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11. credit cards for cars
saving for my next car through everyday spending
general - improvement
9.14.11 : feature column!

First Off, since this is an article about credit cards, let me just say a word about credit. Though credit cards can lead to trouble, they are not necessarily bad things. Used improperly, say, as in funding your entire social events calendar during grad school, and you may have haunting debt for years to come. Which sucks, even if you don’t regret it. But used wisely, as in buying groceries other items you have already budgeted for and paying the balance off each month to avoid interest, an...
12. if you’re an artist, when is enough enough?
somewhere between a calling and a curse
music - discussion
8.8.11 : feature column!

In breaking from traditional article norms, I’m going to answer the question posed in the title of this article right now instead of making you read the whole thing to find out. The answer is: it’s never enough. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be an artist lately. You are an artist, or you are not an artist. You either create, or you are not creating. If you are no longer creating, for all purposes, you cease to exist as an artist. This is where I find myself. I figure...
13. smarter than the average workout
a lazy man's journey into yoga
general - improvement
7.13.11 : feature column!

“Fit” can mean different things. It could mean (1) that someone is having a tantrum, (2) because their clothing is not the right size, and also because (3) their Honda vehicle is too small. “Fit” can also mean that someone is not overweight - and this fit, I am, without gyms, workouts, running, sports, or anything really. But “fit” also is short for physical fitness. And this “fit,” I probably am not. What with no gyms, workouts, running, sports, or anything. I mean, working out sucks. I l...
14. can't a successful man get laid around here?
lessons on how to get some keeping your dignity
news - discussion
6.14.11 : feature column!

You’d think a successful gentleman would know how to land a lady. I mean, especially in today’s economy – these days, a bottom line in the black should be enough to at least get a phone number. And, if on top of such moderate success, you have some modicum of clout, you’re more than ¾ of the way to closing the deal already. But contrary to those odds, in the past few months, and just within the confines of New York State, several high-profile men, all of whom appear to fit this ¾ of the way...
15. message to the reluctant parent: part 2
grinch heart
general - lifestyle
5.18.11 : feature column!

I’m proud to announce that on April 18, 2011*, my wife and I experienced the joyous birth of our first child, Linus Theodore Walker, at 7 lbs. 3 oz., 20” long, and with a full head of beautiful dark hair. I ran a piece last December (you may recall) wherein I discussed my anxieties vs. my hopes about having a baby. I promised at the end of that piece that I’d keep you posted on my thoughts about becoming a parent -- the "afterbirth", if you will. Hence, this part 2. So what’s it li...
16. will 'obamacare' make your doctor quit?
or, did u.s. doctors take the hypocritical oath?
news - discussion
4.18.11 : feature column!

Reports suggest that between 40% and 45% of our nation's doctors are planning to either quit or downscale their medical practices because of "Obamacare." Of course, some reports have edged that up to 74%: I think it's funny that Fox news presented the most liberal interpretation of this story. That's irony. But despite the reports, I still don't believe it. Seriously? A legislative change is going to make 40% + of a whole workforce voluntarily quit? Few people (doctors included) can r...
17. how doing it can help the economy
or: jeff argues for legalized prostitution again
news - discussion
3.21.11 : feature column!

The other day, I handed my Intrepid Media business card to someone whom I did not know was a freelance journalist. The “chief white house correspondent” title piqued her interest, which forced me to explain how the title was not what she thought. Which then led to me trying to rationalize that I.M. is, indeed, a legitimate website, in spite of my seemingly illegitimate title. Between this conversation, and the occasional mis-remark from a friend that they’d recently read my “blog” (something...
18. what's smarter than a smartphone?
having all the fun, getting more options, paying less
pop culture - lifestyle
2.18.11 : feature column!

A hand held device that can do practically everything used to be reserved for people like Dr. McCoy and Dr. Who. But these days, smartphones bring science fiction to life. I've been slow to bite. Sure, I've been envious every time one of my friends on AT&T publicly diddled their iPhone in front of me. I've tried not to drool, and reminded myself that I was a happy Verizon customer who couldn't have such things anyway (sure, there were other options, but the iPhone was the Apple of my eye...
19. a message to the reluctant would be father: part 1
overcoming pedophobia
general - lifestyle
12.15.10 : feature column!

When I was writing this month's piece, I was at first reluctant to write about my upcoming child. After all, Michelle just wrote about raising her boy, Jason wrote a letter to his unborn child, and Julianelle started a blog on being a dad. And this is far from an exhaustive list on articles about children on this site. I'm just saying, the competition is stiff; Maybe we're not Salon or the Huffington Post, but our staff here is not a bunch of troll slouches. However, at this juncture, it'...
20. we got five years, what a surprise
rocko dorsey ends; or, why parting is such sweet sorrow
music - lifestyle
11.15.10 : feature column!

When Rocko and Dave told me they were moving to Nashville, I knew it would be hard. I wished them the best of luck, of course; but knowing I was not going to follow meant that my stint as the bass player for Rocko Dorsey was over. Since their announcement, through our last show in September, and up to their departure last week, I've crossed a wave of emotions. In Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet describes parting from Romeo as "such sweet sorrow." This phrase succinctly captures the...
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re: the little red obama

I'm glad someone's paying attention. Obama's biggest problem, I think, is PR.

re: how doing it can help the economy

Even though I'm ambivalent about it.

re: the cylon election?

The column I would have written on the subject. Great capture of the current national mindset... plus Cylons!

re: picking a spouse

absolute truth, and you would know. Thanks for this column!

re: picking a spouse

Brilliant observations, and proof that you have considerable common sense as well (particularly in your choice of wife)

re: no mosque, no mosque

Although I disagree with you, you make the kind of common sense argument I would have made on the other side. If political debate were more like this, we'd be in a lot better shape right now.

re: no mosque, no mosque

I would feel much more charitable towards the G.O.P. if they realized the absurd extent of their hypocrisy.

re: no mosque, no mosque

A little sanity. Thanks.

re: the men who stare at boobs

This. Is. Brilliant.

re: the men who stare at boobs

Funny and provocative. Title is once in a lifetime. Nice work, Jeff.

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