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51. constructing the underdog, part iv: israel
the separation of church and state vs. foreign policy
news - discussion
4.21.08 : feature column!

This article is part of a series intended to foster open discussions on the issues as we get set to elect the next President of the United States. See here for more info on the concept; here for the piece on immigration; and here for the piece on Iraq. You're invited to add your two-cents by joining the discussion. For those just tuning in to this series, I request that you read at minimum last month's piece on Iraq before proceeding, because this article's content is influenced by discussions ...
52. constructing the underdog, part iii: iraq policy
why are we even bothering to save iraq?
news - discussion
3.26.08 : feature column!

This article is part a series intended to foster open discussions on the issues as we get set to elect the next President of the United States. See here for more info on the concept, and here for the piece on immigration. You're invited to add your two-cents by joining the discussion. This month, I'm taking on the war in Iraq. THE ISSUE : Ongoing U.S. troop involvement in Iraq. I'm not going to replay the how and why we're there; the focus of this piece is to discuss what the next President ...
53. constructing the underdog, part ii: immigration
the politics of immigration in the u.s., discussed
news - discussion
2.20.08 : feature column!

This article is part a series intended to foster open discussion on the issues as we get set to elect the next President of the United States. See here for more info. You're invited to add your two-cents by joining the discussion. By my estimation, the immigration debate in the United States is by-in-large dominated by conservatives. Their aim is immigration control: (1) for national security; and (2) for control over undocumented persons currently living and working within our borders. Imm...
54. construction: the underdog: part i
the invitation
news - discussion
1.21.08 : feature column!

2008 will be a year of change. And that's not just because Barack Obama says so. On November fourth, 2008, or at least shortly thereafter, the next president of this country will be elected. Wait! If politics isn't your thing, I implore you to stick around at least to the end of this article. This is a really short piece by Intrepid Media's standards, so my pitch won't take long. I get pretty freakin' excited about presidential elections. It's like a hunger I can only satisfy every four...
55. from jesus to sears
ghosts of christmas past conjured by flickr packrat
pop culture - appreciation
12.19.07 : feature column!

My family celebrates Christmas. Christmas, of course, is "an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus." But I'm not a Christian. I wasn't taken to church growing up. I was never baptized, confirmed, or any of those other rights of passage for any religious sect. I did not talk with others about Jesus or Christianity, and generally had little cause to dwell much on the subject of religion at all. Still, I understood that Christmas was a religious celebration. There would always b...
56. last minute thanksgiving veggies
also known as, last minute intrepid media column
writing - lifestyle
11.19.07 : feature column!

Saturday, November 18, 2007, kitchen of the Walker / Cissner household. Walker: "[deleted], Thanksgiving is this Thursday?" [edited for adult content] These sorts of things slip up on you when you aren't traveling, and also haven't yet made plans to entertain. I'm sure there's time to work this out. Later Saturday, November 18, 2007, living room of the Walker / Cissner household. Walker:... "[deleted], I still have an Intrepid Column due for Monday!" The solution, of course: kill two bir...
57. somewhere, under in rainbows
the record industry, radiohead, and the rest of us
music - discussion
10.19.07 : feature column!

Selling your soul isn't easy. Neither is selling your country, R&B, or your rap music. And selling classical is extremely difficult. Just ask the major record companies, whose sales have been in decline for the last several years. Anyone following the decline in record sales have certainly heard the major labels blaming illegal downloading, a/k/a "piracy", for the trouble with CD sales. I've read many studies supporting this theory, and a small few refuting. At any rate, the big labels r...
58. thank you sir, may i have another?
justification for inebriation
humor - lifestyle
9.19.07 : feature column!

I just watched the second seasons of the Showtime series Weeds on DVD. For those not familiar, the show revolves around the fetching Mary-Louise Parker (whom I affectionately refer to as "MLP") playing a mother who, following her husband's death, resorts to marijuana sales in order to maintain her upper-middle class lifestyle for herself and her children. The second season features MLP's character moving beyond sales into production. As part of this process, she attends the "Mohasky Cup" to ...
59. why tay zonday?
the success of chocolate rain examined
pop culture - process
8.13.07 : feature column!

If you weren't one of the over five million (and counting) people who viewed his video on YouTube, and if you missed him on Jimmy Kimmel, and if you didn't hear him on Opie and Anthony, and if you weren't alerted to it after John Mayer did a Nelly Furtado inspired cover of it, or if you didn't hear about Tre Cool of Green Day's cover of it, then please let me be the first to introduce you to the sensation known as Tay Zonday, with his number entitled, "Chocolate Rain." No really, if you haven...
60. stocking up
why and where you should be investing in stocks right now
general - business
7.18.07 : feature column!

Writer's note 10/26/07: They say all good things come to an end. Or maybe more apropos, nobody rides for free. As of October 1, 2007, you must maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 dollars in order to trade for free with Zecco. Under that amount, and it'll cost you $4.50 a pop. What if you were independently wealthy tomorrow? What would you do? There are countless answers to this question. Mansions, cars, dream vacations, ending world hunger. And high on my list would be, never having to be...
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re: the little red obama

I'm glad someone's paying attention. Obama's biggest problem, I think, is PR.

re: how doing it can help the economy

Even though I'm ambivalent about it.

re: the cylon election?

The column I would have written on the subject. Great capture of the current national mindset... plus Cylons!

re: picking a spouse

absolute truth, and you would know. Thanks for this column!

re: picking a spouse

Brilliant observations, and proof that you have considerable common sense as well (particularly in your choice of wife)

re: no mosque, no mosque

Although I disagree with you, you make the kind of common sense argument I would have made on the other side. If political debate were more like this, we'd be in a lot better shape right now.

re: no mosque, no mosque

I would feel much more charitable towards the G.O.P. if they realized the absurd extent of their hypocrisy.

re: no mosque, no mosque

A little sanity. Thanks.

re: the men who stare at boobs

This. Is. Brilliant.

re: the men who stare at boobs

Funny and provocative. Title is once in a lifetime. Nice work, Jeff.

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