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61. allison
a portrait in 26 sentences.
writing - sample
6.6.07 : feature column!

Allison stared at the water and the rocky beach. Below her, a hundred feet down, was the promise of peace. "Come on," she told herself. "Do this." Except it wasn't that easy; nothing ever was. "For God's sake," the voice in her mind screamed. "Go!" However, she couldn't make her feet move, couldn't make her knees bend, couldn't take her eyes off the water. It wasn't that she was scared to die. Just thinking of where her life had wound up made her almost eager for any sort of relief. Killing...
62. sprinting to the finish
a phone, a phone, my kingdom for a #*$&! phone
tech - criticism
5.7.07 : feature column!

I recently had a surprising problem with Sprint. I know what a lot of you are thinking -- "How is a problem with Sprint ever surprising?" Well, the thing is that the surprising part wasn't with their service. Truth be told, I've been a Sprint user since 1997 or something (thanks, Matt) and I've honestly never had much cause to complain, and definitely not enough cause to switch carriers. My roommate swears by Verizon, but I'm pretty happy where I am. No, the problem I had was with their phone...
63. regulators, mount up!
maybe i should just stop reading the news
tech - criticism
4.6.07 : feature column!

As I perused the New York Times online for Tuesday, Apr. 3, I came across a front-page story regarding the Supreme Court's decision that the Environmental Protection Agency "has the authority to regulate heat-trapping gases in automobile emissions. The court further ruled that the agency could not sidestep its authority to regulate the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change unless it could provide a scientific basis for its refusal." So let me get this straight. The Court has...
64. spring cleaning
time to dust out the cobwebs in my head
pop culture - lifestyle
3.7.07 : feature column!

My parents recently came to visit me in New York. They brought me a rug that had been in our old house, but for which they had no room in their new one. They also brought me a table top made up of letter blocks from old printing presses. They also brought me lox (which, for the goyim, is cold-smoked salmon. It's good on bagels. Don't ask me what the plural is). My brother and his wife also came to visit. They brought me a reproduction-Tiffany lamp and two matching wall sconces that they loved, ...
65. me winning isn't;
you do.
humor - lifestyle
2.9.07 : feature column!

I saw a musical last week with a couple of friends of mine. Yes, I still like women. It was a very cute musical, entitled "The Apple Tree." The book was split into three separate stories: the Garden of Eden (courtesy of Genesis), "The Lady, or the Tiger" (courtesy of Frank Stockton), and "Passionella" (courtesy of Jules Feiffer). If you're looking for a night of light entertainment, and happen to be in the Broadway area, I do recommend it. And Kristin Chenoweth is adorable. But that's not what...
66. what's the worst that could happen?
a question, yet rarely a concern
humor - lifestyle
1.10.07 : feature column!

I made it into the local paper last month. There's a link below to the article, but more on that in a bit. See, there's a story behind it (there always is, isn't there?) -- a tale of grief and woe and whoa and wait, what? It started simply enough -- hang out with friends at a happy hour after work on a Thursday. Wait around because another friend is having her birthday party there. Leave at a reasonable hour, climb into bed, get up for work. So you'll be at the bar for about four hours total,...
67. my secret shame
yeah, i'm a huge cheeseball
music - appreciation
12.6.06 : feature column!

I recently had the opportunity to listen on streaming audio to the third installment in Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell" trilogy in its entirety. Released this Halloween, it's titled "Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose." Let me just say up front that if you are a Meat Loaf fan, it's not bad. There are definitely high points that stand up well against the legacy of the first two "Bat" albums. Overall, though, it's underwhelming, but does have its moments. This, however, is not a music revi...
68. mea culpa
or may not aculpa; that is the question
humor - lifestyle
11.6.06 : feature column!

If most of you are like me, you’re at least aware that there’s a TV show on called “My Name Is Earl.” Of course, if most of you are like me, I’m sorry it’s been so long since you bedded a saucy wench. I don’t do enough bedding of saucy wenches. Trust me. Anyway, the premise of the show, for those who aren’t like me (and I wish you’d stop hogging the saucy wenches), is that there’s a man who wins $100,000 in the lottery and realizes that his life would be better if he started doing things for p...
69. knock, knock, knockin' on, well, wood
tell me you believe, and let me hear an "amen"
humor - lifestyle
10.6.06 : feature column!

My birthday is this Tuesday. That may seem like a gratuitous plug to you, but keep reading and I promise it will tie in. It's been a while since I actually had a birthday cake -- you know, icing, candles, and, um, cakey stuff. I don't remember being young enough to actually think that making a wish and blowing out the candles would make the wish come true. There's a chance I've always been cynical enough that I never believed that. What's funny is that, to this day, I'm still not likely to te...
70. something poignant this way comes
how do you measure a life?
general - lifestyle
9.11.06 : feature column!

Saturday, September 2, Beach Haven, New Jersey. The hurricane (or what was left of it) was starting to move away, leaving us with a little leftover rain and wind. Noticeably not a beach day. We had just finished ordering lunch when my brother got the phone call from his friend Dan. Too loud in the "Chegg," he went outside to take it. When he returned, his face was ashen: "Gene B-- died. Car accident in Arizona." The family is friends of ours from down the shore. Their house is two blocks away...
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re: one state, two state, red state, blue state

Bravo. Love to see you write this way.

re: short and sweet

Hilarious and awesome and endearing.

re: constant comment

Nice job!

re: and to think that i heard it on mulberry street

I love N Y too.

re: yo! i got some weight for you to watch

Absolutely one of the best columns you've written. I actually laughed....which I don't do very often. Your sintax and paragraph structure is still a little choppy, but this topic goes well with that.

re: how to lose a girl in one date

Wry, sarcastic and totally dead on.

re: sharp dressed plan

Great job on this column, Adam.

re: behind the times

Very cohesive and timely! Well written. Your tongue-in-cheek is getting much better.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

Love the fun asides and the voice is indelibly YOU.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

so how about "akaliaskraemer"

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