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11. top of the drop
hitting the apex and picking up speed
news - lifestyle
8.10.11 : feature column!

My father called me the other day. This, in itself, is not news. We talk a lot. However, it did seem to be a good way to open a column, especially since my next few paragraphs have to do with that conversation. Otherwise, you'd be totally in the dark, and I'd have failed without even getting started. Luckily for both of us that didn't happen. Anyway, in the course of our conversation, the current political and economic climate came up (we're very intellectual, he and I). My family has traditio...
12. and to think that i heard it on mulberry street
well, i started out on mulberry street, anyway
humor - lifestyle
7.7.11 : feature column!

So this Weight Watchers thing that I'm on, see.... No, just kidding. I promise not to write three columns in a row about my weight loss. I mean, seriously. Unless the Weight Watchers people ask me to. Or even better, pay me to. But they haven't asked. Despite the fact that I'm pretty much keeping their entire operation afloat, based on the amount of money I spend each week on their frozen dinners (tonight: Chicken Enchiladas Monterey. Whee doggie). Anyway, no, I'm not writing about them agai...
13. watchin' ii
electric boogaloo
pop culture - lifestyle
6.8.11 : feature column!

I have broken only two promises in my life. The first promise, the details of which I cannot reveal for reasons that will soon become apparent, resulted in two women in tears, one bear with a broken leg, a slight increase in the price of marbles, and the forced resignation of a senior official for a small island nation. The second promise was made last month when I told myself I wouldn't write two columns in a row concerning my weight or Weight Watchers. Okay, technically, I haven't broken th...
14. yo! i got some weight for you to watch
i'm a little teapot, pt. 2
humor - lifestyle
5.10.11 : feature column!

A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning to find quite a number of e-mails on my phone from friends who "liked" my updated Facebook status. (For those of you not quite up on current social networking technology, "Facebook status" means an area on the Facebook Web site where the night before, I wrote something about how I was feeling. "E-mail" is a way to send free messages via the Internet. The "Internet" is the thing you're currently reading this column on. I will give you the benefit of the doub...
15. new york survival guide, part 4
who puts the 'public' in 'public transportation'
humor - lifestyle
4.11.11 : feature column!

Okay, I officially admit it. And you're all the first to know. I have a small crush on Jamie Shupak, the traffic anchor on New York 1. But can you blame me? Not only is she cute and Jewish (I assume), but she's surprisingly bubbly considering the time of morning, and she tells me if I'm going to be late for work due to subway delays. I'm pretty sure those four things are considered the trifecta. Not only that, but if I had a car, the effervescent Ms. Shupak would also be the one to tell me tha...
16. how to lose a girl in one date
what do star wars, b.f. skinner, and paypal have in common?
humor - lifestyle
3.9.11 : feature column!

Recently, there was a bit of a clamor on the Internet regarding an article published by TV writer Tracy McMillan on the Huffington Post Web site titled "Why You're Not Married." In it, McMillan lays out what I assume she considered a no-holds-barred list of reasons why women in their mid-30s who want to get married aren't yet. It was definitely controversial, and, as of this writing, there were 2,144 comments on the Huffington site regarding the article, plus countless others on Facebook (my own...
17. sharp dressed plan
how i got the boot. and contemplated the jacket and tie.
humor - lifestyle
2.7.11 : feature column!

I have been of the mind, for a while, that many men tend to reach an age where they basically stop caring about what they look like in public. As near as I can tell, it's somewhere around 50 and it's at least partly based on whether or not they're married. Now I'm not saying that they start going to work in their bathrobes or stop shaving before going to dinner with friends. But they don't quite pay attention to things like well-groomed hair, keeping their belts at the waistline, or not wearing...
18. behind the times
sliding down the tech bubble
tech - appreciation
1.10.11 : feature column!

A couple days ago, a friend of mine from work told me, “I don’t know if you care about this sort of thing, but it might make you really happy to know that they’re finally releasing the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray.” Now, that does seem like the sort of thing it might make me really happy to know. In fact, I remember being thrilled when I heard they were releasing it on DVD. However, I currently own neither a high-definition television nor a Blu-ray player, so it was kind of like hearing that a ...
19. clear and presents danger
musings on holiday gifting
humor - lifestyle
12.8.10 : feature column!

“What do you want for Chanukah next week?” my mom asked me. “Peace on Earth; good will towards men,” I answered. “Please pass the turkey and cranberry sauce.” For those of you who don’t know, The Jewish Festival of Gifts Lights came strikingly early this year. Usually, it’s somewhere around Christmas, largely because they both started as Pagan holidays for the Winter Solstice. Semantically speaking. Except that for one of the holidays we symbolically light up a multi-branched ornamental symbo...
20. turnstyles
how do i edit thee? let me count the ways.
writing - career
11.8.10 : feature column!

Eleven years ago, to the week, I wrote my first column for Intrepid Media. (In my head right now you're all applauding. It's like when you come in 1st in Mario Kart.) It was called "Decisions, Decisions" and it had to do with whether I'd made the right call in choosing to go to grad school for journalism. Last year, for my 10th anniversary column, I revisited that question and came away still not 100% certain. However, as I look back on where I was in November 1999, there is one definite conclu...
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re: one state, two state, red state, blue state

Bravo. Love to see you write this way.

re: short and sweet

Hilarious and awesome and endearing.

re: constant comment

Nice job!

re: and to think that i heard it on mulberry street

I love N Y too.

re: yo! i got some weight for you to watch

Absolutely one of the best columns you've written. I actually laughed....which I don't do very often. Your sintax and paragraph structure is still a little choppy, but this topic goes well with that.

re: how to lose a girl in one date

Wry, sarcastic and totally dead on.

re: sharp dressed plan

Great job on this column, Adam.

re: behind the times

Very cohesive and timely! Well written. Your tongue-in-cheek is getting much better.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

Love the fun asides and the voice is indelibly YOU.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

so how about "akaliaskraemer"

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