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51. great things will happen today!
an update on the power of positive reinforcement
pop culture - appreciation
6.2.08 : feature column!

Let me get your attention for a second. Stop multitasking, take a deep breath, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder, and read these words very carefully. You are a beautiful and talented person. You bring a sense of perspective to everything you do. And the very fact that you're sitting here now, curious about the meaning of these digital words spawned from my head just a few days before and hastily typed into my laptop then whooshed via the intricate system of pipes and ball bearing...
52. drummer wanted
why you should never, ever start a band
music - business
5.2.08 : feature column!

Drummer wanted to complete three-piece rock group. Well, it's kind of alt-rock, but not all moody and down, nor is it grungy, punky, jangly, or powerpop. But it isn't classic rock either and it certainly isn't hard rock or metal. Wait, it might be a little hard. I mean, if your notion of regular everyday pedestrian rock is Coldplay or Radiohead, than this is a little harder than that. But there's no screaming. Or grunting. And none of that way-too-serious faux-metal. Like, if we ever make a ...
53. 22
player busts
pop culture - process
4.2.08 : feature column!

Note: The following column is not meant to represent the actual opinions, actions, or experiences of the author. It is not based on a true story, just like 21. It's my first session on the blackjack tables for this four-day trip. I've been here for two hours, nickeling and diming my way to being up a hundred bucks, but now everything is about to pay off. The shoe is hot, white hot, like a +9 or +10 count with maybe a deck and a half left to play. I stay cool and up my bet from the $5 table min...
54. ashhead
when character slaps you in the face
pop culture - process
3.3.08 : feature column!

I've been rather revelatory of late in my writing. Nothing earth-shattering - I'm married! I have kids! I like the Hives! I smoke the rock! Big shmeal. In keeping with that tack, I'm also Catholic. Me? The second generation Italian American born and raised in New York? Go fig. It's not like all this joexposition is setting up the most boring memoir ever (Working Title: "You Think You're Better Than Me?"), nor am I trying to be self-aggrandizing, self-effacing, wistful, cathartic, or whatever....
55. hot dad
a fashion primer for the pater familias
pop culture - lifestyle
2.1.08 : feature column!

January is a cruel month. Right now, we all need a good laugh. You don't see me talk about my family much in this mag. I'm more apt to dabble in that kind of thing on some of my other bylines, because they're more suited for it. I like to think that Intrepid is a little more hip, a little more underground, and I know it skews childless. If you're reading this and you have kids, you're in the minority. However, let me go out of my way to commend you for reaching this life-plateau and still wanti...
56. state of the sizzle
a late look at the last eight years of intrepid uniquity
pop culture - process
1.2.08 : feature column!

I'm not going to lie to you. If you want to know the truth, if you can handle the truth, the one thing that Intrepid Media (smart, funny, yours!) is above all else is old. Older than dirt. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, wearing an eight-year badge in a sea of dot-com failure (snowball, spark, MSNBC.com) and web 2.0 noise (MySpace, YouTube, Twitter) is a sign of accomplishment. Win-win! And as we boldly go where no one has gone before, there's one thing above all else we have...
57. reunion deathmatch: the police v. van halen
a look at both shows and a little gen-x nostalgia
music - appreciation
12.3.07 : feature column!

If you had asked me which bands I regretted most never having seen live, the answer would have been easy. Everything I know about rock music begins with the Police. The Beatles broke up 7 years before the first Police record came out. In 1984, U2 was passed the torch of biggest band in the world by the Police (some say it happened onstage at Live Aid). Men at Work was for babies and nerds, but cool kids like me were into the Police. I had the chance to see them in 1983, but I was a little kid a...
58. the bigness
this will turn your world upside down, but it's mostly about big country
music - criticism
11.2.07 : feature column!

You’re not seriously going to attempt to write a column about Big Country, are you? Yes. Yes I am. Big Country. The Scottish musical quartet that barely mattered some 20-odd years ago. The same. You’re going to attempt to write a column about them? Not attempt. Consider it in the can. That’s nuts. It is not. So... is it going to be semi-ironic? No. It’s straight-up. I did a column on Living Colour once. It got huge play. But they had just reformed and released a new record. Not releva...
59. finishing the fight
the halo 3 review for non-gamers
tech - appreciation
10.1.07 : feature column!

Attention non-gamers. Stay with me through the next six paragraphs on this one, because contrary to the way things might seem, I'm not much of a gamer. In fact, I wrote a column two years ago proclaiming, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was under no circumstances purchasing the XBox 360. The console was flawed in a number of areas and I simply didn't have the time to waste at the mercy of pixels and clunky AI. Yes. I now have an XBox 360, merely for the purposes of research. But more to t...
60. fantasy football: an apology
you will get what we give you
sports - general
9.3.07 : feature column!

Mikey Vick really screwed up my cheat sheet this year. Say what you will about dogfighting, gambling, and the special stratosphere of untouchableness reserved for our athlete and celebrity ilk (Linsday Lohan got how many hours of community service? Are we just waiting for her to off herself via overdose or fiery car-crash so we can all get a few extra hours of THS under our belts?), but for fools like myself, and millions of others in my geeksport army, one thing is clear. It's just nice that h...
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re: wait! don't next me girl

Thank you for your courage in testing this. I never thought if trying it, and now I know not to, thanks to this awesomely written, hilarious piece.

re: burn this office to the ground

Awe-some. Again, Awe-some. Great writing, spot-on observations, and fuck Nellie.

re: why i broke up with netflix

Well stated and entertaining.

re: risk

Read this on a right moment where I needed to remind myself about risk. Absolutely enjoyed it.

re: end it

A piece that echoes truth and class.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

When there is a discussion about films,I can't remain silent or indifferent,this is my favorite field of study.As for the oscar winning films,I agree,they are not always attracting my attention,but this time if I was among the jury members,I would vote definitely for 'Black Swan'.This film has impressed me so strongly that I'm about writing an article about the 'Perfection Syndrome',inspired essencially by this movie.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

Funny and timely. Takes a lot of the pomp out of a normally pompous process and winks at the fact that the real Oscar voting process itself is highly subjective. Who can really say that one film or performance is better than another?

re: fake vegas

Real Vegas doesn't have Lucy the Elephant.
Very nice column, nonetheless. Keeping in mind that AC caters basically to those who can't afford to travel to Vegas, but still want to lose what money they do have.
And Vegas doesn't have the Monopoly board designed around it.

re: intrepid media turns 11

nice one. Like the "11" logo

re: wanted: chick

yes yes, this is great.

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