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51. fictional realities
fallout from the fray over frey's downfall?
writing - criticism
2.6.06 : feature column!

There’s a vicarious joy in downfall, a real glee we get in seeing Jennifer Aniston’s glum face across the pages of US Weekly or watching Duke basketball toppled by unranked Georgetown. The American literary field would like to imagine itself above this fray, but a pair of recent revelations proves that isn’t quite true. First, we discovered that JT Leroy, darling of both the literati and the glitterati, was not the teenage runaway who escaped a mother who made him turn tricks at a West Virginia...
52. resolving to do some stuff
instead of giving up, giving out
pop culture - improvement
1.6.06 : feature column!

I heard the other day that New Year’s resolutions are out. Yeah, and northwest Pennsylvania breeds quarterbacks, Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, and kids are deathly afraid of department store Santas. But putting my Captain Obvious (now, with longer hair!) hat aside, I was never any good at making resolutions anyway, so I guess I should be relieved to hear this. (Yes, that’s right. Most people are bad at keeping resolutions; I’m bad at making them. I get all worried about subject/object placem...
53. only crazy people shop at 5 a.m.
and sadly, i was one of them
pop culture - lifestyle
12.7.05 : feature column!

So this is the time of year when we scour the ‘net for heartwarming tales of triumph, human kindness, and proof that there are still warm-hearted souls –- angels, if you will -– walking our planet, spreading the true holiday message of peace and understanding. Yeah, this isn’t one of those columns. All my holiday cheer expired at approximately 4:53 a.m. on November 25, when my seriously amateur delusions of snapping up perfect holiday gifts at 95 percent below retail price were shattered by th...
54. my michelle
a true story?
writing - process
11.7.05 : feature column!

I didn’t see him, didn’t notice him, even though he was standing about twenty feet in front of me, until he called my name. I was staring at the tags on the bright blue Jetta, its bumper dinged up with white scuff marks as if it were a frequent occupant of my car-laden street, and was therefore taken by surprise when I heard the familiar two syllables squeak forth from his throat. He didn’t look familiar. At first. Second look, I recognized something about his eyes, his height, his hairline;...
55. the amazing couch
tivoing through the new tv season
television - lifestyle
10.7.05 : feature column!

When Chris O’Donnell, Geena Davis, Jason Lee, Stuart Townsend, and the entire cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (save a certain tiny blonde eponymous one) are suddenly battling with emaciated Survivors and comedic fat husband/hot wife duos for airtime, you know it’s got to be fall. In some people’s heads, fall means back to school and foliage changes, but around these parts, fall is all about the new television season, and the shows that will crash and burn almost immediately, leaving a light ...
56. safe or out?
sports media's double standard
sports - criticism
9.7.05 : feature column!

When Bob Huggins, then coach of the University of Cincinnati’s men’s basketball team, stood on his front steps in August and faced a mass of reporters, the expression on his face was almost painful to watch. Leave me alone, guys, his eyes said as he insisted he knew nothing about losing his job, was completely unaware that his boss, University President Nancy Zimpher, had called for his immediate resignation. No one from the school has contacted me, he said, pleading with the reporters to give...
57. for want of a nail
moving is always the same: new home, old hat
general - lifestyle
8.5.05 : feature column!

We all have our little vanities, and recently, mine have been my fingernails. I know, I know, it’s rather girly and just a tiny bit obsessive, but I’m rather proud of the way my nails curved upward past my fingertips. Over the past several months, I became quite diligent about polishing them, studying the shelves at CVS and Target for quick-dri and no-chip and other cutesy titled bottles of clear liquid to swab over my freshly colored nails, most often in shade rather alluringly called “Starle...
58. home plate is where the heart is
coast-to-coast on the ballpark tour
sports - appreciation
7.6.05 : feature column!

Dorothy said it first (or at least, most memorably), and although in the ensuing decades it’s become a cliché, the chick from Kansas got it right. There’s no place like home. For a variety of unrelated reasons, this year has become a tour de force through major league ballparks, and since April, I’ve knocked out nine games in six stadiums. On the season’s opening day, I stood aghast in Citizen’s Bank Ballpark, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, and admired the elegant layers of sections, the ...
59. california, here i come
packing light by leaving my brain behind
humor - lifestyle
6.6.05 : feature column!

Is insanity a recessive trait? Because I want to make sure I’m blaming the correct relatives for my complete lack of mental stability. Or maybe it’s an environment thing –- perhaps spending the better part of the past eight years with someone who is two Twinkies shy of certifiable has rubbed off on me. Otherwise, why would we think that cramming the entire west coast into eight days was the perfect way to spend our first vacation in two years? OK, maybe not the entire west coast -– just San ...
60. sporting chances
around the horn with the nba, nhl, mlb...
sports - discussion
5.9.05 : feature column!

Does someone have a spare week or so to explain the reasoning behind the NBA playoffs schedule to me? I understand sixteen teams means that’s a lot of basketball to keep track of, but what in Michael Jordan’s name is the logic of having four days between game one and game two? Figuring out when (and on what television station) the Celtics play requires at least an advanced degree in biochemistry, meaning the only basketball I’m watching now is that of the purely accidental remote control-induc...
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re: william wants a doll

Great question, and great response -- still figuring it out as you go along, as we all do, but I appreciate how thoughtful and honest you are about it.

re: baby without the maybe

Wow. Just lovely.

re: baby without the maybe


re: baby without the maybe


re: whose concept of conception?

There are lots of other things you should question about the RC Church.

re: open mind, closed marriage

Thoughtful and challenging--walking towards oncoming traffic and I'm walking with you!

re: winning isn't everything

The nice thing about a bad season is there's always next year. The bad thing about a winning season is there's always next year.

re: welcome to hollywoodn't

Good work.

re: my mother's daughter

A beautiful tribute.

re: my mother's daughter

Simply gorgeous, and lovely, and warm, and wonderful.

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