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61. murder in the amish countryside
what's god got to do with it?
news - discussion

Fresh vegetables. Horse buggies. One-room schoolhouses close to open roads and farms, with lifestyles centered on church picnics and churning butter instead of TiVo. No one would ever guess that an idyllic setting in the Amish countryside would ever bear witness to a killing spree. Nor would anyone automatically think the victims would be a group of little girls. Yet all of these elements came together last Monday, when the ugly side of modern life touched the Amish community. 32-year-old milk...
62. i hate september
an ode to summer... and new york
writing - appreciation

Every September feels bittersweet, for New York’s summer days are due to end. The option of spending time at the beach won’t exist for another eight or nine months; the amount of sunshine bathing my arms in warmth will dwindle. The cheery appearance of a bright day will not guarantee a warm temperature, for it’ll have a breeze blowing that reminds me to put on a jacket. My toes will be cold because I insist on wearing flip-flops outside anyway, and they’ll scrunch the edges of the extra blanket ...
63. i'm about to lose control (and i don't like it)
why celebrities need to stop recording crap
pop culture - criticism

“Look man I’m in a whole ‘nother tax bracket Don’t matter what you blow boy, you can’t match it” Last night, I watched Kevin Federline perform the above lyrics from his song “Lose Control” at the Teen Choice Awards. To throngs of Spencer Gift-shopping tweens, K-Fed postured with the brand of hard-core masculinity created by the hip-hop world, as though a difficult life had given him an opportunity to perform onstage instead of knocking up Britney Spears. He growled. He pumped his arms. He gave ...
64. ethnically yours
beware, i'm a flip
humor - lifestyle

“Hey. You speak English?” Believe it or not, people have asked me the question through the years. My third grade classmates asked with lack of guile; last month, some Juggs-reading guy did with leers and bad teeth. Thankfully, most people I meet are aware Filipinos can speak English pretty well, and express genuine curiosity to learn further points about my culture. Thus, below are four vital aspects of the Flip Experience. 1.) We’re not Orientals. We’re Flips… (and Other Funny Names.) To ...
65. i need an anti-hero
for now, i'll take johnny depp
humor - general
7.28.06 : feature column!

“Arrr.” Yes, I have to say it. I am a Pirates of the Caribbean fan who adores Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He is my eyeliner-wearing manly man, boozy drunk-walking yet surprisingly able swordsman, and nonsense-mumbling font of wisdom. Though an actual relationship beyond thinking, “Wow! He’s so hot!” will bring an enormous amount of fights, heartache, and troubles with sea monsters and the English government alike, Captain Jack is my man of the moment. I love him. Once again, I am draw...
66. could i do big love?
a take on polygamy
general - lifestyle
6.30.06 : feature column!

An idyllic image lies in front of me: I am married to the man I love. He applauds my intelligence, encourages my pursuits, and communicates with me as open-heartedly as he can. Our marriage isn't completely harmonious because there are those little nuances that don't go with mine, such as the facts that he is anal retentive over cleaning things, can't stand seafood, and isn't as big a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy as I am (alas, no, instead he's a Trekkie. A real big Trekkie.) But he make...


re: does this make me a mistress?

Very well written. And insightful.

re: oh oh, here they come

This is so raw and genuine, it's fantastic.

re: as long as it isn't babysitting

A subject many of us thirty-something women can relate to, and it's a fantastic feeling to know that we're not alone or weird for having such thoughts and leanings. Great piece!

re: life sans an iphone

This is excellent. Paced well and makes some great points along the way.

re: life sans an iphone

Strong voice. Really captures all the emotions around being an iphone user, and the silly snobbery, too.

re: life sans an iphone

A genuinely different perspective, written from experience and individual opinion. I like that!

re: how do i mourn a villain?

Raw and real.

re: how do i mourn a villain?

There is no sin in ambivalence with people like your aunt. I had an aunt who was very nearly just like her.

re: the unsuperior chinese mother

Nice connection between your own experience and the book as an entry point to the larger story.

re: the passion of the mel

Nice way to criticize someone who has proven to be not so nice.

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