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61. twenty years out
the dreaded reunion column
pop culture - lifestyle
8.1.07 : feature column!

Let the record show that I did not want to attend my high school reunion. Exhibit A: The last time one of these rolled around, I wrote a column for a national magazine highlighting the terrible time I had. It was one of my best columns ever. Exhibit B: 3 kids, 6 days, 1200 miles. Several "standing" diaper changes, which any father will tell you are dicey at best and any mother will ask "you did what now?" Exhibit C: My car, my beautiful, faithful car, my mobile fortress of solitude, had just ...
62. i-candy
what do i touch to make it go away?
tech - criticism
7.2.07 : feature column!

Please tell you me you didn't rush out and buy an iPhone. Tell me you didn't wait in line, camp out, run over old ladies on their way to Lane Bryant, or buy the T-shirt. No wait, if you did buy the T-shirt, wear the T-shirt. Wear it all the time. Because I need to know who you are. People. It's a phone. And an iPod. In fact, it's mostly an iPod, but it's just an iPod and a phone. I can't believe the world is going all Paris Hilton over the potential return on unsightly pocket bulge of about a q...
63. one eighty
looking for inspiration? try changing direction
pop culture - process
6.1.07 : feature column!

Reinvent. That's what the winners do when they find themselves in a rut. It doesn't matter if you're talking about writing, for that matter any endeavor associated with the arts, planning your next career move, or sparking a relationship that's starting to wane. Forget what your creative writing professor told you (apologies to the several creative writing professors within the Intrepid Media membership). Forget what Oprah and 7 Habits told you. The answer, my friend, is to reinvent. You nee...
64. the importance of writing good
it has nothing to do with writing
writing - improvement
5.2.07 : feature column!

Before you automatically dismiss this as a grammar toss-off about the difference between using it's and its, please remember that I wouldn't do that to you. Are we straight? Good. At the beginning of April, I ran the following ad on Craigslist. --- For Sale: Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. 1 Owner. Very well maintained. Great family car. Dark Green. 6 Cyl. 4.0 Liter, Automatic, 2WD, 139K miles. Air, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Locks. Recent routine maintenance. Never had mechanical prob...
65. put it all on black
vegas good, lottery bad
news - general
4.2.07 : feature column!

I'm going to go all wingnut on you and I'm going to use "love" and "hate" a lot. But stay with me because I needed strong words for this one. I hate the lottery. I hate the idea of it, I hate the half-truths that fuel its marketing, I hate the hassle and exploitation it causes, I hate the fact that the one recently passed in North Carolina, my current state and last of the great semi-moral holdouts, only came into existence because of the ham-handed, thinly-veiled tactics of Jim Black, a skeev...
66. how to be not funny
i'm serious
humor - process
3.2.07 : feature column!

The thing about being funny is that it's one of those rare pursuits in which the harder you try at it, the worse you get. Despite what you might believe, funny is something you craft over time, nurture over nature. No one is born funny. People can be born fun, funny looking, or "funny," but there is no humor gene passed down from wacky Dad to Rodney Dangerfield. He didn't come out that way, he just worked it like a Journey song that struggles mightily from the second chorus into the bridge. No...
67. the police reunion
30 years later, they still matter
music - general
2.2.07 : feature column!

De Do Do What? You've been waiting for this. And what's more shocking is that you now realize that you've been waiting for this for twenty years. You remember that last painful sound that was the electronic, squonky, and decidedly mailed-in "Don't Stand So Close to Me '86"? Or as you and your peer group refer to it, "Another Reason To Hate Sting's Stupid, Greedy Guts." It made you nostalgic and sad to watch the accompanying video of Sting, Andy, and Stewart - inexplicably spinning very slowly...
68. we are all adequite
why everyone needs to lighten up
pop culture - criticism
1.3.07 : feature column!

I'm not going to lie to you, I just don't have what it takes to be Miss USA. But wait, let's not start off 2007 on the wrong foot. Sexy? Check. Talented? Does baton twirling mean anything to you? Swimsuit? Hammock. Desire for peace on earth? Kumba-freakin'-yeah! But Donald Trump could walk into my life today and offer me all kinds of rehab and the head of Rosie O'Donnell, and I still wouldn't pass the first phase of the background check. I've done things. Questionable things. It recently b...
69. smug, fearless, and what all the hoopla was about
in memory of leslie harpold
pop culture - general
12.15.06 : feature column!

I still have the email I got back in 1997. "hey. you can write. welcome aboard." I don't keep all my emails. But this one was one in a million. I had followed the first few issues of Smug after finding it via a link on the site of my favorite band -- the guitarist wrote a column there. Pop culture heaven. Smug wasn't snarky, it wasn't attitude, it wasn't loud. It was just brilliant and cool. I read every piece, every month. Then one day I got the courage to send the publisher an email. It s...
70. memexpletive
stop saying that!
pop culture - criticism
12.1.06 : feature column!

Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby! Yeeeeeeeeeeah, baby! There. Can we be all done with this memexclamation now? There's been ten years of dust collecting on this since it debuted, quite insidiously and purposefully, in the first Austin Powers movie. Like any meme, it has burrowed and festered its way into the collective lexicon of pop-culture. And now your father says it, your grandfather says it, and your creepy old unc...
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re: wait! don't next me girl

Thank you for your courage in testing this. I never thought if trying it, and now I know not to, thanks to this awesomely written, hilarious piece.

re: burn this office to the ground

Awe-some. Again, Awe-some. Great writing, spot-on observations, and fuck Nellie.

re: why i broke up with netflix

Well stated and entertaining.

re: risk

Read this on a right moment where I needed to remind myself about risk. Absolutely enjoyed it.

re: end it

A piece that echoes truth and class.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

When there is a discussion about films,I can't remain silent or indifferent,this is my favorite field of study.As for the oscar winning films,I agree,they are not always attracting my attention,but this time if I was among the jury members,I would vote definitely for 'Black Swan'.This film has impressed me so strongly that I'm about writing an article about the 'Perfection Syndrome',inspired essencially by this movie.

re: intrepid oscar picks ii the streets

Funny and timely. Takes a lot of the pomp out of a normally pompous process and winks at the fact that the real Oscar voting process itself is highly subjective. Who can really say that one film or performance is better than another?

re: fake vegas

Real Vegas doesn't have Lucy the Elephant.
Very nice column, nonetheless. Keeping in mind that AC caters basically to those who can't afford to travel to Vegas, but still want to lose what money they do have.
And Vegas doesn't have the Monopoly board designed around it.

re: intrepid media turns 11

nice one. Like the "11" logo

re: wanted: chick

yes yes, this is great.

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