That was really good. Probably the best thing you've written (at least that I've read).

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

Flipping brilliant. I don't think anyone else could have written this.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

You really nailed it...that is why we all do..IT !!!we all need the fantasy...so don't blame those married guys too much..their wives are doing it ...too !!(smile)

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

I don't like Real Life on its own either. Nicely done!

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